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Apparently, Celestia. She was in charge of the Sun and the Moon for a long time.
Also my vote for Twilight. She is closer to the people.
Cadence is a good princess too, but I do not vote for her (too many votes), third place.
Luna? No, vote is not for anything.
I regret I do not live in a mountainous area. But there is a railway nearby, I find something interesting on it.
My collection.
Music / Re: What are you listening to?
2018 Jun 21, 12:21:36
Synthwave / Outrun.

Pony Off-Topic / Fluttershy's fan
2018 Jun 11, 05:27:58
Unfortunately, her image as a shy pony made unstable. But in my opinion she is perfect anyway.

True Fluttershy's fan, will always be faithful to her:

Twilight Sparkle. From the very beginning. :)
Pegasus. Other OC do not have (what are they needed for?).
In the game the extra character was just a test.
I learned about the "MLP" in 2012. I was interested when I saw the topic discussed on the Internet once again. I was advised to watch. The animated series I liked, but soon stopped. A year and a half passed and I started to look again, but already in the original voice acting (english + subtitles). Thus in 2014 it's a new period, when I was very fascinated by the ponies and it was already final. But I don't considered myself a brony. Only at the end of 2015 i have finally recognized ourselves as brony. In 2016-2017 i played on the Russian server, until the release of "LoE". ;)
Video Games / Re: Your favorite video game?
2017 Dec 09, 11:51:27
The list of the most favorite games:

Outcast (1999);
Need for Speed 1-6 series;
Sonic series and his parodies ("Freedom Planet");
MechWarrior 2-4 series and analogs;
Star Wars series ("Rebel Assault 2", "Dark Forces 1 & 2", "Mysteries of the Sith", "Racer");
Doom 1 & 2;
Quake 1 & 2;
Half-Life (+addons) & Half-Life 2;
Blade Runner;
The Elder Scrolls series (except "Battlespire" and "Redguard");
Retro games (they include games dumped from arcade machines the 70's and 80's), rare games, official unreleased games, "sandboxes".

(I'm not a fanatic of violent games, but I perceive some games tolerantly).
I often install games than play in them.
Sometimes I play "MLP" (Gameloft, Android).
Also every few days I can play "Thief" (Gold edition).
Quote from: NotoriousSMALL on 2017 Sep 24, 15:57:02Use the launcher.

1. Unfortunately, launcher downloads for some reason 64-bit version of LoE (I have 32-bit version). On the website in the description for the launcher it is not specified for which version of the game it is intended.
2. Given the number of downloadable files (about 160 files), it's like downloading the whole game again. Does the update affect all files?
Good day! Because the Internet is unstable and traffic restrictions, the actual question is: is There a way to get the updated files separately? And what is their size? To not download the game again.
Proudy Hooves, i'm glad to your message! Thank you so much! :)
My name is Viktor, I am 33 years old. Live in Belovo (Siberia). I'm just an ordinary pony in this world.
I realized I became a brony only at the end of 2015, although the ponies became fascinated with 2012. About LoE learned in some discussion a few years ago, but to visit the official servers could only last year, in the summer, during the test. Unfortunately, little I can tell, because my reality may seem rather boring (now I have construction and work in the garden ;) ). I love new acquaintances and would like to become acquainted with the same pony as You. Unfortunately, I rarely come here. Perhaps I will correct myself. I hope I was understandable. ^-^
I have a slow connection to the Internet. If this is not a problem, it is very good.
Thank you for the game!