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Started by Asriel, 2018 Apr 09, 12:46:41

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1. Which designs do you like the best for each character? Overall?

2. What are your feelings about Twilight as an earth pony?

3. What are your feelings about the other race changes?

4. Any other topics you want to discuss?
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1. If they can really animate something so detailed, I really like the second designs as a whole. Still, overall, the sixth designs I think are actually my favorite, oddly. I like how different they look, yet still capturing the personalities of the different ponies. And the lack of cutie marks is both intriguing and hopeful that they have plenty of new and original ideas for the series.

2. Twilight as an earth pony, when I first found out, seemed pretty odd and worrying. Taking something so integral to her character away seemed like a foolish thing to do. In some of the art, she still has the magic cutie mark, so we might even see Earth pony magic. Though I could be just fine with a technology-based nerd Twi. There are plenty of ways to have an Earth pony with a bookworm personality. It does kinda help that I have a soft spot for earth ponies in the first place.

It's a big change, but I think that is something that can happen. The reason MLP has been in a decline recently is more due to new writers' ideas conflicting with old ones. (At least that's how I've been seeing it) And we don't even know if the same writers are working on this one.

3. The other race changes (Fluttershy and Pinkie) seem just fine to me. Pinkie as a pegasus is no Surprise (sorry, I had to), and seeing Fluttershy as a unicorn doesn't really change her all that much, honestly. And it's better than changing her into an earth pony, since it keeps her bucking the stereotype of her tribe. (Like I'm hoping Twilight will do for Earth ponies.)

4. There's been some rumors about Applejack becoming more "urban." Well, apart from the fact that G5 is still in planning stages, and nothing is solid, and that none of her designs here really show that she's anything other than what she was before...

I don't think I'd mind that much... if they also changed the other characters. Perhaps everypony, including Applejack, had the same personalities, but grew up in different situations.

This is a new generation. We don't know the history of this new Equestria. We don't know how magic works here. We don't even know if there are going to be Princesses, at least not in the manner we have them now.
"Henceforth," Ditzy continued, "you shall observe Muffin Monday on the first Thursday of every August! You shall commemorate it... with a minute of solemn silence for reflection on the fragility of life. And then, muffins!"


I had no idea they were planning on a gen 5.

1. My favorites are :
Twilight : 2nd line
Applejack : 2nd line
Pinkie Pie : 3rd line
Rainbow Dash : 3rd line
Rarity : 2nd line (although a bit too pale to my taste)
Fluttershy : 2nd line.

The unicorn tails of the 4th line are pretty interesing though. And I really dislike the very last line.  X3

2. I really like Twi as a unicorn so it's hard for me to picture her as an earth pony but I guess it could make sense. Besides, earth ponies are often underestimated, so putting the spotlight on an earth pony with a magic cutie mark who's also the "main" character would maybe solve that issue. And show everypony that earth ponies are awesome too.  ;)

3. Fluttershy as a unicorn... I would have rather seen her as an earth pony, but I guess it doesn't change much. However, her and Rarity have very long elegant manes and soft, discreet color themes which doesn't provide a lot of variety for that sample of the unicorn type.
The same can be said about pegasi, as RD and Pinkie have the most "energetic" color themes. So basically, the impression it gives is that unicorns are discreet and elegant and pegasi are "flashy" and energetic. Instead of 4 characters it's almost like you only get 2.  :l But that's only what I can tell by looking at the designs...

4. AJ doesn't have her hat anymore! Maybe she'll stop speaking with that inintelligible accent too!
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Spectral Spirit

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row 4 has to be my favorite, 100% because of the "classical" unicorn designs (lion's tail, cloven hooves, etc) and i love the tail feathers and unique wing shapes on the pegasi.  row 4 and 6 are definitely the most appealing, and look like they would work best "in motion."

not sure why theyre keeping the same base characters but dramatically changing them tho  :I  
I would just pick totally new ponies !!

You can totally tell which pony is which artists' favorite lol

Twilight sparkle is based off both a g1 unicorn and a g3 earth pony, but if theyre keeping the base traits as well as the characters im not sure why they would bother :/



I find Twilights' changes the most... jarring.  :I  Her character is so heavily based off the fact that she uses Magic, it'll be weird seeing her differently. It almost seems like the change was done for the sole purpose of rousing the fans. Like it wasn't actually nessisary for any part of the story. They just wanted to take her from an Alicorn to an Earth Pony to cause discussion.

Pinkies' race changes nothing. They could make her into a dragon and she'd still be the same Pinkie Pie.

Fluttershy fits the unicorn race well I think. Unicorns are often seen as delicate gentle creatures that don't appear before humans because they're too shy. I'd say being a Unicorn suits her better than being a Pegasus.

As for which aesthetic design I prefer? I can't really choose. I'm just eager to see how the show is going to change. From what I understand, they're taking the show in a more mature or anime-ish direction? It's really intriguing! How dark will they be willing to go? How serious? What topics will they be dealing with? Are they going to follow a more structured story line? How much action are they pumping into this new series? Is there going to be deep character development? Are all the characters going to be the same at the start, or will they switch up their personalities? I can't wait!!  :D

Master Masher

the 2nd line works for all of them but rarity.

7th rarity

6th fluttershy

well that's what I think.
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Rainbow Claire

1. Second line!

2. As for Twilight, I'm disappointed :I . Now she's a princess, alicorn and suddenly she's supposed to be an earth pony ?! I do not want to believe that either. If they made her unicorn back, I would have no objection, she does represent an element of magic and magic comes from the horns of unicorns. But we will see what role Twilight will have in this new generation, we will have to hope it will be as good as this generation

3. Rarity is my favorite pony with new design, she is so glamour in second line. ;)


1. twilight and fluttershy in all lines

2. first, I think twilight is a smartest pony in ponyville. second, I think earth pony is very cute

3. I don't know how to answer it because I don't like it

4. Nothing!


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Spike. Got. To. Finally. SING

I mean oh my god, I know it was such a minor backround singing part, but still We got to hear his singing voice

Now that Ive had my minor fanboy moment:

I see that Cadences cutie mark actually makes a bit more sense than it already did.

Nightshade Star

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1. The 6th concept is the best in my opinion but I hope they incorporate some parts from 4 as well. In the 4th concept it looks like Pinkie doesn't have a right wing, and I want to see that a lot, it would bring us right to the darker topic boat
2. I was a bit worried at first, but after (spoiler) finding out that race does not have to do with magic, I am actually very excited; I'm pretty sure we'll see earth pony magic from Twilight (imagine if it was from Applejack tho) since that was a vital part of her character in G4.
3. I'n not very surprised about the others, but it would be amazing if we got to see one or two of them not being one of the three basic races (maybe a hybrid) since it would create more diversity (particularly Rarity, although I like her design concept as well).
4. I heard that G5 will be going to more darker topics and I am absolutely willing to see that.


After not watching mlp for like 2 years, honestly, I'm glad the show ended when it did. I think you could tell that the writers were finding it hard to make up fresh new ideas that everyone would enjoy, and considering most of the audience was a lot older, diving into topics like deaths (cough cough applejack's parents) was H A R D. I'm sure in G5 they'll be able to expand their audience to older folk and explore darker themes. The idea of Twilight being an earth pony is a little questionable, but then again, this is in its early stages, we don't know if these ideas are fully set in stone. For all we know, they might change her into a pegasus or a unicorn again. We just need to come into this with an open mind. But so far, I think I'm liking row 2 and 3. It kind of reminds me of the movie a little bit.


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i hope they add tvs and phones and computers and other technology to the show. And i heard rumors that the new equestria girls will be an anime

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