About the Stories and Story Discussion Section (Read First)

Started by WolfsGhost, 2012 Mar 19, 05:25:56

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Hello everypony,

As most of you know, we had a section split exactly like this one on the old forums, and it worked a bit well. However my instructions were probably a bit unclear or horribly explained, so I'll do my best to explain them here:

  • All story related discussion topics should be posted in the Story Discussion forum, no where else.

  • If you are going to reply to a story. Check to see if there is a discussion post for that story in the Story Discussion forum. If there is not a discussion thread, inform the Author.

  • Fanfiction, or any other stories related to, or unrelated to, Legends of Equestria or the My Little Pony fandom, are to be posted in the Story (main) section of the board with a LINK to your discussion board within the first post.

  • Help me, help you. This pretty much means try to keep this section of the forums as neat and clean as possible without making to much of a mess. By adhering to these points, and keeping these points in mind, this forum will be easy to navigate.

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