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That, is, if you know what said tracks are named. I heavily doubt it, but it's worth a shot huh?

Tracks in question.
So. Sup. About me...

Well, I'm from Poland, I'm a student, a friend got me to this show, I'm on second season now (I'm a VERY. SLOW. watcher.) and I dunno. I really like the game. It's great to just sit down and chill, you know? God knows I could use that.

What else... I like games, I'm playing through Frostpunk right now, I also like to screw about in Spore from time to time. Other than that we're playing War Thunder, Warframe, and wait for Stardew Valley co-op.

I also really like a game called Fallout Equestria: Remains, even tho I accually hate the Fallout Equestria itself.

That's bout it. You guys want to know something, then try and ask.

Other than that, yeah. What's up. :D