Starlight Glimmer is a Bad Pony/Character

Started by ComedicWriter, 2018 Sep 02, 19:12:40

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I personally find Starlight Glimmer to be a very poorly done character. What do other ponies think? Is she a bad character? What do you think makes her a good/bad character?

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She is on of my favourite character. She has a very interesting, strong personality and magic power. ^^
And why do you hate her?


"but starlight is my student and why would you think that?!?"-princess twilight sparkle  >:(

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Honestly I used to love her but now I don't really like her character now.

So far tho the best antagonist in MLP I've ever seen is Tempest. OMAIGAWD SHE IS SO BAD-FLANK


The horrible Starlight is the past! Now she is very helpful and I think she horrible a little bit :3  :3  :3

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I never saw her as awful, just misguided. She wasn't evil, everything she did seemed to be as if she genuinely thought the world would be better by adopting her social structure. As soon as she found a better way, she changed her attitude while still retaining the basic personality she had always had.


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She is cute


Agreed. I don't understand why so many people love this absolute trash character who doesn't deserve her redemption whatsoever. And yet, in another show (The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance) we see another redeemed villain being hated (Seladon). It baffles me. I'm gonna compare them.

What did they do while "evil"?

Seladon: Butted heads with her sister Brea, sided with the Skeksis over the Gelfling Rebellion, offered to sacrifice a few to save the many when she feared that the Skeksis were going to commit mass genocide

Starlight: Stripped ponies of their individuality, while also being a hypocrite keeping her own magic, tried to stop the Rainboom, saw that her actions could literally destroy Equestria and was still willing to do it.


Seladon: Never given the love her sisters were given, heavily indoctrinated to be obedient, fearful, and loyal to the Skeksis, actively prevented from seeing the truth of the Skeksis

Starlight: Lost one friend because he got his Cutie Mark and took a once in a lifetime opportunity.


Seladon: Lost her mother, mocked by the Skeksis, nearly drained of her essence, lost her sister Tavra, had Maudra Fara (who likely did what she did because she had connections with Seladon's mother Mayrin) take a blow meant for her and die from it, guilt over what she did and the lives lost because of her.

Starlight: Guilt over her past. That's all.

How did their Redemption Go?

Seladon: Incomplete due to Netflix cancelling Dark Crystal. Forgiven by Brea and Mother Augrah. No consequences while she was preparing for battle or escaping the Castle of the Crystal with Fara and the other captured Gelfling.

Starlight: Got to become the Princess of Friendship's student, works at the School of Friendship, no one knows of her bad past except Trixie and the Main 6.

Verdict: Seladon is an overhated character who deserves to have her redemption, and second chance, while Starlight is overrated and doesn't deserve hers, considering that her home being a wasteland was worth it to her, and she literally lost 1 friend.


I still personally definitely prefer her redemption arc over Sunset's complete 180

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