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Quote from: J_Brony1155 on 2019 Dec 13, 06:47:19Here is just a suggestion for the winter games this year...

(I already suggested this to Holiday Cheer on discord and then found out she doesn't run the games. XD)

Anyways here is what I suggest for this years games you know how in the summer games ponies had a figure eight race inside the crystal kingdom stadium how about the same for the winter games except with the enchanted ice skates.

And also for nightmare rush through the brambles ponies can wear the enchanted ice skates too.

This is just a suggestion for the games this year I personally think that it will be more creative and make it have that more "wintery" feel to it.

That's a great idea and for anyone who hasn't got the skates yet you can get them from the lvl 45 Naiad mobs in the Heartlands!

Wow I'm helping all the horses. So what it see you saying is that you have the direct download where you can go straight into the game. So what I did to get into the game is use my Google Chrome browser and go to the website of course and then click what ever direct download I am doing. Then it goes to the cloud and stuff. Then I click extract all and all that technical stuff then hey! Ya get de game! Then I click it to the taskbar and it should let you into the game and be just fine. That is how I got it. It may be different for you I don't know, but it works fine to me when I do this. I hope this helps horse!!! :)
Quote from: bigbootyjudy on 2018 Oct 31, 17:41:17does it update by its self or do I have to update it

If you have the windows launcher then yes it updates by its self, but if you have the direct download as in you can go straight into the game without loading it with launcher then you have to re-download it again or it will not let you in.

Also, can't wait till I get back into the game, I will be best spooky horse. :o
Great job LoE team!
In the background you can see a wild sleepy floof pone :ellowee:
This LoE anniversary was the greatest events I ever showed up too! The party planning team did a great job on making this possible!  Even though I only saw the end of the talent show It seem amazing already! I also loved the Wonderbolt show and the fun games. The were unique and amazing! Im really looking forward to the next event and more! Great job team! :D
Finally, my computer is back up and working! I may be able to join most of the events! Hope to see you all again!  ;) 
Good to see that the planning on here is still alive! O:  And it looks like a lot of cool events will be here too! I may or may not be able to attend them due to my computer having an problem with the hard drive and stuff. So may not be on LoE. Hope I can make it. Oh and Mistletoe is gone :o  I'll miss that silly hat pone. She had the best hat around! ^-^  (PS! I'm using my old smol computer for now so if I make it on this thing might not talk much because lag things!)
Ooo! Looking real cool! ^-^
And the orange Pinkie didn't look so happy about the dance.
 :o  Yay a big awesome update! Looking forward to it! ^-^
Quote from: Moon Dasher on 2018 Jul 22, 14:16:09Sadly, I was not able to make it due to life events and vacation, but I bet that you all(the team that made it happen)did a great job of making it the event! Looking forward to more! ^-^ 
wait I didnt look at the date,Ill be there sorry.
Sadly, I was not able to make it due to life events and vacation, but I bet that you all(the team that made it happen)did a great job of making it the event! Looking forward to more! ^-^ 
Art / Re: Pumpkin's Creative Corner
2018 Jun 28, 23:04:40
Oh wow, that light blinds me with love! :o  <3
Yeah, I do miss Sapph. I know how it feels to have the computer issues. I have them all the time. :l But I also can't wait for the Equestria Games! Looking forward to that! ^-^

I really dont have time to do the whole post stuff. lol
Oh um, noob here. How do you take screenshots? ovO
OMG!! O:  Your art style is super cute! I love it soooo much! How do you draw that good! Teach me your ways... ;)
Oh Cool a Gala this will most likely be my first Gala, Hope I get invited . :P  Also Loving your new profile pic. Super 'coot'! :3
Sounds great pumpkin horse. Ill try to make it. Hope I see you there X3