Wouldn't Change a Thing

Started by DawnsEmbrace, 2024 Jun 02, 23:29:07

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3650 Days like sand through our hands,
521 Weeks like the breeze through our hair,
120 Months like the sun on our skin,
10 Year, like the clouds rolling in.

All that uncertain time, ten years of wanting more,
I couldn't close that door.
Now it's come and I couldn't want it less,
but I wouldn't change a thing.

All that hurt to stop regretting, or forgetting it was worth it.
And now it's dulling, healing finally,
And with it gone so goes the memory.
Still, I wouldn't change a thing.

It clung and scraped, that grief,
All just to survive ten years.
It died with hope just in reach,
but not so far as the beach.

10 Years, til the clouds rolled in.
10 Years, til the door slammed closed.
10 Years, and my tired on the road.
And I wouldn't change a thing.
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