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Hey again, everypony! We hope you're all doing well, wherever you are. Our team has been working to bring you yet another update, and we're ready to share some of that with you today, with version 2021.03.01 now available for download!

The first thing you might notice is that spring as, officially, sprung! The winter snow has all been cleared away thanks to the efforts of all of Check List's little helpers across Equestria, so if you missed out on chance to earn a Winter Warm-Up vest this year, you'll have to wait until next time!

This update comes with a host of bug fixes, resolving a range of issues from UI overlaps to leftover quest markers, broken teleporters to guard directions! If you've run into an issue that stopped you from going further with a quest, check our changelog to see if it's been addressed - and don't forget to report it using the system explained here if not!

That doesn't mean we haven't added any improvements, however! We've improved some of the background code that determines which room you end up in when joining a server; you should find it easier to meet up with friends now! We've also expanded our customization system for equipment, meaning it now has support for 3 color selection. You can see this in-game now with a few items, notably the Kirin costume and the Sempai Dress!

There's plenty more to boot, with a raft of new NPCs to chat with, a whole new main menu theme to enjoy, and more! Remember to check our changelog for the full details, and we hope to see you in Equestria soon!

  • An additional main menu theme including soundtrack has been added; 50/50 chance to see it instead of the classic main menu
  • Room selection logic updated; when joining a server, you will be placed in the more suitable room available
  • The teleport skill now displays whether a spot is valid for teleportation
  • Coloring system improved to support up to 3 different colors
  • Kirin Tail cosmetic item has been updated to support 3 colors
  • Sempai Dress can now be coloured
  • Chat messages now have a option to directly report the user behind it [note: still under construction, not finalized yet]
  • Cinema Camera can now be used using both turning and strafing keys
  • World state updated to transition from Winter to Spring
  • Milk no longer drops from Naiads, and has been replaced with Vapor Materia.
  • The loot drops from Rocs have been updated, and now include Energy Materia.
  • Haetea now drops Energy Materia.
  • Adjusted the drop rate on Mountain Flowers from Hornets.
  • Adjusted the drop rate on Pencils from Timberwolves.
  • Adjusted the drop rates of recipes from all mobs.
  • Added the following new interactable NPCs: Book N' Advance, Sly Shade, Ricochet, Film Reel, Fizzbang Rockets, Apple Barrel, Minor Miner, Anagnorisis, and Long Pause.
  • A lot of the UI bugs coming with the previous update have been fixed (e.g bank issues, elements being hidden behind each other, etc)
  • Fixed teleporter bug when trying to exit the Heartlands Cottage
  • Fixed an issue with the teleport skill when targeting players
  • Fixed issue with the minimap not properly displaying the compass
  • Fixed music issues in White Tail Park
  • Fixed bug with Ground Pound's sound effect playing too early
  • Fixed issues with talent mark quests "Beating Around the Bad Guys", "Nothing a Billion Bandages Can't Fix" and "One Pet in the Hoof" to properly fully resolve and warp the player to their graduation.
  • Made some fixes to the quest "Chlorophiliac".
  • Fixed some inaccessible dialogue from Mercury during the Winter Warm Up quest for the weather team.
  • Fixed some errors when speaking with Cirrus Stratos instead of Fire Opal during the "Removing Cookies and Browsing Data" quest.
  • Corrected some bucket mishaps during the "Enlightenment" quest.
  • Corrected quest markers for the "Can You Hear Me Now" quest.
  • Moved the quest marker for the Ruby Dust location in the quest "Dust and Bunnies" to be more accurate.
  • Corrected some errors and potential breaks in the "Only Shooting Stars Break the Mold" quest.
  • Pyrite no longer mysteriously disappears from the Heartlands while having the "Sandwich Stall" quest active.
  • Added option with Old Quest Marker Fix for ponies who are missing Geode and Stun Law after having completed "Nothing a Billion Bandages Can't Fix".
  • Fixed a series of issues with the available options from Old Quest Marker Fix:
    • for adult ponies who are missing Tenseven.
    • for adult ponies with the magic quest still active.
    • for pegasi with Magic talent mark quest active.
    • for adult ponies with the Werepony quest active.
    • for leftover quest markers on Nurse Coldhoof from "Supplying the Hospital".
  • Reefus Clackett's random dialogue is now accessible after completing "Beating Around the Bad Guys".
  • Midnight's random dialogue is now accessible after completing "Can You Hear Me Now".
  • Frizzy Stradlin's random dialogues are now accessible.
  • Paper Trail's random dialogues are now accessible.
  • Corrected errors with High Harvest and Windy Seeds dialogue interactions.
  • Crystal Kingdom Guards can now properly be asked where the castle is located.
  • Storm Chaser is no longer fused into a bench.
Hello again, everypony! Tired of all the snow and cold? Me too! Good thing our Spring update, Version 2021.02.01, is now available from our downloads page.

Legends of Equestria's first big update of 2021 is here! With some bug fixes, tweaking, and more exitedly, the return of our seasonal Winter Warm-up quest and a new talent for the pegasi to help with those pesky clouds! For the full update, be sure to check out our Changelog!

Pegasus ponies have found ways to use weather in combat, with the new Weather Talent! Flashy lightning, ice, and water abilities await our feathered friends, but take note- these new abilities will come at a cost! Consult your local unicorns for more information.

For foals who want to specialize in our newer talents, rest assured that the team is still hard at work looking for teachers to teach foals the arts of Mining, Farming, Science and Weather.

Check List is back in town again, looking for ponies to help clear up the snow and prepare Equestria for Spring... but it seems Winter has been unusually harder this year.

Sightings of Frost Dragons having been going around the town and Check List will need only the most trustworthy Winter Warm-up ponies to help drive them away.

And who knows, maybe she will have something nice for you afterwards!

These were our most exciting highlights for this update, we hope to see you soon in- Hey! Who turned off the lights?

