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Quote from: Saint?_I_Think_NOT on 2024 Apr 03, 09:11:52k so just found this out: phabricator was apperantly no longer being maintained since the 1st of jan in 2021, so how will we report bugs now? it's been two days and i'm still stuck in that bilding and i was wondering if you guys can make a new bug systum since the other one isn't working anymore and hopefluy get both me and others bugs fixed,


We have an official discord with a channel dedicated specifically for reporting bugs. you can use that so the team will know about your problem soonest.
Introductions / Re: How do I talk to a pony
2024 Mar 26, 20:48:11
I'm not sure which problem you're trying to resolve, but if you're trying to travel to another location you'll need to click on the sign at the train station with the locations listed.
Quote from: Abyss_Horizon on 2023 Nov 02, 20:58:57Hello

This is my first time ever playing this game and I have already run into a major issue. For whatever ungodly reason I can't get Phabricator to work so I decided to write here instead.

Basically the problem comes in the form of having downloaded the game, created a character and all, so far so good, but the second I try and get into the game it either gets stuck on a loading screen or when I do get into the game I can't see anyone, and I mean like no one, not even NPCs. Sometimes I see the first quest givers "!" only but no pony under it, but for the majority of the time not even the "!" shows up, much less the Pony themselves. Could anyone please explain what could I do to potentially fix this issue? I've tried to redownload the game (like a clean redownload), I've tried both launcher and non-launcher versions and both have the same bug, turned my PC on and off again with no results along with logging in and out of the game to no avail.
This is quite frustrating because I've been wanting to play this game for years but I've been forgetting about it for so long and now that I've finally gotten it I can't even play it without immediately running into problems ;m;

So that might depend on a few things, one issue is likely that your computer is not powerful enough to reliably run the game (or phone if you're using mobile). But deleting and reinstalling the game will not have any meaningful impact on trying to fix your issue. A better option is to try this:

Close LoE. Then, press the Windows key + R on your keyboard, and it should open up a small search box.

Paste the following into that search box - %appdata%..\..\LocalLow\LoE\Legends of Equestria - and press enter.

(NOTE: If you're using Linux, you need to look for this folder instead - ~/.config/unity3d/LoE/Legends of Equestria

And on MacOS, it's this one: ~/Library/Application Support/LoE/Legends of Equestria)

This should open up the hidden LoE folder. Delete everything in there, and then close it.

Now, re-run the LoE program. It'll create new, 'default' files to replace the one you just deleted, which should resolve the issue!
If you mean here in the forum:

Go to your profile and look for Forum Profile > Forum Profile

You'll see a category labeled: Personalized Picture

click on: Specify avatar by URL

enter a URL of the picture you want to use
on the desktop version there's a small arrow on the bottom right of the map. click and drag to expand the map.
Art / Re: Fan art of twighlight sparkle
2022 Nov 20, 19:53:54
I think the URL is a bit broken, if you add ".jpg" onto the end of it the picture will appear.

Another alternative is just above the rainbow dash emoji's there's a button called 'insert an image'. Enter the URL into there and the picture will appear in your post.
typing '/stuck' in the chatbox will help reset your position.
Off-Topic / Re: stuck in textures
2022 Oct 07, 20:05:26
use the /stuck command to get free.
What you do is if the character is having problems in Americas, log into Europonia, select the character and log in from there. do a proper logout, or just type in '/logout' into the chatbox, and then you should be able to play the character again in Americas.
The second phase of the quest is supposed to activate after waiting 3 minutes. If 3 minutes passes and nothing happens, try entering a new map or switching rooms.
If you're an adult, then there's no way to complete the quest naturally.

To remove it, you'll need to speak to quest mark fixer and tell him that you've grown up, but still have foal quests leftover.
Pony Off-Topic / Re: Stuck in the dojo
2022 Jun 30, 19:13:48
type '/stuck' in the chatbox without quotes. That'll fix your character's position
Quote from: KiteryCola on 2022 Jun 10, 21:39:42I've completed the Removing Cookies quest on two different ponies now and have not received the headphones on either. The quest fixer by the train station does nothing  :c
Quest mark fixer will have something for that. Go under the 'issue with quest item' category
That sounds like your computer or phone doesn't have the power to load up the Heartlands
anyone can edit a page, but I believe that you need and account to create a new one.
Well then let's try this:
Are you an Earth Pony? The quest is only available for Earth Ponies.

There's also Cloud Like Clay for pegasi, and Glory Hog for unicorns.
The clouds will drop a chest on the ground when defeated. That will contain the cloud pieces you need.
Quote from: Sparkfire Cyclone Harmony on 2022 Mar 11, 01:58:35Um what do i do so i can do slash commands without chat? If u idk.... pwese enable chat :/
If you're on the desktop version, you simply type the commands into the chatbox. for example:
If you're using the mobile version, expand the chatbox that is collapsed on the right side of the screen, and enter commands in the way syntax above.
Introductions / Re: hi guys how to play?
2022 Jan 22, 21:05:37
Well that's pretty vague, are you having trouble downloading and running the game, or controls?