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Video Games / Re: Anybody who uses Switch?
2018 Jun 06, 14:34:20
If it's fun and local party games, I would suggest Mario Kart 8 DX and Kirby Star allies. Kirby Star allies may be an adventure game, but it's also fun and local party game since it has 4-players and of course if you're doing story mode, you guys have to work together. Lives are saved and there are no penalties for using lives for co-op mode. Puzzle rooms can be worked out with dream friends as long as they have the right elements and friend ability.

Mario kart 8 DX is also fun and local game and can support up to 4 players as well, but you can play with CPU of the difficulty of your choice, with or without them as well as circuit such as 50, 100, 150, 200, and mirror CC and as well as you want items, no items (coins only) and coins (items only), or both.

Mario & Rabbids kingdom battle, well i'm not sure if that's fun and local party game even though there's a versus and co-op mode. co-op mode is unlocked after you get luigi, but for better results in co-op mode, you just need to get everyone, their best weapons, and battles to unlock first. Versus mode, you're going against each other, but you can use all of the characters regardless of your story progression, and the character skills and weapons are fixed and skills can't be assigned manually, and weapons you obtained in story mode can't be equipped. Weapons and skills are based on the character's skill build you select. The way versus mode works is that it's the last team standing regardless if there's a last man (or rabbid) standing and you get 3 action tickets and making a move, attack, and using skills consumes 1 ticket regardless of which character is using them. if you use all 3 actions, you can't select a hero and it will end your turn automatically. There's a time limit on making a move so think fast on your moves. As of co-op play goes, there are victory and defeat conditions. The victory conditions will contain defeating enemies including mid-bosses, moving to the area, and escorting toad and toadette to their designated area. The Defeat condition is when all party members die, the escort dies, and turn limit has passed.
Video Games Archive / Re: Nintendo Switch
2017 Mar 05, 12:15:50
Well I didn't ask him why, but that's a good question. I did tell him that he should try it once before saying i don't like it or i hate it and stuff like that, but I don't see any (good) reason(s) why he liked the system. The other dilemma that got him in this mess was whether he should get LoZ BotW or not, but I did tell him that if i tried LoZ BotW for the wii-u, i can report back to him and see how good the game is for the switch and that'll convince him enough to get LoZ BotW. Just Dance 2017 would be my recommended game to him (ever since he has that just dance app on his apple TV and other dancing games). The other i'm concerned about the system is the demo gameplays in the stores such as target and best buy, but I'll try to keep looking into his problem and convince him enough to keep the system.

My Friend told me that there isn't that much of a huge selection after the switch has been released so apparently there are over 100 games for the switch planned this year. Yeah that's true, but we needed more reveals from nintendo direct.
Video Games Archive / Re: Nintendo Switch
2017 Mar 04, 23:32:31
My brother got the system, but he's having a dilemma on whether he should keep it or not although the problem is that he didn't buy any games for the system so I did tell him the recommended games he should get for the switch. he said he likes the system, but he doesn't know if he'd (or he can) play LoZ BotW and i told him that if he tried the game for the switch once, then probably he can't return the system so probably i need some advice to convince him enough to keep the system (if anyone can help me out). If anyone asked what games i recommended him, it was LoZ BotW, MK8DX, and for himself, Just Dance 2017.
I'm not a competitive type player either so I just play what i can go with and I normally battle 1 friend and we play anything goes rule just for fun.

If you use a team that serebii and smogon recommended, then most people will know how to counter them easily regardless if they followed the recommended pokemon for the competitive team or not.
Well sometimes you gotta switch up your pokemon team if you're not confident with what you have planned so far. If you're gonna use alola raichu, I would suggest breeding one with electric terrain and wish (optional) in a timid nature to outspeed your opponents. I normally use Lurantis for false swiping needs and tapus as my alternative false swiper to ignore defense boost, steel, and ghost-types.

If you want your old team back, you can if you have pokemon bank updated and able to migrate some of your pokemon that you have so far. It may be a good idea to start that from scratch and it will take massive breeding to get the natures and IVs you want.
Quote from: Stardust Dragon on 2017 Feb 17, 02:45:15
I'm stuck right after reaching the fourth island.  Not because I'm underleveled or anything, but because I really lost interest in the Pokemon I have for a team.  The new Pokemon this generation I liked just aren't playing how I was hoping for them to play.  It sapped all my motivation to work on it.  I've liked the story so far, but the same thing happened to me in Black2: I just got tired of my team and didn't see enough options or desire to make a new one.

What pokemon were you planning to use on your team? cuz obviously I just change up my team based on the situation and level.
I was highly concerned about the other mega stones since the pokemon bank update is out. I was hoping that they would update sun & moon once more for the mega stones other than obtaining them in a online battle competition specifically to buy with BPs.
Yeah the ppl who abused power saves will be banned forever. I hope those hacked pokemon will be removed from the GTS and wonder trades. I read the news on nintendoeverything site as well. According to the pokemon-gl news, What they mean by "unauthorized behavior, further restrictive actions may be taken against them without warning.", doesn't that mean the raging quitting stuff like d/c or force shutdown or pressing the home menu and stuff like that? Looks like my friend was right about GTS and wonder trade being restrictive.

Pokemon Duel may be hard than i expected. It's hard to win battles when it comes to playing defensively at the beginning of the game. If anyone here is curious about downloading and playing pokemon duel, my only advice is this, try the game once before you say "i hate it" or any other stuff like that. The energy works the same function as the hearts in pokemon shuffle, but energy usage may vary by match.
That explains why my friend has the HA pokemon from R/B/Y.