As always, you can grab the latest version of the game from our downloads page. There are plenty more things planned in the future and we hope you stick around to experience it all with us.
  • Allow cinema camera speed to be adjusted using arrow keys
  • Fixed an issue where trying to whisper someone may get the name wrong
  • Fixed bug where Flying level and various equipment would boost the damage of Flying abilities twice
  • Remastered pickup sound effect
  • Added more detailed skill error messages
  • Skill error popups should no longer clog the screen
  • In-game popup messages now have different colors
  • Pet combat abilities now scale with the player's Animal talent level
  • Pets vary the use of their skills more in combat
  • Updated VFX for Seismic Buck
  • Fixed VFX orientation on the Phantom Potion
  • Fixed the description for Second Wind upgrades in the Friends Forever skill
  • Increased the pet healing effect of Second Wind upgrades
  • Optimized Dragonfire particle effect and fixed orientation
  • Projectiles automatically despawn if they have no valid target
  • Active skills now add themselves to the hotbar automatically once learned
  • Updated rock textures
  • Fixed an ice skate issue with flying after hitting the ground
  • Tweaked ambient sounds in a couple of places
  • Added indicator for taking damage
  • A few ui changes to the hotbar and mini map
  • Slight UI performance optimizations  
  • Fixed light issues with the Ponydale Library
  • Added a light switch to the Ponydale Library basement
  • Added Weather Talent
  • Frozen Essence Drops can now be mined in Cloudopolis
  • Unicorns can now create Materia from Frozen Essence Drops at certain locations through the Science talent.
  • Pegasus ponies can now water farming patches using Water Rush and Water Burst
  • Endless Pie in the Cloudopolis Weather Factory now sells Arc and Vortex Pendants through dialogue.
  • Klondike's Pickaxe can now be used in Mining
  • Updated milestones for Mining to include recent additions
  • Tweaked flying energy drain
  • Adjusted Mining ore outputs and locations
  • Added Spatial Bats
  • Enabled Winter Wrap Up quest
  • Angered mob damage is now capped
  • Soothed mob damage is now capped
  • Mob speed is now properly affected by slowing abilities

Note: Right-clicking on the bank UI does not work on 2021.02.01. Update to 2021.02.02 to resolve the issue.

Happy new year everypony! We hope you're all still doing well and are up to join us in the LoE hype train! Let's start of this new year with a bang - and a new update to our favorite Horse-based video game, now available for download!

As always, you can find the full list of everything that has been changed in our changelog: this update may be a smaller list than some of our other releases, but we can assure you we've been working on some big things for the future! For now, though, let's look at the biggest highlight of our newest update.

2021's newest update brings you not 1, not 2, but 5 new mane and tail styles to chose from!

That's everything for now; we thank you for your patience and we'll see you all again soon!
  • Fixed issues of snow applying to some unwanted objects
  • Fixed missing houses in Ponydale
  • Fixed object collision issues in Applewood
  • Added a few missing stairs to buildings in Cantermore
  • Movement tweaked to rotate characters' heads along and should generally feel smoother
  • Fixed coloring issues with gala boots
  • Fixed out of space message being falsely triggered by banks sometimes
  • Further sound fixes to objects all around
  • Fixed alignment issues of players on the ground
  • Added Golden Harvest's mane and tail
  • Added Odecom's mane and tail
  • Added Hullabaloo's mane and tail
  • Added Mercury's mane and tail
  • Added Pyrite's mane and tail
  • Fixed a rare issue with wrong geode outputs
  • Reverted the energy cost of Candy Shower to 50
  • Reduced the energy cost of Pillow Barrage from 55 to 40

Hello everypony! It's that time of year again where everypony sits around a cozy fire with hot cocoa and celebrate the holiday with a new update to their favourite horse-based video game (that's us by the way, and don't you dare suggest otherwise), now available for download!

If you want to see the full list of changes in this update, you can always check out our changelog, but here are a few highlights!

The snow is back in town, but not just in Ponydale this time. Apparently, White Tail Park and the outer Crystal Kingdom have been hit by snow as well! Let's hope they have better Winter Warm-Up policies than Ponydale...

Oh? it seems that with the snow this year, something else has arrived in Equestria. Frost Dragons have been spotted roaming around the chillier regions of the world, so be careful where you're trotting!

As always, you can grab the latest version of the game from our downloads page. There's plenty more planned for the future of Equestria, and we hope you stick around to experience it all with us. Thank you for your patience, and happy holidays from everypony on the team!

  • Unicorns now have lower teleport cost depending on their Magic level
  • Fixed whisper issues if given name is online more than once
  • Fixed friend system to correctly display someone's last seen time
  • Room restarts will now be announced at 5 minutes
  • Fixed dragon not spitting fire anymore
  • Fixed Manticore Mane texture
  • Enabled snow theme in Ponydale, White Tail Park, and Crystal Kingdom outerior
  • Fixed Science page in the skill book displaying the wrong level
  • Fixed the floating portal to Evershade Castle Grounds
  • Fixed sound issues with a bunch of game objects and ground materials
  • Fixed a few mane and tails having distance visibility issues
  • Fixed physic issues to manes and tails in general
  • Fixed Lantern Monster attack position while moving
  • Re-added river in Evershade Castle Grounds
  • Fixed clipping issues with the radio wall in SCC
  • Added additional colouration options to Holiday Socks
  • Added Frost Dragons
  • Removed Hallowtide-related textures
  • Disabled quest "A Costume of the Night"
  • Enabled the quest "Dashing Through the Snow"

Hey there, everypony! Hallowtide is right around the corner, so it's about time for our irregularly-scheduled seasonal update, now available from our downloads page!

If you want a full list of the things that have changed in this update, you can check out our changelog - but here's a few highlights!

First off, of course, is the Hallowtide seasonal event! Ponies from around Equestria are celebrating this holiday, and sharing the bounty! Make sure you seek out these generous horses if you've got a sweet tooth, and maybe you can learn some more about the history of this occasion!

And, as usual, Ensemble is offering up a mission to create his spookiest masterpiece - but he's also updated his stocks with even more costumes to fright and delight!

Maybe the biggest addition this time around, though, is another new Talent, with a whole new system backing it! Unicorn ponies can now learn all about Science, so get ready to research creating potions, crystals, and other useful items! Please note that you're not able to choose this as your Talent Mark yet, however; that quest will be coming, though!

That's just a highlight reel; there's plenty more to discover and enjoy in Equestria, so we thank you all for your patience, and hope to see you there soon!

