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Started by Holiday Cheer, 2018 Feb 07, 12:59:14

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Holiday Cheer

Wow Even that's amazing!  You didn't have to do all that for little old me. X3

Twilight Nova unfortunately will not be able to be a Wonderbolt though due to some irl happenings.  But we'll make do.  Thank you again for putting this together.  To any pony who sees this, go check out Even's promo for the Gala!

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Even Tide

Glad to help if I can dude! And don't worry, I've a couple ideas in mind.  ;)
That's alright. I'll remove Nova from the list and keep popping the thread around when I can. Come chat with me sometime if you get chance!


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Holiday Cheer

The Grand Galloping Gala is coming along amazingly, but there's one thing that been bothering me.  I seem to have forgotten one of the most important and amazing parts of the Gala. ovO


That's right everypony.  We will be holding a contest of creative talent up to and during the Gala.  Ponies are invited to submit entries for art/gifs/written works/videos relating to the Grand Galloping Gala 2018.  Please submit them either to myself (HolidayCheer #7188) on Discord or provide a link when you see me or Sapphire Moonlight in game (in whisper).  We will be voting on the best entries and the winners will have their work displayed here on the forum as well as the recognition from the LoE community for your skills.  Looking forward to seeing what you ponies can come up with!

(This wonderful picture is provided by Even Tide <3)

Aster Topaz

Here is an album I made during my time at the Gala:

Looks like Ellowee brought her unicorn costume for the event.
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Holiday Cheer

Thank you so much everypony that contributed to making the Gala super special.  I wrote up a very sappy Discord post about it already but I especially want to thank Even Tide, Sapphire Moonlight, Blue Cloud, Twilight Nova, Dandelion Fluff, Aquatic Showers, The Guardian, Random Fandom, and Derpy.  There were about five more wonderbolt ponies who are amazing too and I forget all your names all the time.  I love you guys and your hard work and effort.

Now we are looking toward the future!  As I mentioned (I think  ovO ) today there will be a birthday party for a great pony named Sky Biscuit.  But don't ask me about that, ask Jet Black as he's running the show on that one.  If you see that pony, be sure to wish her a happy birthday!

Getting sorta low on birthdays, so if you have one in June please please please let me know!

Right now plans are in motion for two huge events!  The Summer Sun Celebration which will be held on around June 21st which is the day of the summer solstace.  And the Equestria Games which will be a weekish long celebration of competition and may or may not include the aforementioned fighting tournament.  There is a Discord link for the planning if you want to be involved or just see what goes on behind the scenes on Even Tide's planning topic so go check that out.  More details will be made available as they happen!

And finally on Sunday, June 10th, there will be a big Graduation Party event for all the ponies who are graduating from some form of school this year!  It will be held in the square outside of SCC at about 2PM CDT and there will be lots of free food and socializing with some great ponies.  If you want to be celebrated please let me know so I can include you on the list of honorees.  Graduating from school is a tough thing and we want you to know you're amazing! <3   

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 Today was my last day of 7th grade and I get to go to 8th grade now!  ;)  I'm also glad for everyone else that are graduating! but, unfortunately, I will not be able to attend as I will be visiting my dad for a month starting on the 3rd.
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Holiday Cheer

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We are trying to draw to a close on the Gala Contest but want to make sure that the voting is fair for those ponies not on the Gala Discord group.  Here is the poll where you can vote on your favorite after viewing them here:

Gala Contest Winner Poll!

Dinky's Submission:

Dinky: Scoots and Flurry Heart

Aurora Skies's Submissions:

Aurora Skies 1: The Night We've Been Wishing For

Aurora Skies: Running Free

Dandelions Fluff's (Chickeon's) Submission:

Dandelion: Gala Girls

Gloomy Feather's Submissions:

Gloomy: Impossible Dream

Gloomy: What Could've Been

CMC Scoot's Submission:

Scoots: Scootaloo x Flurry Heart's Best Night Ever!

(This wonderful picture is provided by Even Tide <3)

Holiday Cheer



The event will be held on Thursday, June 21st at 4PM CDT (see timezones explained below) and will be a celebration of the rising of the sun and the beginning of summer on the longest day of the year!

There will be music, dancing, food, and a brief appearance by the always popular WONDERBOLTS!  And of course the aforementioned, raising of the sun by Princess Celestia (in fact I hear all the Princesses will be in attendance).


We'll also be holding a contest leading up to the event for ponies to take a photo (screenshot) of the sunrise or moonrise and submit them either via our Party Planning Discord Server, to me via whispers in game, or here on this forum topic.  The winner of the contest will be personally acknowledged by the Princesses and be GUESTS OF HONOR at the event!   So go get your cameras ready.

The time zones are:

10PM British Time
11PM Other Europonyian

And don't forget that the next day we'll be having Summerween!  Check out Pumpkin Glow's topic on that here: SUMMERWEEN 2018  So many great events to look forward to!

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Holiday Cheer

Gloomy Feathers created this lovely promo art for the Festival:

(This wonderful picture is provided by Even Tide <3)


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Are people limited to one photo per submission?

Hallow Night

Oh um, noob here. How do you take screenshots? ovO

Even Tide

@Moon Dasher
F12, you can use F1 to toggle the GUI and /cc true and /cc false to turn on a camera independent from your pony

Hallow Night


Opening up sign-ups for the brief Wonderbolts Air Show for the Summer Sun Celebration.  Myself and Autumn Breeze have signed up.  Looking for three more.  Practice sessions will be at 6pm CST tomorrow, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and 2pm CDT on Thursday two hours before the start of the event.  All practice sessions will begin in Ponydale Park on the Amareicas server. 


Do we have to be at each practice session if we want to be a part of the show? They are at 1AM for me and dark circles don't look good on me. Besides I have an interview tomorrow and I would very much like to make a good impression.
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Holiday Cheer

Lots of questions being asked here, sorry I let this one slip. 

Valex - I would prefer one submission.  You can do multiple and show them all to us, but pick your best one as the submission.

Diannaria - You wouldn't need to be at every practice session from what I understand from previous shows.  As long as you can pick up the routine, which I believe is pretty simple.

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One small question, do the screenshots need to have a pony in them or can they be in first person or cinema cammed?
Edit: Thought of another question. What exactly counts as sunrise or moon rise? How high up can the sun or moon be before it's no longer sun/moon rise?

Holiday Cheer

I can answer both your excellent questions with the same answer. ^-^

Basically I am opening this up to anything featuring the sun/moon.  So it can be just the scenery with no ponies, be the moon/sun in any position, or be a picture of sompony's flank mooning the camera.

((Just kidding about that last one. :D )

(This wonderful picture is provided by Even Tide <3)

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