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Pony Off-Topic / Fluttershy's fan
2018 Jun 11, 05:27:58
Unfortunately, her image as a shy pony made unstable. But in my opinion she is perfect anyway.

True Fluttershy's fan, will always be faithful to her:

My name is Viktor, I am 33 years old. Live in Belovo (Siberia). I'm just an ordinary pony in this world.
I realized I became a brony only at the end of 2015, although the ponies became fascinated with 2012. About LoE learned in some discussion a few years ago, but to visit the official servers could only last year, in the summer, during the test. Unfortunately, little I can tell, because my reality may seem rather boring (now I have construction and work in the garden ;) ). I love new acquaintances and would like to become acquainted with the same pony as You. Unfortunately, I rarely come here. Perhaps I will correct myself. I hope I was understandable. ^-^