  • Cyclone now provides Rapier Stacks
  • Increased the slow duration of Blowback from 3s to 10s
  • Added new particle effect for Blowback
  • Fixed Wind Rapier and Blowback not dealing damage when facing certain directions
  • Fixed Airstep particle effect
  • Polished Gale particle effect
  • Optimized Candy Shower particle effect
  • Added more ambient sound regions in various maps
  • Added Science talent
  • Added Assembly Runes to Ponydale Library Basement and the unicorn school
  • Added Alchemy Table to Ponydale Library Basement
  • Added Research Table to Ponydale Library Basement
  • The Faultless Four now sells various basic Science crafting guides
  • Halite now sells Mana Crystals after completion of the main Faultless Four quest line
  • Hornets in Cloudopolis now have a chance to drop Frozen Essence Drops
  • Adjusted Ponydale bounds to prevent players from becoming invisible when near the border
  • The Skills Journal will now highlight the talent currently being viewed.
  • New players now begin in their respective schools.
  • Level 1 players can now see default keyboard controls when spawning in school
  • Default game aspect ratio is now 16:9
  • Players no longer faint when being soothed in PvP
  • Fixed issue with simultaneous soothing and fainting of mobs, which would cause double mobs to spawn
  • Fixed bug which enabled traded items to stack to large values
  • Bank items can now be stacked to 65535, as long as the item is stackable
  • Fixed bug where NPCs would sometimes fail to take items from the player
  • Fixed Ponydale train station sign being triggered on collision
  • Harmony Tables have been replaced with the Harmony Pedestal
  • Added well collision to the river cave in the Crystal Kingdom
  • Added audio reverb to the Crystal Kingdom river cave
  • Added Chromatic Striped Scarf
  • Fixed an issue with minimap markers disappearing
  • Added Ability Restoration Harmony
  • Opals may now rarely be obtained from Mining
  • Added Payback Harmony
  • Re-enabled non-latin character support
  • Crafting Panel now reloads recipes when re-sorted
  • Added Hallowtide Socks
  • Fixed issues with readable books
  • Added Sphinx costume
  • Added Windigo costume
  • Added Donkey costume
  • Added Kirin costume
  • Added Manticore costume
  • Added Travious Dress and Boots
  • Fixed step sound issues with different ground materials
  • Enabled Hallowtide theme in Ponydale
  • Fixed collision issues with moon castle in Evershade
  • Fixed sun not being visible in Crystal Kingdom
  • Marble Dust can now be mined at level 3 in the Gem Mines
  • Most Husky Diamond Dogs outside Bramble Woods and the Gem Mines now have a chance to drop gem dusts
  • Temporary Escape will now award a few hybrid flowers and seeds along with the usual boots at the end of Bramble Woods
Hey, everypony! It's that time of year again - that time when we just about squeeze out an update at the end of a 'season'!

As always, you can find the full list of what's changed in our changelog; it's not a huge list this time around, but be assured we've got some big things in the works! For now, let's take a quick look at some of the highlights.

First off, and perhaps most importantly, it's the third anniversary of Legends of Equestria's Open Access Release! We're proud of having reached this milestone, and we can't thank each and every one of you enough for taking this journey with us. In celebration, we've updated our obligatory birthday cupcake hat to reflect the achievement!

We've also had a major rework of one of our less-well-developed systems - namely, soothing an enemy. It hasn't worked all that well so far, so like good little chemists, we went back into the lab and gave it a good shaking until it came out the way we wanted! (Note: we don't recommend this as a methodology for actual chemistry)

The enemies you face should now properly display how Angry they are with you for bothering them in their busy day of walking back and forth occasionally, using the right-hand bar on the reticule when you target them - and skills with Soothing effects should properly help to calm them down! Note that you'll still gain full experience and items from soothing an enemy that's angry with you. Now there's more than one way to deal with confrontation!

Of course, since this is our summer(ish) update, the Festival of Lights in-game event should now be active! Collect those prismatic shards and get in touch with everypony's favourite clothes-horse if you haven't collected your technicolor lantern yet.

As always, you can grab the newest version of the game from our dowloads page. That's everything from us for now; we hope you enjoy the new release, and we'll see you in Equestria!
  • The cursor is now invisible while in cinema camera mode.
  • Fixed a teleport in Applewood causing players to fall through the ground
  • Increased the duration, intensity, and cooldown of Airstep buffs
  • Fixed But When It All Comes Together quest being repeatable
  • Fixed consumable buffs being infinitely stackable under certain conditions
  • Fixed player position sync within the Cloudopolis Academy
  • The Gem Mines now has some audio reverb
  • Added ambient sounds to the Evershade Forest
  • Jumping will now occur on key press when running, regardless of control style
  • Added Festival of Lights decorations to Ponydale
  • Added Third Anniversary Cupcake Hats
  • The Combat Reticle now changes colors to reflect excessive tension adjustments
  • Overly angry mobs will now do significantly more damage.
  • Excessively soothed mobs will now take significantly less damage.
  • A combat encounter can now be resolved by completely soothing a mob -- full XP and items will still be awarded.
  • Future quest-only ability rewards have been relabelled as "Master skills"
  • Frizzy Stradlin, Starburst Nova and Windhover will now explain what "Expert skills" mean when asked
  • Modified some back-end code to support development of future features.
  • Players on top of other players will no longer become stuck when the lower player disappears
  • Added various new skill icons
  • Added Mining Talent
  • Added Farming Talent
  • Fixed danger music playing indefinitely after an encounter
  • Crafting GUI now reflects the time bonus from the Production Line ability
  • Fixed momentum bug when transitioning directly from flying to landing
  • Flying upwards now drains energy quicker
  • Energy regeneration is now suspended when sprinting
  • Earth ponies now use less energy when sprinting
  • The Equip Item SFX now plays on a successful equip, not just an attempt
  • Fixed shop bug causing players to lose bought items on a full inventory
  • Hotbar is now resizable - click and drag on the rightmost button
  • Banking panel now initially scales to the player's display
  • Added missing collider to the blender in Sugarcane Corner
  • Added missing colliders to Applewood
  • Fixed keybinds not activating in Applewood
  • The Artisan skill page now displays milestones
  • Unpurchased skills can no longer be dragged from the journal
  • Expert skills are now labelled clearly
  • Added minimap to White Tail Park
  • The Iron Ridges are now labelled in The Frontier.
  • Fixed Heartlands orientation (South to Ponydale)
  • Minimap markers now display properly on first load
  • Almond, Lettuce, Strawberry, Grapes and Cherries have had their value raised slightly
  • Increased the value of Cocoa Beans
  • Klondike Hicks now exchanges ores for geodes.
  • Grassy Fields now sells some Farming seeds
  • Resonance now sells pickaxes and the Dowsing Crystal
  • Maplesweet now sells common flower seeds

Changes made in 2020.03.02:
  • Fixed infinite harvest bug with full inventory
  • Fixed Artisan journal listing of Titanium metalworking milestone
  • Farming spots will now take a few seconds to update, to reduce server load
  • Players must now have a dowsing crystal in their inventory to scan for ores
  • Coal now appears darker in the dowsing crystal scan
  • Spatial crystals now appear more blue in the dowsing crystal scan
  • Players should now start with level 1 talents after their first room switch
  • New characters should now start with a pre-populated hotbar again with their basic abilities and emotes

Changes made in 2020.03.03:
  • Farming abilities can now be purchased in the journal
  • Celery Stalk is now listed correctly as a plantable item in the journal
  • Fixed duplicate interaction menu options when harvesting flowers
  • Almond, cherry and mango trees no longer float once fully-grown
  • Added support for cancelling a mining action
Hello again, everypony! Summer's right around the corner, so let's get the snow removed properly and plants growing in our latest release, now available at our downloads page!

