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Started by PanzerBrony Metallicom, 2018 Mar 27, 12:25:11

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PanzerBrony Metallicom

Yesterday when I was inside of SugarCane Corner, there was a song called 'Rain' playing, but I just can't remember the artist!  ono

Can anybody please help me out?



2018 Mar 27, 13:33:00 #1 Last Edit: 2018 Mar 27, 13:35:51 by TecFox
I only know about one song called Rain which is from JayB & Giggly Maria:

If this isn't the right one it might've been one of its remixes.
What if I told you that you just wasted 5 seconds of your life by reading this line?
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PanzerBrony Metallicom

That was the song!! Thanks a lot!

This thing can be closed now.

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