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Started by cupcakelavender, 2022 Dec 10, 20:14:28

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( note: this is for my 2nd pony not my first, i'll come up with something for my earth pony later.)

Name: Flitter bell

species: pegasus

age ( at moment intro being created) filly

likes: Music (especially singing)

dislikes: ponies making fun of her, being rushed, being looked at as weak.

Background: Flitter bell was born in cloudopolis. However, a few days prior to her wings being fully developed enough to fly she was attacked by a swarm of bloodwings. Although she survived, the bats severely damaged her wings and although doctors were able to repair her wings to a certain extent, there were still consequences. Due to muscles being damaged, especially due to still being in the developing phase, this resulted in flitterbelle only being able to fly a few inches off the ground for a few seconds and it would take all of her energy. However, after much exploration, not only has she discovered a love for singing, but she has discovered a way to use singing to fly, or at least fly higher and further than she could with just her wings. She does still use her wings for balance, but she doesnt use them for power and speed as much as other pegasi. Instead for that she uses sound waves. She is still experimenting, but right now, some examples of how she uses singing to fly is singing a note towards the ground creates sound waves that make her rise, and in reverse singing a note upward makes the sound waves lower her. Even though she cant fly as fast and has to take more breaks , she doesnt let that get her down. She continues to try to adapt her sound wave flying technique. She's a bit timid when it comes to singing in front of other ponies, but she does like to sing by herself and record music.

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