Let's start with some much needed bug fixes. First, pegasus ponies will no longer get sent flying when they fly directly onto the ground. Shops will also no longer take your bits when you try to buy new items with a full inventory.

We have also rebalanced the energy usage for each pony race! Earth ponies now lose less energy when sprinting, and pegasus ponies' energy drain in flight will depend on whether they're flying upwards or downwards.

Now for our most exciting new feature: two new Talents for everypony to try!
Ponies far and wide can now grab themselves a pickaxe and start mining for some useful ores, or maybe even something rarer if they are lucky, with the Mining Talent!

Earth ponies in particular have also found a place to grow their seeds into fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as cultivate rare flowers, with the Farming Talent.

While we are still looking for teachers to help foals learn the art of Farming and Mining, anypony can enjoy trying their hoof at these skills for now. But don't be discouraged, our hunt for a teacher is still ongoing!

Unicorns and pegasi, fret not; your second unique talents are being developed, and will come in due time. For now, you can check out more details regarding this update in our changelog for the release.

Now, what are you waiting for? Grab yourself a pickaxe or your nearest Earth pony friend to try out our new talents: Mining and Farming! We hope to see you in Equestria soon!
Hey again, everypony! It's time once again for an update to Legends of Equestria! Are you excited for a potential host of riveting new features? Well, allow me to temper your expectations by providing the details of what's available with this latest release, now available from our downloads page!

First off, we should cover the range of improvements to our UI. The hotbar has received a lot of love in this update, allowing it to better respond to your display size, and swap around hotbar tiles - as well as customise how it's displayed on your screen!

We've also improved our equipment system, to better handle unequipping items that conflict with what you're trying to put on. This should hopefully cut down on the devastating menace of sock-stacking!

On top of that, we've worked on tackling trading bugs, like inventory overflow issues, which should (forelocks crossed!) no longer happen! And to top things off, more customised emote icons have been added, to help you better distinguish between, for example, lying down and having a snooze!

As always, though, there's more changes than that; you can find our full list of changes for this release in our changelog.

That's everything for now; we hope you enjoy what Equestria has to offer! And with a little luck - and a little hard work on wrapping a few things up - we'll see you again soon...

  • Fixed issue causing trading overflow when inventory was full.
  • Hotbar tiles can now be swapped.
  • Hotbar now scales with display resolution.
  • Hotbar tiles can now be displayed in a grid view for easier customization.
  • PVFM radio stream updated to use new streaming server.
  • Fixed scroll view in the Skills journal tab.
  • Default race skills now shows properly in the journal.
  • Wearing equipment now causes conflicting items to automatically unequip, whenever possible.
  • Fixed circular inheritance of velocities between two touching players.
  • XP penalties for combat level differences are now more clearly shown.
  • Chat messages now also appear above the player's own pony.
  • Fixed scarves not appearing for Wanda and Opal mane styles.
  • Added new emote icons.
Happy new... uh, decade, everypony! We hope you're all doing well and looking forward to another ten years of small-horse-related adventures - because there's no breaks on the LoE train!

Seriously, it's a real concern. We can't stop it. Please send help.

That's right, Legends of Equestria V2020.01.01 is now available from our downloads page!

We're kicking off 2020 right, with a few more features for you all to enjoy! Perhaps the most important - and one of the most requested features - is a more effective way to navigate. The minimap can now be enlarged to provide more information about the area, and help you find your way around!

On a similar note, we've also added markers to the map for important locations, such as banks or crafting stations; these - along with quest markers - can be toggled on or off to help make things clearer!

We've also got the very serious addition of improved motion physics, allowing for collision objects to travel atop other moving objects. It's all very useful and major, and should in no way be taken as an encouragement to create mobile pony towers.

And what update would be complete without a new cosmetic item? A Chromatic Scarf is now available to help keep you warm - and colourful - through the winter months.

If you want to see the full details of what's included in this update, as always, you can check the changelog. We really hope you enjoy these new features, and we can't wait to see you all in Equestria!
  • Added winter theme to White Tail Park and Ponydale
  • Pirate Hat no longer removes ponies' manes
  • Ponies on top of other ponies will now inherit their velocity (experimental feature, enable with "/playercollision")
  • Crystal Golem boss now uses the headbutt attack correctly
  • A Crystal Golem Shard is now required to redeem the rewards from the Crystal Caves
  • Diversified loot available from the Crystal Caves reward
  • Energy Regen, Health Regen, Armor and Magic Resist is now immediately buffed when wearing equipment, instead of requiring a room switch
  • Added introductory information to the Cooking and Artisan book pages
  • Fixed firework pearls collision
  • Added Chromatic Scarf
  • Minimap can now be scaled and zoomed to a greater degree
  • Added minimap for The Frontier
  • Added minimap markers for banks and crafting stations
  • Map and quest markers can be toggled by clicking the minimap
  • Removed cooking tent in Cantermore

Known bug: The cooking stations in Applewood are currently disabled. A server-side fix will be made available soon.
  • Fixed various particle effects' direction.
  • Fixed auto-targeting loop
  • Added collision to house in Applewood.
  • Added new music to White Tail Park.
  • Fixed music player occasionally playing daytime music at night, and vice versa
  • Added musical pads to White Tail Park.
  • Changed Ponydale lights to Nightmare Night theme.
  • Batpony costume quest has been switched to live.
  • Fixed Crystal Cave magical barriers.
  • The Crystal Caves dungeon is now active!
  • Crystal Golem is now larger in size
  • Tweaks to movement controller.
  • Ponydale Schoolhouse turntable now moves players along with it.
  • Added Pirate Hat, available from Ensemble

Greetings once again, everypony! It hasn't been that long since we last brought you an update, but 'tis the season for surprises, so we've got another one for you! Our 2019 fall update (V2019.02.02) is now available to download!

It hasn't been that long since we brought out our (slightly belated) summer update, so it might not be much of a surprise to learn that this is a smaller one than that was! If you want the full details, you can always check out our changelog, but here's a few key notes!

First, and perhaps most notably, the spooky season has rolled around once more - and that means that costumes are the order of the day! Our batpony costume is once again available to everypony celebrating this holiday, known in Equestria as Hallowtide. What are the origins of this festivity, you might ask? Well, a bit of investigation might lead you to the story the event is based on... maybe somewhere spooky would be a good place to start?

We've also made some more minor improvements to things that might be less notable, but no less important. Collision issues with some places in Applewood, new music for the White Tail Park (as well as some funky musical pads!), and some fixes to particle effects, to name a few!

That's everything for now! We hope you enjoy everything we've added to our little horse world so far, but there's always plenty more to look forward to in the future! We'll see you in Equestria!

Hey again, everypony! It's been a little while since we last spoke, huh? Well, at least I'm bringing some big news to you: our long-awaited summer update (version 2019.02.01) is now available from our downloads page!

