My pony's name keeps changing to something else.

Started by RekeningAdelaar, 2024 Jan 20, 16:00:07

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As the title says, whenever I try to name my pony, the name keeps changing to something different.

As an example, say I want to name my pony "Banana Cheese". Strange name, but go along with it. In the pony editor, I'll type "Banana" into the first box. Then, I'll type "Cheese" into the second box. However, after typing in the second box, it'll change the first box to "Cheese" as well. Then, when I load in, the name automatically changes to "Cheese Bubbles".

No matter what I put in, it always changes the name to "(Inserted Word) Bubbles" and I'm getting slightly annoyed. Does anyone know how to fix it?

Thank you in advance.

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