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Can we please finally get rid of the Heartswarming trees until the next actual holidays?  ^-^

It's almost May now and with trees, etc. still up it gives the impression like the dev team has abandoned the game.  :o

It feels like it isn't even worth the effort to turn off the seasonal decorations anymore, or switch the Winter Roll Up quest on again.

And that's not a good look to new players, or encouraging to the regular player base.

I know that's not how the dev team feels, but that's what this state of eternal Heartswarming communicates.  :o
(And I am sure the team is working hard on the next exciting update, but please spare some time for this.)

I have always been positive and in support of the dev team, appreciating and welcoming every small and big update, as well as the support that has been shown towards player events. And I will continue to do so.  <3

I love LoE and all the work that goes into it and want to see the game alive and inviting.

Thank you for your time!  ^-^

Video / Pumpkin's Youtube Thingamajigs
2018 Jul 11, 09:48:43
Made this threat to have a place where I can post my more or less random yt things from now on.  ^-^

Played some spoopy Monstrum today.  :o

It was a dark and stormy night and Pumpkin had spent the evening in the Canterlot library.

Right before it closed and everypony was asked to leave, her eyes had caught the back of a book in the "Various Mysteries and Magical Anomalies" section, she had never seen before.

The cover adorned a single yellow triangle with an open, staring eye in the middle. Flipping it open revealed many cryptic pages, but also a chapter titled "Summerween", showing drawings of hollowed out melons with scary faces carved into them. Not much unlike Nightmare Night pumpkins.

Intrigued Pumpkin took the book home to her small attic apartment, where Holiday had already been waiting for her return.
They both started to study the Summerween chapter excitedly, luckily it seemed to have been written in actual Equestrian, while the rest of the book was cryptic gibberish.

They learned about a special holiday from a far away place...
A place on a different plane of existence, separated from Equestria by only the thinnest layer of ever changing, chaotic reality, that couldn't be breached or crossed by anypony, but the most versed in magical abilities... or beings entirely removed from the bounds of material existence.

The name of the place had a big red smudge on it though and only so much was readable.

Gr_vi_y F__ls

Gravity Foals?

The holiday described in the mysterious book was called "Summerween" and very similar to Nightmare Night.
Apart from happening at the beginning of summer, using melons instead of pumpkins and the illustrations of the beings celebrating it looked oddly like shaved monkeys.
But all the other elements were there: Spooky stories, costumes and going around collecting candy.

Holiday and Pumpkin agreed that another spooky holiday in summer was a great idea and instantly started to make plans and preparations for Equestria's first ever...


Everypony who watched Gravity Falls will know about the Summerween episode:

And Holiday and I thought it would be a great idea to bring it to Equestria.
Because who doesn't like an excuse to have another spooky holiday, beside Nightmare Night. ;)

So young and old, put on a costume and join us for some ghoulish fun at the Heartlands Cemetery!

In the spirit of Summerween there will be an organized candy hunt for foals in the heartlands.

1-2 groups of foals have to navigate the Heartlands (stay on the roaaads  ;) ) to find a number of spoooky candy givers, who will be at special, easy and mostly save to reach locations.

The goals for the foals will be to collect a combined total of five hundred (500) candy before returning to the cemetery, or the Summerween Trickster will appear and gobble them up!  O:

And after all that spookiness there are rumors that the mysterious SHADOWBOLTS will make an appearance and present a stunning air show near the Heartlands Cemetery, bringing Summerween to an exciting conclusion!  ^-^
(If you want to sign up for the Shadowbolts and be part of the airshow, you can do so and get infos in Even's thread over here: CLICK ME )

TIME OF THE EVENT: Friday 22nd of June, at 9 PM Greenwich Mean Time.
(Please check your local time yourself with the help of this link )

Location: The Heartland Cementary
Leave Cantermore towards the Heartlands and the cementary will be direeectly on the right.

And some spooky ambiance music to put on in the background at the event (right click and select loop to... well, loop  ;) )

Art / Pumpkin's Creative Corner
2018 May 01, 09:50:21
Drew a little gift for Holiday.  ^-^

And here is a Fluttershy photo from my recent hike at Devil's Mountain.  ^-^

(EDITED for the upcoming event!)

(Pic by Psykai/Gloomy Feathers)

Hello everypony!  ^-^

I want to hold another little campfire event.

Just some relaxed hanging out with friends around an imagined campfire, telling spooky campfire stories, roasting marshmallows and enjoying each other's company.

The location will be the pumpkin patch in the heartlands

On Saturday, 16th of June at 7pm Greenwich Mean Time (You can check the time here: )

Server: Amareicas

It's easy to find. Just exit Ponyville to the North and then follow the map below.  ^-^

We have picked a spot that is save from random wandering monsters, so everypony can come, no matter their level.

If you are lower level you can travel on the path shown on the map and should be able to arrive at the campsite in one piece.