Not only the pokemon bank and poke transport has been updated, but also pokemon duel is now available to download for iOS and android as well. Pokemon duel isn't that bad, but not only the game tests your strategy also your luck as well.
Yeah, but let's not forget the server traffic too as well. If you guys got any further information to confirm that it's the 17th, just provide proof of your information. Rumors, well we'll never know if it's true or not. Right now, my friend said that He hasn't heard anything from TPCi just yet.
Well you gotta be lucky anyway, but I encountered 2 shiny pokemon which are shiny golduck which i've caught and poliwag through SoS, but didn't contain HA that I want

I hate to ask around, but isn't there any information on the pokemon bank update as of now? I heard that someone else mention that it is being released on the 17th, but I can't be too sure of that unless there's some more information to confirm this.
Video Games Archive / Re: Kirby
2016 Dec 21, 19:47:11
You're looking at a person that's a huge fan of kirby and played many kirby games since Kirby Super Star (which is me of course) and yeah i've been a kirby user in SSB series as well.
anyone with pokemon moon can help me fill up my dex? either touch trade or perma trade is fine and i'm looking for moon exclusive UBs.
I still have pokerus, but a couple of my pokemon have it now. It's hard to keep the effect though. I can just pass on to one of the pokemon with pokerus to you and then once you spread one to your pokemon, you can give it back to me.
It's pretty much hard to tell if there's a 6IV ditto unless caught. The only way to cover that is to hyper train a 4-5IV ditto with bottle caps.

I heard that lostsanity was waiting on the walkthrough from gamefaqs and I said he doesn't need gamefaqs for pokemon games. They're just straightforward games. Yeah sure, you need it, but not required or needed to clear the game. With the changes in sun & moon, it's a lot easier to tell where you going and where your destination is thanks to the mini-map changes. Serebii is the guide for everything for your pokemon needs. Everybody else doesn't need a walkthrough from gamefaqs and a guidebook

I'm almost done with the pokedex although my friend needs help with the trade evolutions which i'm gonna do and then get the moon exclusives off from her, but the problem is that i need the moon exclusive UBs to finish the dex which are pheromosa, and Celesteela although my friend that was gonna give me the pokemon to cover the dex won't be able to do UBs till she decides to do them. As my other Friend told me that Pokemon Company is strict on hacked pokemon so I rather avoid GTS and wonder trade for now.
There's a particular way to get a 6IV ditto in sun & moon now however it takes some preparations to do this. Here's what you need

Smeargle with Recycle. It has to be holding a smoke ball in case if you can't encounter ditto
Pokemon With swicheroo such as hypno with leppa berry - This is highly recommended in case ditto is holding something
a False Swiper
Pokemon that can use memento and memento has to be the only move remaining
and Adrenaline orb(s)

When doing this, Here's what you do when getting 6IV ditto

Put Smeargle in the front and then on the 1st turn, use adrenaline orb and ditto will transform into smeargle. On 2nd turn, switch to hypno and then use switcheroo on the following turn, and then switch to false swiper till ditto's HP is reduced to 1 and then switch to the pokemon with Memento Move and then keep using adrenaline orb till you get 6IV ditto.

The Downside part of this is the cost of the shiny ditto if it has imposter, but if you're aiming for both 6IV and shiny ditto, then the shiny ditto shouldn't have imposter ability.
Well It's not that bad. I'm almost done with the pokedex as well. It's just that I need the evolution trades and version exclusive pokemon including the UBs.

I got myself a first shiny pokemon which is the shiny golduck while I was grinding my pokemon for evolution at the poni gauntlet.

I have some tips and advice for sun & moon.

If you guys are looking for HA pokemon, There's a way to tell without using Trace. If the HA is weather-based like snow warning, drought, drizzle, sand stream, and/or cloud nine, that's easy to tell as you chain the pokemon that has the ability through SoS Battle. If HA eevee, well you need a fighting-type pokemon, but I would highly suggest using fighting-type pokemon with a fighting type move although I would suggest using lucario for this job since eevee's use sand-attack and the HA is anticipation so you'll know which eevee has it.

If you're having trouble catching ghost and steel type pokemon, I would suggest bringing one of the tapus. Their nature's madness can ignore pokemon types and defense so I guess they're like your alternative pokemon for false swiping.
Well It seems that I wasn't chosen after I checked my e-mail, but oh well. Grats for those that made it in.
The Trade evolutions are always the same as usual. As of legendaries go, Well If you want solgaleo, you gotta get your cosmoem near level 52 which is at level 52 at around 800-1k exp left for next level and then transfer cosmoem to your sun version and level the cosmoem. Same goes for Lunala.
Quote from: Aqua Fire on 2016 Dec 01, 19:40:30
I hope I get it, I think I saw that someone might be getting me one. The person wasn't that secretive. The person asked what device Pokemon moon was on. Of course, the person could be throwing me off track, but who knows?

Well you should've told the person that it was for nintendo 3DS, but the thing is that the person said that if there are no promises, there's no promises.

Quote from: FoxBrush on 2016 Dec 01, 23:52:57
If ya got the special munchlax, the move "Happy Hour" increases money from the battle

Well my munchlax evolved into snorlax after I put it on the island, but it's a lowbie pokemon.