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Off-Topic / Love ya
2020 Nov 27, 04:32:49
I came back to lurk (the bots apparently), as I usually do every year or so. I really don't know why but I still love LoE. But the part I miss dearly, I want to describe most because of how truly surreal it was for me at the time. To put it simply, it was watching an old livestream on the EO livestream channel. I could maybe put a few names of who were on the team at the time, but seeing everyone grouped together in town with nothing but the music and sound really had an effect on me.

I watched that stream a lot back then, every morning before I went to school for a month, and more and more afterward. Call me completely insane, but I scoured the old site, youtube, livestream itself, old twitters but to no success, the livestream account is long dead. Even if I had found it, it wouldn't be the same. I DON'T KNOW what I was thinking, or why I'm even writing about it now. Back in middle school I had a very small array of friends, and even then I remember checking the clock to see when new episodes would start or even reruns, and know I was missing them, which was my only shot at watching them at the time. Along side these strange feelings I'm stuck wondering, I spend a lot of that time thinking about all the people that I know I'd never speak to again, let alone the thought that a lot of my classmates only ever viewed me as another person, and even less so now that we never have a reason to see each other anymore.

Now that I'm here writing out a topic, I also want to say I'm sorry I wasn't more supportive while on the team, which was sadly one my last experiences with LoE as I just wasn't comfortable keeping up with so much family around all the time.

This may seem like such a teeny rant to be reading, but if you are, I probably miss the hell out of you

EDIT: I thought it meant it would save a draft, not post it. It's okay, I was done anyway :P
Like the title says. Far too often do I send a message, and not have a reference as to what I said because I forget to check the "Save a copy in my sent items" box (unless I ask for them to quote the message back to me).

Not sure if they don't save on purpose due to a technical issue, but it really help if this was a thing.

Thanks for reading.


Oops. What about checking the default button by default instead?


^ Caught this thread in the herd forum. A bit late, but I just noticed it lol
Resolved Issues / forum page probs help yo
2014 Jun 02, 22:31:25
But in all seriousness, I've been having a problem where the feather boxes on the far left of the main page of the forum are appearing huge, as seen in this picture:

I've already tried clearing my cookies and small stuff of the sort, but nothing I've tried seems to work.

Help is much appreciated. :3
I'm currently in the making of a song! I have everything I need... except for a singer! I'll be taking auditions until Sunday, June 1st.

Sorry guys, but I'd prefer a female singer (unless you change my mind). All I need you to do to audition is to post a link with you singing (no download links. Youtube and soundcloud only (unless you have another method of presenting you beautiful voice!))

Thanks for reading! And I hope you apply! :3

EDIT: Sorry for the early close, but my mind has been made up! ^-^

If you already know what Cookie Clicker is, then you have already been sucked in, but if you don't, there's another thread explaining what it is. I'll try not to rant about the contest too much, so here I go:

The objective of this contest is to reach not one trillion cookies, or even one quadrillion cookies... but one quintillion cookies! When you have reached one quintillion cookies, just screenshot the page with notepad open next to it, and type something like: "I am (whoever), and I have reached one quintillion cookies!"

One Quintillion: 1,000,000,000,000,000,000

(If reaching one quintillion is not possible, I'll shrink the number down to one quadrillion or something. Also, I'm not competing in this contest, because if I did win, where would be the fun in that?)

Good luck! :D

Hay! I'm posting this to tell you guys that GentleColts are happily recruiting new members!
They're currently looking for artists. Sketchers and vector artists, to be precise, but anyone that has talent is welcome!

(Link is title above)
Battle Arena MPV

Not too sure what to say here... but anyway, if you guys could give this game a try, it would really help! There's probably kinks that need to be fixed that I can't find, and stats may need to be changed, so like I said, if you guys could give this a try, it would really help. I don't know... maybe you'll have fun. :3
Video Games Archive / My Little Karaoke
2013 Jul 17, 16:20:38
I want to hear you sing! ovO

System Requirements:

Computer: 1Ghz or better, 512Mb RAM, 3Gb on hard drive. Please disable the 720p videos on low-end computers. (Pretty much any computer can run this game)
Windows: XP, Vista, 7, or 8
Mac OS: 10.5.8 and up
Linux: Any (might require manual installation)
Other devices: Look for software supporting the USDX file format. You'll need to manually copy the song packs.
Like the old thread, I'm trying to gather up as many ponies as I can for a Skype chat. While we're chatting, I was thinking we could play a Minecraft server or something (probably Lyra's Eternal Dreams server. I dunno, we'll decide that.) while we chat.

While the old thread was up, I was able to gather... 6 pony-friends. I also have another non-brony friend (Don't worry, he doesn't mind bronies) that could join us. Plus me, that equals up to 8 of us that can possibly join.