In character Info:

You have received mail from Pumpkin Glow.
It's a scroll with purposefully burned edges, held closed by a purple ribbon and decorated
with little ghost, bat and pumpkin stickers.
It also releases a small cloud of purple and green glitter, as you unwrap it.

The scroll reads:

"Hey there!

If you read this you have been invited to my Spring Pumpkin Patch Pony Camp Out.

Where we will spend the night around a nice, cozy fire, tell spoooky campfire stories,
roast various snacks and hopefully don't get eaten by monsters!

Just kidding, it will actually be quite save... well I hope.

I am sure it will be fine!

Anyway, please bring your own sleeping bag and some extra snacks and apple cider can't hurt either.

I will be supplying a bubbling cauldron of hot chocolate and leftover Nightmare Night candy for everyone though.
Most of it is still chewable.
So no pony will have to starve, in case they forget their snacks!

Also everypony is welcome to tell a spooky campfire story.

So if you know a good one don't be shy and share it with us.

See you at the Pumpkin Patch!

Kind Regards

Pumpkin Glow

Ps: Pumpkin Pie gave me permission to camp on their land, as long as everypony behaves.
So please refrain from littering, damaging pumpkins (or anything really!), and general roughhousing!"

Out of character info & rules:

Once the event starts everything will be happening in character, so if you are new to roleplaying
think just a tiny bit about what makes your oc your oc beforehand... hoof.  :P  
But most importantly just relax and have a good time.  ^-^

We will try and have a little, friendly introduction round in the beginning, so everypony knows at least a bit about everypony else. ^-^

Please refrain from Candy Showers and similar disruptive skills during the camp out.  X3
(Exception is guiding ponies to the location, but then please don't do it right on everyponies heads.  ;)  )

This is a quite stationary event without a big plot to follow.
It basically lives from ponies getting into a nice campfire mood and telling stories.

Everypony is encouraged and welcome to tell a spoooky campfire story.
Only rule here is to please keep the story PG, cause that's the official rules and also spirit of LoE.  ^-^
(So no gore, excessive killing, graphic violence, etc. )

If you want to tell a story you can just tell me at the event.
I will be making a list of every pony with a story in the order ponies speak up about wanting to tell one.

I myself will prepare at least one story and if for some reason there shouldn't be enough storyteller ponies we might have a collaboratory group story, where everypony adds a sentence to it, in a clockwise order around the fire.

It's completely voluntary though .  ;)

Also it's ok to just come by to hang out and watch, as long as you are not disruptive.  ^-^

And lastly a nice campfire video, to have on in the background during the event, for immersion purposes.  ;)  

Original Characters / Pumpkin Glow
2018 Apr 27, 20:36:24
Name: Pumpkin Glow

Race: Unicorn

Age: A young adult

Cutie Mark: A simple pumpkin


She has a purple coat, green mane and yellow eyes.

Wears a black witch hat all year around and mostly also has her mushroom and herb collecting pouch on her, which is also filled with all other kinds of items and knick knacks.

Her mane and fluffy tail are always brushed very nicely, except when she got scared again and maybe fleed through a few bushes, cause a bird landed on her hat, as she was reading the really tense part of a spooky story under a tree.


A one room attic apartment in Canterlot near the library, where she sometimes enjoys sleepovers with her friends.
It's always decorated like it's Nightmare Night tomorrow. There is a small bookshelf crammed full of spooky books, a few books on basic magic theory and also cook books.

A Chest full of Nightmare Night supplies and costumes and a cozy fireplace with an oven where she practices her moderate baking and cooking skills.

The middle of the room is dominated by a plush black and orange striped carpet with lots of patched up, soft pillows scattered around. This is also where she sleeps, cause her apartment doesn't have more space for an actual bed.

Character & Background:

Pumpkin is friendly and helpful, if she can, but is a bit of a scatter brain.
Often makes big plans, but gets distracted, startled, confused or lost somewhere on the way. She actually gets lost a lot and had to spend more than one night involuntarily camping out, cause she couldn't find her way home in time before nightfall.

She loves spooky stories and legends, but actually gets scared by them quiet easily, especially during, or shortly after having read or heard a new one, which she would never admit. In those moments she has been seen getting startled by and absconding from a single squirrel in the dark, or even just an unsuspected shadow in a whimsical manner.

Still she never stops reading, or listening to spooky tales and is always looking for new possible decorations for the Nightmare Night festival and her home.

On actual Nightmare Night her scaredness almost magically fades and she is up for a night of spooky shenanigans, where she will even actively seek out possibly "haunted" places.

Pumpkin Glow earns her bits by collecting mushrooms and herbs at the edge of Everfree Forest and selling them to potion makers in Canterlot. Taking the train back and forth in the morning and late evening several times a week.

