It Makes Sense To Me quest bug

Started by Gorillazfan13, 2019 Dec 02, 20:55:54

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When I arrive in the Crystal Kingdom I start the quest, Gypsum tells me to talk to Silicon.  I finish talking to Silicon and my journal tells me to return to Gypsum, but the dialogue box to complete the quest never pops up.   Please give me any suggestion to correct this issue.


If you have not reported the bug on Phabricator, that is the best place to put it to get it noticed.
Follow the instructions here:

This will notify the team of the problem.

Thank you for your help in making Equestria great!
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Thanks!  I had an issue where I couldn't get a verification email from Phabricator.  I tried again and it came through.  I set up a profile on Phabricator and posted the quest bug I had on it. 

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