I'll be setting scheduled dates with a role-call along with them once I get atleast 15-20 of ya.

So if you wish to join, my Skype is:   soulmane_ <--- Wrong Skype username! Here's the correct one:  corlune

(I'll try to keep this thread active, that certain somepony. ;) )

Spoiler: List of who I have so far: • show

- Science Woona
- Lord of Madness
- Wavelength
- hyper drive [HD]
- Vinyl Light
- Marie (Not sure if that's your forum username, but it's all I have at the moment. If you have more, just say so.)
- Tyler (Non-forum user)
I've decided to where my Rainbow Dash t-shirt to school, with no hoodie, with no one having knowledge out of the 1600 people (except my brother) there, knowing that I am a brony.

I've seen several people do it before, and I've even that one youtube video where the kid tells his class about the show, so if he can do that, I can at least wear a t-shirt. I'll tell you guys how my day was when I get home. ;)
Video Games Archive / Simcity (All of them)
2013 Apr 20, 15:22:40
I've been making a bit of a Youtube series on Simcity 3000, and I was wondering if anyone had any tips for making money, because I'm usually in the hole.
I went to the main LoE website when that message appeared at the top. Along with it said that the site exceeded the amount of users it could withstand. This also affects the forum, and has happened to me a few times. Any ideas as to what's wrong?
Off-Topic Archive / Super Skype Chat!
2013 Apr 12, 17:06:56
I'm recording for a game series of Simcity 3000, and I was wondering how many people I could get in a skype call! The more the merrier! I'll start recording from about 6:00-6:30 P.M. EST

Skype: corlune

Just send me a notify, I'll accept it. ;)

You guys are so shy! I'll hopefully be open later this weekend. Just say something if any one of you change your mind. :3
Original Characters / Potatoe Pie
2013 Apr 09, 14:35:05
Name: Potatoe Pie, also likes to be known as Paul.
Age: 41893u4892
Gender: What?
Race: Super hero
Job: Being a tree
Mane/Tail Color: Both
Eye Color: White?
Fur Color: Orange
Likes: Long walks on the beach
Dislikes: You! ovO


Not knowing where he came from, Paul was adopted by the evil doctor known as Doctor Z. Doctor Z was a really kool guy. The Doctor gave him powers that made him super awesome!!!!!! Doctor Z was also friends with Doctor Who, so they got to go to any time period they wanted to, which was also pretty awesome. He then went to Canterlot in a dingy, and it crashed when he landed and it turned into 3 planks of wood and 2 sticks for some reason. When he got there, he slapped Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, and they died. So he became master of the world. Everyone thought this was a cool idea. He then became friends with Whobedibu, who shared his awesome powers. He also became the king of the sky, but the Songbird kept bringing down his ship, which meant that he didn't wanna become king of the sky anymore. But after awhile, Twilight and her friends didn't like him being master of the world. They got the Elements of Harmony, and beat him up with sandwiches. He died. He could only afford one paragraph. The end.

Spoiler: show

I've had to stay home sick yesterday and today, and I can't even begin to tell you how boring it can be. I do have some pros and cons to this I'd like to share:


- I'm not going to school, so... no school. This might be a con to some people though.
- Usually I can catch up on anything I missed (Youtube, LoE forum, Facebook, etc.)
- I didn't do my homework the night before. Gives you a whole day to finish it, really.


- If you go to work and not school, and you stay home, you're not making money! 'Nuff said.
- What if you're already caught up on EqD news, regular news, etc., and nothing is on T.V. or anything? Becoming bored only takes seconds.
- If you go to school, you're pretty much looking forward to double the homework the next day.

If you guys have any more Pros and Cons, discuss them! That's what this thread is for. :P
Pony Customization: Color Choosing?ll be able to select the exact color we would like for our ponies, or will there be a list of chosen colors we can choose from?
Well, I thought of this like 5 seconds before I started typing this, hopefully it makes sense! I got excited when I came up with this theory:

You know the leather book that opens up at the beginning of the show?

Spoiler: Just in case you don't know what it looks like or anything. • show

Well, I was thinking that, what if that was the book of Twilight? (Could be the Twilight book reference) I mean, it explains the life of a unicorn (alicorn) that develops a friendship with 5 other ponies that could be the strongest magic in all of Equestria. I mean, in Equestria, Twilight's life becomes the great story of them all.

I don't know, explaining how Twilight's life is so great in a nutshell is really complicated, so hopefully I don't have to explain it. I guess the theory I've come up with is that, Twilight's life is only a story? Either fictional or non-ficitonal (in Equestria).