For the first time ever, the Equestrian railroads now reach all the way to the distant outposts of Applewood and Dodge Junction, deep in the Equestrian Frontier. This brings whole new areas to explore, and so much additional content that you can barely swing a rattler without hitting something new! Not that I'd recommend swinging any kind of snake, obviously.

The Frontier is a large, barren landscape, but that doesn't mean that there isn't plenty to explore in this new environment. Be careful! Getting lost is easy, and you never know where you might find cliffs, caverns, or dangerous creatures. The west is still very wild!

We've also had our landscaping team hard at work, and they've brought you a new park on the outskirts of Ponydale; reports are also coming in of hidden caverns deep beneath the Crystal Kingdom.

On top of new locations, we've also added and updated a bunch of items, such as the new textures on Harmonious and Elementium armor! Astound your friends and foes alike with your sparkling new gear.

Climbing and jumping boots are now available as a reward for ponies who can brave the intimidating critters of the Bramble Woods. As the fashionable footwear's names suggest, they'll help enhance your abilities to jump higher, or climb the steepest of hills.

Let's also not forget that this seasonal update brings with it our yearly event, the Festival of Lights! Now's your chance to celebrate the glow of friendship that brings all the creatures of Equestria together, and help to craft the unique lantern or torch for the event. To help commemorate the occasion, the finest alchemists of the Crystal Kingdom have worked diligently to create exciting new fireworks for everypony to enjoy!

On top of all that, we've reached our second year of being fully accessible 24/7 (barring the occasional server oopsie, of course)! So in celebration of our anniversary, you can expect a scrumptious new hat celebrating two years of pastel ponies!

As always, this isn't everything we've added or changed over the past few months; if you want to check out the numerous quest and bug fixes, you can find all the details in the changelog.

We've still got plenty more wonderful things planned ahead, and we're already working on the next batch of additions to the world this team loves so much. In the meantime, have fun exploring the new reaches of Equestria!
  • Fixed error in "Script Error" that prevented Salarymane from accepting the pencil. Quest is now completable.
  • Fixed error in Final Ink general script that leads to general dialogue comments.
  • Fixed issue so that Iridescent armor is now craftable.
  • Changed Stocking Stuffer dialogue to reflect living branches instead of twigs.
  • Updated intro dialogue for Resonance to eliminate quest cross problems.
  • Removed no-longer-used files for Linguine
  • Removed no-longer-used files for Tonic
  • Updated intro dialogue for Tonic.
  • Removed depreciated rubies from Corgis at the beet farm in the Heartlands.
  • Updated intro dialogue for Silver Tongue to eliminate quest cross problems.
  • Updated intro dialogue for Paper Trail to eliminate quest cross problems.
  • Updated intro dialogue for High Harvest to eliminate quest cross problems.
  • Updated into dialogue for Windy Seeds to eliminate quest cross problems.
  • Fixed issue with High Harvest and Windy Seeds not clearing Rehearsal Roundup objectives.
  • Updated into dialogue for Study Bug.
  • Fixed issues with Good Egg that prevented completion of quest.
  • Updated Old Quest Marker Fix with solution for leftover markers from Chlorophiliac.
  • Update Old Quest Marker Fix with solution for leftover marker from Fission Mailed.
  • Fixed repeatable issue with Simmer Down quest.
  • Fixed issue with Enki not taking sunflower seeds in Slippery Slope.
  • Fixed issue with quest marker remaining over Bando Buno after Enlightenment.
  • Fixed issue with Paper Trail of Destruction.
  • Put in fix for leftover quest marker from Anypony Got a Light
  • Put in fix for leftover quest marker from Straight and Narrow
  • Updated Straight and Narrow to check more thoroughly for completing the quest either way.
  • Added a fix for Bluebell not giving cardstock in "Costume of the Night."
  • Fixed script error for Fair Game in Rehearsal Roundup.
  • Fixed script error in Rehearsal Roundup preventing notification of all sheets handed out.
  • Fixed Please Mr. Postpony so that Air Mail takes back mail sack at end of quest.
  • Fixed Ancient Aviator quest so that he only gives you one lantern
  • Fixed Opal, Modern Curl, Wanda, and Messy Pigtails mane and tail styles to reduce velocity and extension.
  • Fixed most manes and tails velocity issue (removes most instances of jittery/vibrating manes and tails)
  • Added Cloudopolis Academy Interior
  • Fixed quest inventory so that quest items will now default to quest items.
  • Players can now move quest rewards from quest inventory to regular inventory in order to use them.
  • Added dialogue in Mindless Violins
  • Added Yellow version of Living Bush (will appear in the week after update)
  • Added Blue version of Hornet (will appear in the week after update)
  • Winter Warm Up quest re-enabled.
  • Apple prefab added as pickupable quest item.
  • Fixed (most) audio issues/waterfall noise when transitioning between maps
  • Increased scroll sensitivity for the Book and Bank GUIs
  • Loot chests now remain when not everything has been picked up.
  • Added quest "Helping Farmer Fields."
  • Added quest "Paper Trail of Love" sequel to Paper Trail of Destruction.
Hey again, everypony! You might've noticed that spring is pretty late in coming to Equestria, as tends to be tradition around these parts; well, it's finally time to do something about! Our spring update, Version 2019.01.01, is now available from our downloads page.

This update brings the Winter Warm-Up event back to Ponydale! The town needs your help to clear up the snow and prepare the area for the new season ahead. If you want to help - and earn a nifty team vest for doing so - speak to Check List at the Town Hall! An important thing to note here is that, even if you have already completed this event last year, you can still participate again this year - it's all hooves on deck to get this snowfall shifted! Why not try to earn a different team jersey this year?

We've also added a new location, in the form of the Cloudopolis Academy interior! This means that each pony race now has a classroom implemented into the game, so you can expect more foal content to come down the pipeline in the future that utilizes this!

Of course, this update comes with a host of smaller fixes and improvements - new quests, audio issue fixes, quest inventory fixes, and more quest marker problems than you can shake a stick at! If you want to see the full list of additions, check out our changelog here!

There's still plenty more to come, with some big things in the works that we can't wait to show off to everypony! Until then, we hope you enjoy this update, and we'll see you in Equestria!
Hey there, everypony!

First of all, from the entire LoE Team, A happy New Year to everypony!

To mark the end of 2018, we thought we'd have a little throwback to what has happened in-game and behind the scenes over the last 12 months, so here we go!

To start off our list we go to everypony's favourite season - winter - which has once again returned in-game, meaning you can see perhaps the biggest change in 2018's first update; a Ponydale covered in snow, and with even more flakes falling from the sky in some places!

