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This is my first time ever playing this game and I have already run into a major issue. For whatever ungodly reason I can't get Phabricator to work so I decided to write here instead.

Basically the problem comes in the form of having downloaded the game, created a character and all, so far so good, but the second I try and get into the game it either gets stuck on a loading screen or when I do get into the game I can't see anyone, and I mean like no one, not even NPCs. Sometimes I see the first quest givers "!" only but no pony under it, but for the majority of the time not even the "!" shows up, much less the Pony themselves. Could anyone please explain what could I do to potentially fix this issue? I've tried to redownload the game (like a clean redownload), I've tried both launcher and non-launcher versions and both have the same bug, turned my PC on and off again with no results along with logging in and out of the game to no avail.
This is quite frustrating because I've been wanting to play this game for years but I've been forgetting about it for so long and now that I've finally gotten it I can't even play it without immediately running into problems ;m;