Explaining my theory is a bit complicated, and will probably be a bit misunderstood, so, I just want to say, I think I know how the show ends. I'm done saying anything. I don't want to possibly spoil anything or start a war. I'm just saying, knowing this explains a lot of the show's lore as it's coming.

Just think a little bit more, and you might find out how it might end.
Original Characters / Soulmane
2013 Mar 29, 20:50:32

Name: Soulmane
Race: Pegasus
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Wing Power: 7.7
Mane/Tail Color: Teal
Fur: Teal
Eyes: Teal
Cutie Mark: None...
Residence: Born in Cloudsdale, moved to Ponyville
Likes: Hanging out in the park and enjoying everyday life.
Dislikes: Looking into the eyes of pure evil and insanity.

~ Family ~

Soulmane's father, Whitehoof, was a great father towards Soulmane as he grew up, and even encouraged his dream to discover his special talent. He has white fur, white/teal mane/tail, and had teal eyes. He was a bit of a doormat, and even a bit nervous most times, but that's when his wife comes into the picture.

Soulmane's mother, Hearthfeather, on the other hand, was assertive. She had teal fur, white mane/tail, and teal eyes. She met her husband in Cloudsdale and even asked him out. A bit stressed at times, but always loving and caring.

~ History ~

Born in Cloudsdale, Soulmane moved to Ponyville and dedicated his life not to looking for his Cutie Mark, but lore. In order to make Bits for everyday materials, he taught young pegasi to learn how to fly. After years of research for lore in the Ponyville library, he asked Twilight Sparkle for special permission to personally speak to Princess Celestia. She hesitated at first, but after careful persuasion, Soulmane finally encouraged Twilight to ask. Within seconds, she responded saying yes.

He then traveled to Canterlot by train over night. When he finally got there, he went straight to Princess Celestia's castle. Slightly nervous, he built up the courage to ask her some questions such as: 'Who are some other Alicorns?' and 'What is beyond Equestria?'. But there was one question that really interested the Princess: 'Who were your parents?'. She didn't speak. She only closed her eyes, and asked him to leave. He left with and escort, obviously feeling horrible, knowing that he crossed a very thick line.

Knowing more lore then any other pony in Equestria, besides the Princess', he resided in Ponyville, living peacefully in the clouds, with only the thought of the disturbing question making him feel as though he never should of went to Canterlot in the first place...

~ Personality ~

Generally nice and understanding, Soulmane is very outgoing and is usually the 'third-wheel' to most friendships. His cutie mark has never been discovered, for all he cares, will never be discovered, as he has learned that wisdom and knowledge are the greatest power.

I'm trying to create a guild known as "Bronies United", and I was wondering if you fellow pony lovers would help me with this by setting up this guild on the servers you play on! If you want to help me set my guild, here's my main character's info:

Username: Phoxen
Realm: Stormreaver
Faction: Alliance
Race: Worgen

If I'm online, just message me, and if I'm not, friend me anyway and mail me :P

**Also, if you dislike WoW greatly, please do not say how much you do. I know some people hate the game, but me mixing Bronies and people that play WoW (not saying all people that play WoW are rude) can cause the third war, so please do not start this fire.

The main reason I want to do this is because I tried looking up Brony guilds on the site forum, and the only guilds were either deserted or, well, broken. There's about 12, and they're all level 1 guilds, so I'm guessing they're deserted. But back on-topic, I thought it would be very neat if we could all run a game-wide guild for Bronies! Who's in?
Off-Topic Archive / Feeling Lonely?
2013 Feb 25, 23:35:36
I have been, and was wondering that if anyone else was feeling this way would want to chat. :c
Music Archive / Dubstep Thread
2013 Jan 05, 23:11:14
This is the Dubstep thread! Talk about and post your most favorite dubstep!

Don't know what dubstep is? Try this on:

(Sorry if the music may be a bit inappropriate.)
Here I shall make a list of reasons as to why Season 3 has only given benefit to the show! (Talk in spoilers!)

Spoiler: Episode 1 and 2 • show

- Newly discovered Empire
- Princess Cadance has been identified as a Princess of an Empire
- New villain! King Sombra!

Spoiler: Episode 3 • show

- Discovered a pond that allows you to clone yourself

Spoiler: Episode 4 • show

- New member to CMC! Also, she did say that she will spread the word of the CMC down at Manehatten!
- A very popular song!

Spoiler: Episode 5 • show

- Found out that 'Alicorn' is the true term
- Trixie is no longer a villain (Can be good and bad)

Spoiler: Episode 6 • show

- Found out that Luna can enter your dreams when needed most
- Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash are closer friends now

You guys can always give me more info for the list, as long as it's reasonable! Also, I may not get to it as soon as possible if you do want me to add something, because I have been very, very busy lately, and just haven't been able to get on lately anymore since a few weeks ago.

