Legends of Equestia's very own Aquatic Update is now Available!

Started by Ellowee, 2024 May 11, 11:24:59

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Hey there everypony!

With the help of Everypony in the Winter Warmup, Spring has arrived in Equestria again! And with it, a new update! Maybe there will be new faces for us to meet, as we explore all that this new update has to offer! now available on Our Website!

Speaking of exploring, it appears that Equestria has become more aquatic than ever, as ponies have been spotted diving under water. Get ready to saddle up and dive into the fun!

Who knows what cool things you may find underwater. What are we waiting for? Let's all go for a swim!

Not only that, but it seems the new season has also brought along a new face to the recently added docks, as an uncharted ship has dropped anchor at the docks!

Like always, you can find a list about everything that's new in our changelog. Hope to catch you in-game soon!

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