Second on our list is something you all seem to enjoy a lot, seasonal costumes. Dressing up as a scary ghost, bat, mummy, and more; everyone had their joy with these spooky outfits. In our April Fools update, we also saw for the first time long requested All-icorn Upgrade! And lastly, we added another long-requested cosmetic item (and my personal favourite), scarves.

We also added more protective items over the year; not one, not two, but twelve new armor sets, all with special stats to make your pony powerful. And that doesn't even include the all-important wearable pots and pans.

To make it extra special, the latest armor to be added can even be colorized.

Next up, places to visit. As the world of Equestria grows, there will always be new locations to discover and explore! This year saw the addition and revamps of some maps; to start off we begin with the biggest addition, the Athamanes digsite.

Giving access to this long-forgotten dungeon, Athamanes is an ancient city recently uncovered, but for now the secrets below the city have yet to be uncovered. Watch this space!

While exploring long-forgotten ruins is a lot of fun, we can't forget the fact that ponies need to study; one of our updates also added the Ponydale schoolhouse.

And to round things out, we've got the classy Cantermore Gala Hall, for all your fancy functions. The perfect place for a ballroom blitz!

For our last recap element, we come to the backbone of the entire project: game mechanics. There have been a lot of changes and improvements in this area; the entire combat system has been revamped, and experience gain altered, to accommodate our original intentions, as well as new elements like the crafting system.

We also worked to make it easier for you to interact with players and items. Banks were added all around to give you extra storage, And the trading system that made it easy for you to conduct trades and gifts.

And of course, who could forget our decision to allow for the enabling of player collision? I think we can all agree that that was an unmitigated mistake.

It wasn't just the LoE team hard at work over 2018, though; this year saw a whole heap of exciting player-led events spread out all across the calendar! from birthday parties and weddings to seasonal contests like the Equestria Games, and everything in between (Summerween, Hearthswarming Helper, Nightmare Night, our Anniversary, and more roleplay events than I even have space to list), the LoE playerbase always has something exciting and surprising planned!

The 2019 Equestria Winter Games are apparently already in the planning stages, and we can't wait to see what else you guys come up with in the coming year!

This is by no means everything 2018 saw for LoE, just our personal highlights. It was definitely a productive and fun year for our team, and we hope you enjoyed everything we brought to life for you over the last 12 months! Don't worry, though, we still have plenty more to come in 2019, and there'll definitely be some new surprises along the way. Once again, we just want to thank you all for your support, and for the love you've shown us ever since this silly little project started all those years ago!

We hope you enjoyed this trip down LoE's memory lane and hope to see you again in 2019. Don't forget: "Pony should pony pony!"

Hey again, everypony! There's still a little time left (emphasis on little) that we can credibly get away with releasing a 'holiday' update, so in our now-yearly tradition, we're pushing one out in the eleventh hour! Version 2018.10.01 is now available from our downloads page.

First things first: as you might expect, this update brings the now-traditional (two years in a row is enough to establish a tradition, right?) snowfall in Ponydale, as well as some winter-themed decorations. Other seasonal additions have also been restored, such as the rare Enchanted Ice Skates drop, and Ensemble's holiday costume quest!

On top of that, we're adding something really, truly, very exciting. More exciting than anything else we've ever added. More exciting than socks.

Yeah, I said it; more exciting than socks.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the new must-have adorable cosmetic item: scarves!

Now available from your local clothes-horse.

There's other new additions, too! Two, actually - two new armor sets are now available. Iridescent Armor can be created by speaking to expert artisan Golden Gauntlet, whose unrivalled technique allows her to combine Sunlight Armor with Marble Dust to create something new. It's not just NPCs getting new creative power, though; player artisans may also discover new recipes to create Pearlescent Armor!

There's plenty more included - new quests, readable book functionality, updates to textures and music, and more. You can check out our full changelog post for all the details!

We hope that you enjoy the new content, as well as the seasonal specials! As always, though, if you have any issues or bugs to report, please do so using our Phabricator system, as explained here, to ensure that the right people on the team know about the issue and can get to work on fixing it.

Happy holidays from the whole team to every single one of you, and we'll see you in Equestria!
  • Added quest 'Save the Date'.
  • Added quest 'Paper Trail of Destruction'.
  • Added quest 'Adventure Never Ends'.
  • Added quest 'Sock It To 'Em'.
  • Updated quest 'A Treat for Taffy' to be foal only, as was originally intended.
  • Re-activated holiday costume quest 'Dashing Through The Snow'.

  • Enchanted Ice Skates are available once more.
  • Added scarves as a wearable item. Scarves are the new socks, and the following variations are officially replacing them from now on:
    • Holiday Scarf
    • Peppermint Scarf
    • Winter Scarf
    • Spearmint Scarf
  • Just kidding; socks are never going away. Speaking of: added Holiday Socks.
  • Added consumable item Firework.
  • Sunlight Armor can now be combined with Marble Dust by Golden Gauntlet, to create Pearlescent Armor.
  • Similarly, Golden Gauntlet can now infuse Pearlescent Armor with Prismatic Shards, to create Iridescent Armor.
  • Added book functionality. Books acquired during quests and in the game world can now be read [note: this is currently limited to books we have content implemented for, but will expand as fast as our expert team of writey-horses can work their magical hoof-pencils].

  • Seasonal snow has returned to Ponydale once again! With it comes the rest of the festive decorations, such as holiday trees across Equestria.
  • Updated some Gala Hall textures.
  • Added new music to the Ponydale, Boutique, and Heartlands Cottage locations.
  • Added falling snow to the character screen.
  • Fixed portal rotation issues in the Digsite dungeon.

  • The loading screen snow can occasionally disappear. Maybe it's a bug; maybe it's global warming! No, it's definitely a bug.

Hey again, everypony! It's that spooky time of year, so what better way to celebrate than by dressing up a virtual horse in thematic costumes? Well, lucky for all of us, Legends of Equestria's latest update, V2018.09.01, is now available!

This seasonal update brings a few new costume designs into the game, for all of you who want to really get into the spirit of things! As usual, they'll be available from fashion designer Ensemble, in the Crystal Kingdom - for a modest fee, of course!

There may also be a special item available to commemorate the anniversary of our Open Access Release, from Marvell in Ponydale - and of course, the yearly batpony costume quest is now available once more for those who didn't complete it last time round, from Ensemble! This does, however, mean that Festival of Light quests are no longer available - you'll have to wait for that seasonal event to roll around again to get those items if you missed out this time!

That's not all, though; new interior zones have been added for some key locations, such as Cantermore's Gala Hall, Ponydale's schoolhouse, and the mysterious Dig Site dungeon in the Heartlands!

