The object to your left is your cutie mark~ (reactivated)

Started by Kelvin, 2014 Oct 20, 21:17:54

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*turns left 360 degrees*
Ooh, my phone!
Or is it this reply.

Well, I knew I was a tech poneh

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Quote from: Thundergirl on 2017 Jun 29, 16:18:49Sun ... Sun ... Sun is EVERYWHERE
True. I also see sun.

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A StarCraft Battle Chest CD box.

Yay for StarCraft.
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A bottle of Cola... Thats so true, without it I wouldn't have a chance of surviving long nights behind the wheel :D
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A pillow? Or a teddy bear?

Whatever, they're both comforting.

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A 2 liter bottle of (alcoholic) apple cider. XD Makes total sense I guess.
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 :o *turns towards the left side of the room*

*is happy!* X3
Shnuggles are nature's way of saying "Want a hug?" :P
Also they are a way of saying "I'm scared." :P
They also could mean "CAN I LATCH ONTO YOU LIKE A CRAZY PONY!?!?!?!"


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Quote from: Purple on 2017 Jun 24, 12:36:41An Apple laptop.

I guess i'm a computer pone now : 3

Hey I wanted that

A car door????


A Persona 4 poster? Oddly specific but I'll roll with it.

Anyone catch the Midnight Channel?


Thank you, and goodnight


theres a special tim hortons mug with a pixelated winter style. I... dunno what that means..

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