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Off-Topic / Love ya
2020 Nov 27, 04:32:49
I came back to lurk (the bots apparently), as I usually do every year or so. I really don't know why but I still love LoE. But the part I miss dearly, I want to describe most because of how truly surreal it was for me at the time. To put it simply, it was watching an old livestream on the EO livestream channel. I could maybe put a few names of who were on the team at the time, but seeing everyone grouped together in town with nothing but the music and sound really had an effect on me.

I watched that stream a lot back then, every morning before I went to school for a month, and more and more afterward. Call me completely insane, but I scoured the old site, youtube, livestream itself, old twitters but to no success, the livestream account is long dead. Even if I had found it, it wouldn't be the same. I DON'T KNOW what I was thinking, or why I'm even writing about it now. Back in middle school I had a very small array of friends, and even then I remember checking the clock to see when new episodes would start or even reruns, and know I was missing them, which was my only shot at watching them at the time. Along side these strange feelings I'm stuck wondering, I spend a lot of that time thinking about all the people that I know I'd never speak to again, let alone the thought that a lot of my classmates only ever viewed me as another person, and even less so now that we never have a reason to see each other anymore.

Now that I'm here writing out a topic, I also want to say I'm sorry I wasn't more supportive while on the team, which was sadly one my last experiences with LoE as I just wasn't comfortable keeping up with so much family around all the time.

This may seem like such a teeny rant to be reading, but if you are, I probably miss the hell out of you

EDIT: I thought it meant it would save a draft, not post it. It's okay, I was done anyway :P
I stopped watching midway through season 5, but mostly because I lost interest. I have nothing against the show, so I might catch up one day.
Quote from: Shouhei_Ireto on 2016 Jul 31, 17:14:48
I use Avast and I disabled it and that is how I started getting the error before it was disabled I got another error.

What's the error you're getting now? Or is it the same?
Quote from: Shouhei_Ireto on 2016 Jul 31, 16:22:07
I am now getting an error of Empty Server response does anyone know how to correct this or what it is?

Try disabling your anti-virus (most likely Norton, in this case)
Quote from: AnthroYuu on 2016 Jul 26, 22:54:33
That is pretty cool.  I love flora patterns like those cx

I love colorful stuff. I also like hardwood floors lol

Spoiler: show

Not the right size, but whatever. It looks cool
This looks so cool to me

Spoiler: show
General News / Re: Announcing Release!
2016 Jul 19, 12:25:56
Quote from: kaylyn on 2016 Jul 19, 08:49:08
YAY!   :D

This youtube link was my exact reaction to this news !
Wonderful news!

Let us hope that LoE has worked out the teleport crashing/logging out issue this time, or very soon.

Post Merge

after a few deep breaths i am over the excitement of that news, i had a few thoughts. ( strange, but true )
Firstly, how do we get everyone of pokemon go to log into the game when its up? ovO
secondly, if we do this, will everyone rush to get in here and lockup or crash the servers? O:
thirdly, i think its time i stopped worrying about all these thoughts! lol

It really is exciting, isn't it? The feeling is mutual ovO
There's VLC, but it's known to drain battery life like it's nothing :c
The only idea I have is to update media player, but I'm sure you already have. I'll keep looking for a solution though.
Quote from: Icy Shield on 2016 Mar 06, 14:40:13
Wow, amazing!  :celestia:
Can you share source of this picture, please?

Little late, but here ya go X3
I know nothing significant has happened, but I figured now is better than right before the game is released. The game has made a lot more progress than I thought, and from what I'm aware of, all (and if not most) of the gutting of the game is in place, so I just wanted to update the front page and begin fleshing out a lot of the herd. Just a little note..

Btw this isn't meant to be a hype post, I'm just explaining why I want to jump back in.
The forum used to be a lot more active, but that's because time has been going by. I'd be more active, but I've run out of things to talk about lol

But have no fear; the forum will be a lot more active when the game is officially out. I know I'll be here everyday when it does.
Like the title says. Far too often do I send a message, and not have a reference as to what I said because I forget to check the "Save a copy in my sent items" box (unless I ask for them to quote the message back to me).

Not sure if they don't save on purpose due to a technical issue, but it really help if this was a thing.

Thanks for reading.


Oops. What about checking the default button by default instead?

Resolved Issues / Re: Filter/Limit
2016 Mar 17, 21:51:35
I strongly agree. There are so many people doing this that it can't be actively monitored. No disrespect to the mods who try and keep this forum clean and in order, but they can't be everywhere all the time, even in chat.
Off-Topic Archive / Re: Coffee or Tea?
2016 Feb 04, 15:07:56
I chose tea but now I wish I chose both, because both really do have quite a few pros/cons.

Also if you make coffee right it tastes pretty good :3 So does tea with honey

^ Caught this thread in the herd forum. A bit late, but I just noticed it lol
Quote from: Amtrack on 2015 Dec 06, 14:23:58
Am in the same boat, lol! Long time. I also notice some of the guilds like The asylum and The travelers blessing is not active anymore. Well it's been like 4 years now, Too bad.

Least this guild is still going strong.  (:

"Strong" lol

Regardless, welcome back, Morgan! And don't worry, once the game is released, everything LoE-related will spring to life :]

Not the right dimensions, but when a picture is this good, I can't help myself.
Quote from: Perry The Pony on 2015 Nov 30, 05:42:44
1. All requirements are strict and will not be bent.

All well, can't say I didn't try. But do know that I'll always be here in case help is required.