A host of other improvements have made their way into this update: a bunch of new mob attacks and animations have been added, the Harmonious Armour is now available for artisans to learn and craft, and of course, the obligatory host of bugs have been squashed. Sorry, but the rogue teleportation spell that caused the Ponydale bench to hover 30 feet in the air has finally been removed!

You can find the full changelog here, and if you're playing one of the direct-download versions of LoE, you'll need to grab the latest game files from our downloads page! If you're playing using our Windows launcher, the game should update for you automatically.

We really hope that you enjoy everything that's been added so far; it's humbling to know that for over a year now, LoE has been a fully public game, and that we're still going strong. As always, though, if you have any issues or bugs to report, please do so using our Phabricator system, as explained here, to ensure that the right people on the team know about the issue and can get to work on fixing it.

Thanks for all your continued support, everypony! There's a lot more still to come, so we'll see you in Equestria!
  • Added quest 'Slippery Slope'.
  • Re-activated seasonal costume quest 'A Costume of the Night'.
  • Fixed some issues that allowed Talent Mark quests to be repeated.
  • Fixed issues with quest 'Trouble Stoppers'.
  • Fixed conflicts between quests 'Storm Chaser', 'Handle With Care', and 'Thirty Minutes or Less'.

  • Added 'Anniversary Cupcake' hat.
  • Added 'Ghost Costume'.
  • Added 'Mummy Costume'.
  • Added 'Jack O' Lantern Costume'.
  • Added 'Pot' hat.
  • Adjusted drop rates for Heating Catalyst and Magical Catalyst.
  • Added Harmonious Armor set (Back Legs, Front Legs, Chest Plate, Back Plate, Helmet).
  • Updated textures for nurse's cap, medical textbook, and medical supply crates.

  • Added Dig Site Dungeon interior.
  • Added Cantermore Gala Hall interior.
  • Added Ponydale Schoolhouse interior.
  • Added various seasonally-themed banners and flags around Ponydale.
  • Added new skill attacks for Lantern Monsters.
  • Added a host of new mob attacks to some Lantern Monsters, Pegasus Rock Golems, Naiads, and Living Bushes:
    • Dimensional Rift
    • Crippling Wing Swipe
    • Pebble Spray
    • Steamline
    • Wiggle
    • Jiggle
    • Shake
    • Leafstorm
    • Razor Leaves
  • Updated texture for Cloudopolis hospital.
  • Updated NPC images for Mercury.
  • A table has been flipped upside-down in Sugarcane Corner. Someone has been partying too hard.
  • Fixed issues preventing the chat filter from working correctly.
  • Fixed floating trees in Evershade.
  • Fixed floating bench in Ponydale.
  • Fixed floating vase in Cantermore.
  • Fixed issue causing the facehoof animation to occur with AoE skills while armor with the dodge ability is being worn.
  • Fixed issues with eyes not closing during the AFK/sleep animation.
  • Fixed issue causing massive and lingering health regeneration after using an Apple Pie.
  • Fixed some issues preventing the crafting/cooking of some high-level recipes
  • Slightly reduced the strength of dragon fire breath.
  • Adjusted mob damage output more generally.
  • Adjusted bunny aggro range in Sweet Apple Orchards.
  • Adjusted tilt tolerance for mobs to help in navigating terrain.
  • Removed persistent winter snow from Ponydale tent roofs.

  • There are some positioning issues with the portals for the Ponydale Schoolhouse and the Dig Site that we're working to rectify. You might need to turn around after the area loads in order to continue! If you still have trouble, try using the "/stuck" command in the chatbox to move your character to the correct position.
  • The space under 'radio' in Sugarcane Corner is currently empty. We'll hopefully have something there again shortly.
  • Added Cooking Talent quest 'Simmer Down', available as a Talent option for foals from their racial teacher.
  • Added Artisan Talent quest 'And All That Glitters Is Gold', available as a Talent option for foals from their racial teacher.
  • Added Combat Talent Mark quest 'Beat Around the Bad Guys', available as a Talent option for foals from their racial teacher.
  • Added Flying Talent Mark quest 'Full Yellow Jacket', available as a Talent option for pegasus foals from their teacher, Windhover.
  • Added Festival of Lights quest 'Anypony Got A Light?', available from Taffy Treat in Sugarcane Corner.
  • Added Festival of Lights quest 'Lighting the Lantern', available from Ensemble in the Crystal Kingdom if the player has a Prismatic Crystal Shard in their inventory.
  • Updated TM quests to allow giving complete base set of skills when TM quest is completed.
  • Updated Paper Trail NPC to have dialogue intro for multiple quests.
  • Updated Old Quest Marker Fix with leftover objective marker fixes for 'Good Egg', 'We'll Fix it in Post', and 'Chlorophiliac'.
  • Implemented fix with Old Quest Marker Fix for Pegasus characters stuck with Magic talent mark quest.
  • Fixed objective-marker issues with quest 'Supplying the Hospital'.
  • Fixed objective-marker issues with quest 'Foal Delivery Express'.
  • Fixed objective-marker issues with quest 'Rehearsal Roundup'.
  • Updated the apperance of the lantern given as a reward for the quest 'Rhyme of the Ancient Aviator'. (Note: players who have already completed his quest will be able to exchange their old lantern for his new model shortly!)

  • Rebalanced armor requirements and stat bonuses.
  • Added so many crafting items that quite frankly it would take me too long to type them all out to be worth doing.
    • No, seriously, it'd be really long. I mean, it covers all the recipes, then all the materials, and then the actual creations themselves.
  • Added Alchemist's Torch.
  • Added Prismatic Lantern.
  • Added Prismatic Crystal Shards.
  • Added colourization option to Gala Boots.
  • Added new armor models.
  • Altered appearance of the lantern given as a reward for the quest 'Rhyme of the Ancient Aviator'.
  • Fixed issues with some helmets not interacting properly with mane models.
  • Changed ruby item in Ponydale Mine to Ruby Dust. Updated Dust and Bunnies and Chlorophiliac to reflect this.