Off-Topic Archive / An Adorable Video
2012 Nov 11, 07:56:53
I found this video from ajf's signature, and I thought it was the most cutest thing I've seen in ages! :3

Spoiler: The Adorable Video • show

There's the video, but I can't put the actual video in the thread :\ But it's adorable either way.

*Link fixed, thanks Judas :D
Off-Topic Archive / GAK?
2012 Nov 10, 18:06:51
A little question, then we can throw this thread out.

What does GAK mean? I've seen it everywhere on the internet where there are bronies all day.

(I also didn't know where this thread should of gone)
Off-Topic Archive / Youtube Audio Skipping
2012 Nov 09, 21:30:48
When I go on youtube and try to watch a video, it skips horribly. But if I do anything else with sound, like a game, it works just fine. I really need some help please  D:
Video Games Archive / Terraria Anypony?
2012 Nov 09, 17:36:43
I REALLY wanna play Terraria with some of you guys, but only if you want to! If you do wanna play, we could all just meet up on this server:

IP: Server Port: 7777
Everyone left to go trick-or-treating. I stayed because I need a break from the annual tradition. But you know what they did? They put on scary sounds on my moms mac, and she said I'm not aloud to turn it off. So instead of being mean, I just started listening to Monstercat, and cranked it. B)

Spoiler: 50 minute mix I'm listening to right now • show
[ Invalid YouTube link ]
Off-Topic Archive / Lucky Number
2012 Oct 28, 22:25:11
I like to believe that numbers have an impact on daily-life. Yes, you read correctly, numbers.

Like, for instance, 7 is a lucky number, while 13 is very, very unlucky. I'm not the kind of person that would believe in luck, but, what's life without a little imagination. But like I was saying, there are bigger numbers such as "42" or "666". I like to think that 42 is the answer to life, while 666 is the number of the beast.

I mainly created this thread because I also like to believe that your favorite number can be your very own lucky number. Like, my favorite numbers are 42 and 164, and so I see those numbers a lot. You may think it's coincidence, but still, it's that little think called imagination that I actually bother waking up in the morning.

You know what I like to do every year for the past couple years? My personal "Blizzard Survival"! I feel it's kinda hard to explain, so I'll just put it into steps:

1. When school or whatever gets out, see if it's a blizzard out!

2. If it is (if your too young, call your mom or something saying you won't be home for a few hours.), walk from school (or whatever) to home (for me, it's about 1-2 miles.) in the harsh snow storm.

3. If you make it home, you win! Well, it really isn't a game, I see it more as a, test of determination and your stamina.

I've been doing this for a couple years just to prove to myself that I can do it and I have what it takes, and I would like to see if any of you have the guts and bravery to achieve this goal!
Want a Google Chrome Pony Theme? I'll make them!
Spoiler:  Legends of Equestria Chrome Theme  • show

(More coming!)
Just wondering if anyone knew any good websites where I could buy some pony shirts online. :3
Off-Topic Archive / The Off Topic Thread
2012 Oct 14, 21:31:32
I don't know if I'm crossing some sort of line when I say this, but this thread's purpose is to be off-topic. There is no topic, so no matter what, you're always off-topic. Usually if you're bored or something, you can just come here and not have to worry about staying on-topic the whole time. Enjoy!
Off-Topic Archive / I need cheering up
2012 Oct 12, 22:06:40
I'm bored and depressed. I don't know why, but I feel like crying right now.
Off-Topic Archive / I hate bees!
2012 Oct 12, 09:39:25
There's a bees nest in my house somewhere, and I'm gonna find it >:O
Spoiler: show
Anyone notice how Rarity catches the Bouquet at the end of Canterlot Wedding Part 2? Could this be a foreshadow to the events that lie ahead?

(I feel we should put this discussion in spoilers)
Wanna come and hang out while listening to some awesome music?! Come and stop by at my synchtube room! "Constant Music Craving" or "CMC" is a special event I will be hosting at my room this weekend for all bronies to go to and hang out!

Sapphire and I were trying to start up a Tekkit server so we could play, but just couldn't. So I was wondering if someone was willing to make a LoE Tekkit Server. I'll give you a cookie if you do :3
Pony Off-Topic Archive / Talk like Zecora!
2012 Sep 04, 10:52:55
Are you up for the challenge? Or how about you? I love the brony community, because there's always something new!
I saw these on the home page of EQD and I thought I'd like to share it with anyone who doesn't visit the site, because anyone who doesn't visit that site is kinda missing out. ^-^