Applewood mines are a little ... twisted

Started by Unii, 2023 Sep 04, 07:05:41

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After hours of searching, and always somehow ending up back in the same room, failed attempts to map it etc, I would really love it if a map of the VERY TWISTED mine paths would be included in the game somewhere! If not that, at least some more landmarks would be good!

I know there is a room with three sand bat in it, somewhere in there, but it really shouldn't be a long search to find it.


There are two rooms with three sand bats in it. The first one is near the entrance, take the 2nd fork to the left on the train track (the first left fork goes quickly nowhere). The other room with three bats (and space ore to mine) is deep in the mine and harder to find. The passage is easy to miss because it's narrow. It's good that some things are challenging in this game and there aren't always giant hooves pointing the way. ^_^ (I like those giant hooves, took me a while to figure out what they were and where they were pointing.)

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