What pony race are you?

Started by ScribbleStitch, 2016 Sep 22, 16:15:08

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If you lived in equestria, what race would you be

Earth pony
Other creature
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Little Sheep Selene

Out of the three main pony races, I'd honestly pick a unicorn. But my OC is a bat pony!


I'd say Pegasus.

Because planes, idk.

I just think it's cool to see a wing horse fly and pull maneuvers a plane would do. Would also be neat to see a Pegasus and a plane flying in formation, mostly WWII planes because personal bias lol
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Unicorn. I would miss my hands too much and would need a substitute :p


I can't imagine not having wings, and I for sure can't handle being an alicorn, so..... hehe ^-^  <3

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