On a especially reckless Nightmare Night she actually went deeper into the Everfree Forest and almost teleported into the open maw of a chimera, tripped over a cockatrice and then got stuck a top a tall tree, from which she had to be rescued by the Guards (they had a long ladder and one of those catchy blankets and candy to lure her down, it was a pretty embarrassing ordeal).

She actually has a lot of similar teleportation accidents. No matter how much she practices, there is always a chance that she will end up stuck in a tree, on top of a roof, inside a chimney, in a river etc.

Despite all this Pumpkin still enjoys using her, overall pretty weak and modest, magic where she can. Especially as she had a hard time learning how to do even do the most simple magic as a filly.

And if she can help someone with her magic, even if it's just to ignite a small camp, or cooking fire, she will be really proud and happy about it.

Pumpkin Glow's parents, Amethyst Glow and Smaragd Glow, had hoped she would join and take over the family gem buisness one day and were pretty disappointed when Pumpkin got her cutie mark and decided to live her life the way she does.
Despite being very old fashioned they eventually learned to accept it, though it can still come up as an awkward topic at family gatherings.


- Reading spooky tales and legends in the Canterlot library

- Going camping with her friends and telling spooky campfire stories

- Working on her pumpkin pie recipe

- Collecting and making Nightmare Night decorations and costumes

- Carving pumpkins (of cause!)

- Practicing her magic, which is mostly just handy all day everyday magic to make life a bit easier

Player info: When I am online in LoE I am mostly OOC, unless I am actually taking part in an RP. I personally prefer rp without too too much constant moving around the world. Classic "campfire rp" is what I enjoy the most. A location change now and then is fine though. ^-^

I am mostly open for a bit of spontaneous rp, if the opportunity opens up.

But I often get tired doing lots of typing in the evening (or... doing pretty much anything   :s ) so a lot of the time I might just be online to goof around, chat a little and maybe fight a few monsters, so if I turn down an rp it's mostly just cause I am really exhausted from my day and... my... brain... only... works... at... 40%  :o X3

I have seen others posting threads like this and I think it might be a fun way for me to share my getting lost and running around in a confused manner before teleporting into the void by accident own adventures.  ^-^

It might also motivate me to take more screenshots of... stuff!

So yesterday night I stumbled into the beginning of Smoliday's birthday party (after realizing I had to change instances, after dancing alone for 5 minutes) and had a lot of fun just hanging out for a bit. Being in Germany it was already like 2am, which is almost my bedtime.   ^-^  

And today, while getting lost in the Heartlands, doing quests, I stumbled upon the young pony Ace, who couldn't wait to grow up. Ended up in a party with them and some other nice pones... Even Tide, Chaos Control, Heart ... uh and somepony else?
I am really bad with names and commonly confused in social situations that have more than like two participants, sorry if I forgot someone.  X3

We went on a spontaneous mini expedition into Everfree Forest so Ace could earn some bits and then made our way through Canterlot and into Cloudsdale.

Where I might or might not have been blown of the bridge (though I already knew about the bridge wind, having quested there before  ovO  ) and then clumsily teleported my way back up the mountain, i.o. to catch up with everyone.

We then sat around and talked for a while, which was nice.  ^-^

Things I learned today:

- Trading with other ponies (well kinda... bits trading worked but I couldn't offer up items for trade, which was weird)

- There is a bank in Canterlot and I need to put all of my useless stuff into it lol

- Being in a party and getting confused with the four different chat windows a lot for some reason. Especially while also trying to go places at the same time.   :o

- Adding ponies to my friend list :D

Also here is an actual pic of me having teleported into the void somehow. Falling eternally...  :P

Introductions / Hello everypony!
2018 Apr 26, 09:03:31

I am Pumpkin Glow from Germany and finally started playing LoE about a week or so ago. :)

And so far it has been a super positive experience. None of the super toxic general chat like in other mmos, which ultimately made me super reluctant to actually talk to people in mmos at all anymore.

But in LoE I find myself actually talking to people and so far I have experienced and witnessed nothing but friendliness, helpfulness and respect. Even towards very young, inexperienced players, or people who aren't great English speakers, yet. Which is super great. :)

As for me: I am in my 30s, grew up with G1 MLP and used to have the biggest pony collection in my street when I was a kid.
Made the mistake of leaving them in storage at family when I moved out back in the day and said family ended up selling them all without telling me. 9_9

I pretty much skipped all of the MLP generations in between until G4, which I instantly fell in love with.

My favorites are Fluttershy, Twili and Pinky. In that order. :o

And I live for Halloween and spoopy things, hence my oc. ;)

I actually draw a bit, but am not really great at ponies and somehow never find the motivation to actually practice, maybe some time tho...

This is an older pic I used as an avatar in a different forum. Not really happy with it tho... maybe I will actually sit down and practice ponies. °^°

Anywaaay... just wanted to say hello! :)