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It was a beautiful morning in Ponyville. The birds were singing, the trees were swaying, and a gentle breeze wafted through the air. Inside a thatched cottage on the second floor, a sleeping cyan unicorn slumbered, dreaming of unpleasant things and places where he'd rather not be. An alarm clock on a nearby bedstand ticked away, the minute hand sweeping ever closer towards 8 o'clock. He shifted a bit, wrapping himself up in his bedsheets, just a pin drop away from waking.
Star yawned, consciousness returning to him as he sleepily sat up in bed. It was early morning, a bit later then he was used to getting, but he didn't mind. The twittering birds next to the window of his home in Ponyville didn't change his mood in the slightest though, for the events of the past few days were still fresh in his mind.

"I-I still can't believe I messed up t-that badly," he muttered to himself as he rose from his bed.

(Star is 19 in this rp. Also, he's not the owner of the house; that would be Fair Weather, an old pegasus mare who helped out Star when he arrived in Ponyville)
Today is the eve of the Jewish new year, so I though that I'd wish everypony a happy and sweet new year ^-^
To all my fellow Jewish bronies, have a happy and sweet new year! I'll see you in three days! :3
Music Archive / Metal Men
2014 Aug 11, 08:02:35
Fans of metal! Have you heard of these two amazing dudes?


Charlie Parra del Riego:
Introductions Archive / New guy!
2014 Aug 10, 16:04:09
I've been waiting a loooooooong time to try the game, so now that I've registered, maybe I'll be active somewhat :)