  • Resolved issue causing friends list to not properly populate when first opened after logging/zoning in.
  • Resolved issue preventing bank inventory from scrolling.
  • Fixed script error with Thyme preventing completion of quest 'Picking Up the Pieces'.
  • Fixed issues with Escort/Follow NPC system, enabling the use of NPCs in escort quests.
  • Fixed experience curve issue.
  • Fixed damage scaling according to talent level and attack bonus.
  • Fixed issue preventing item stacks from being combined in the inventory.
  • Fixed issue causing initial bank display to fail to show all items properly.
  • Fixed issue allowing ponies to equip armor at any level.
  • Fixed display of negative tension values in the combat reticule.
  • Fixed issue causing NPCs and mobs to behave erratically when targeted with Regenerative Aura.
  • Fixed movement issues for gryphon NPCs.
  • Fixed issues with pet combat causing slowdown.
  • Fixed issue preventing pets from despawning correctly when their owner faints.
  • Fixed issue preventing hoofstep sounds playing on foal characters.
  • Fixed issue with train signposts.
  • Fixed some issues with trade system.
  • Fixed sit emote keybind.
  • Tweaked jump animation.
  • Added crafting stations to various locations across pony settlements.
  • Added a variety of new player ability VFX.
  • Added cursor to indicate teleport validity for unicorns.
  • Added improvements to teleportation system.
  • Added Ancient Athmanes Digsite models to the Heartlands.
  • Added Ponydale Schoolhouse interior.
  • Added background blur to dialogue GUI.
  • Added banks to Cloudopolis and the Crystal Kingdom.
  • Added additional farm/crop models to the Heartlands.
  • Added static Guard NPCs in various locations across Ponydale and in Midway Village to provide directions to important locations, like crafting stations (coming soon to other cities!).
  • Added various GUI sound effects (Buy/sell/pickup/wear/remove item).
  • Added auto-pickup of loot.
  • Added settings toggle to auto-pickup chests when running over them, and to change when the jump animation activates on button press/release.
  • Added mouselook sensitivity setting.
  • Added armor milestone guide to the combat abilities book page.
  • Added loading indicator to dialogue.
  • Added /sleep emote, automatically triggered when AFK.
  • Added conga-dancing emote, and re-enabled faint emote.
  • Added keyboard shortcut to switch between hotbar loadouts (Shift+1 to Shift+0).
  • Added /playercollision and /pc command to toggle client-side player collision.
  • Added /utc command to display current time, based on UTC timezone.
  • Added path to access Crystal Kingdom cave.
  • Added new decorations to Crystal Kingdom cave.
  • Added new keybind to talk to nearby NPCs and use nearby objects - default is 'T'.
  • Added 'Alt + T' keybind to open nearby merchant interface.
  • Added Festival of Lights lantern decorations to Ponydale and Sugarcane Corner.
  • Enabled swapping of inventory slot items.
  • Implemented crafting system.
  • Implemented Artisan Talent tree.
  • Implemented Cooking Talent tree.
  • Implemented Combat Talent tree.
  • Implemented Flying Talent tree.
  • Improved reliability of tab targeting.
  • Improved how the lighting system handles dark areas/night-time.
  • Altered Sugarcane Corner interior lighting.
  • Increased maximum size of chatbox.
  • Lowered access level requirement for commands /load, /daylength, & /frames.
  • Fixed issue with /w not working as intended.
  • Minor optimizations to the hotbar GUI to improve framerate.
  • Removed winter/pre-Winter Warm Up textures from Ponydale.
  • Removed small PvP demo area from Midway Village.

  • The chat filter is currently having problems. We hope to have it resolved soon - in the meantime, though, any explicit language used will be treated as a violation of our moderation rules
  • The interior of the 'Ancient Athamanes' digsite is not currently accessible. We're working on it!
  • The Ponydale Schoolhouse portal currently gives an error rather than loading the interior; we'll hopefully have that fixed soon!
  • Some of the new armor models are currently textureless. As soon as their textures are available, we'll be adding them!
  • The /afk animation currently has an eyelid issue. This should be resolved soon!
  • The XP curve change currently takes effect upon gaining some xp and logging off; the first time you connect after updating, your pony may seem to be the same level as before, but after defeating a critter and reconnecting you should see the alteration!
  • A park bench in Ponydale and a vase in Cantermore have had a levitation spell cast on them by some evil dark force. We're working to undo their wicked enchantment.

Hey there, everypony! It's that time again: time for another belated update to Legends of Equestria! And oh boy, this one's a doozy. In fact, it's the largest update we've ever released. It might have been a while since we released V2018.03.02, but we haven't been spending that time idly!

This update's packed with so much stuff that it barely fit onto a single changelog, but you can find the full list here; if you just want to know about the big changes, though, here's a quick summary!

The first thing you'll notice is to do with how experience is dealt with in-game. In short, we identified an issue with our XP curve, and resolving that issue involved making a pretty big change to existing characters. You can find a full post we made detailing the effects of this change over here!

On a brighter note, this update brings with it our crafting system. Now you can make your own unique armor, and upgrade it with special harmonies to make it even stronger, through artisanry; or, you could cook up a fantastic feast for everypony to enjoy! There's more possibilities than ever before.

To go along with this new system, we of course have two new Talents available for foals to choose: Artisanry, and Cooking. The quest to earn a Talent Mark in either of these can be started by speaking to your racial teacher, assuming you haven't already grown up to the adult stage!

That's not all, though! We've also implemented two more Talents, and these ones have been long-awaited: Combat and Flying are now available to all foal characters. Once again, you'll need to speak to your racial teacher to earn these Talents - and of course, Flying is available only to pegasi, much like how Magic is exclusive to unicorns!

A new exterior location has also been added to the Heartlands. Archaeologists have been excavating the ruins of Ancient Athamanes, a pony civilisation lost to time, and their digsite can be seen in the large (and formerly empty) crater towards the Eastern end of the area. This location will soon be excavated more thoroughly, granting access to a new dungeon area, with its own unique lore, quests, and traps to navigate!

Is all that not enough for you? Well, it's a good thing there's a new seasonal event happening, too! Ponydale is celebrating the Festival of Lights during these long summer(ish) days, and Taffy Treat in Sugarcane Corner wants to do it in style! She's already hung the lanterns and worked on the dance floor, but she wants something extra special to liven things up - and she needs your help to do it! Meanwhile, creatures all over Equestria have suddenly started collecting the mysterious Prismatic Crystal Shards, and everypony's favourite fashion designer, Ensemble, is eager to see you collect them all, to help him create something truly enlightening!

There's a whole host of other new features and changes, including the new auto-loot option, a background blur for dialogue focus, more bank locations, a new sleep emote, and so much more - including, of course, a raft of bug fixes. As mentioned earlier, the changelog has all the details, so check it out if you're interested in reading about everything we've been working on!

If you're using our Windows launcher, Legends of Equestria should update automatically when you next run the program. For everypony else, you'll need to download the newest client, available from our downloads page! Remember to get the right version for your operating system!

We really hope that you enjoy everything we've poured into this update. As always, though, if you have any issues or bugs to report, please do so using the Phabricator system, as explained here, to ensure that the right people on the team know about the issue and can get to work on fixing it.

Thanks for all your support, everypony! There's a lot more still to come, so we'll see you in Equestria!
Hey, everypony! We hope you're as eager to see our next update as we are to let you at it; we're just putting the final touches in, and soon everypony will be able to enjoy what we've cooked up. Speaking of cooking, though, we'd like to take this opportunity to give you a quick taste of how crafting will work!

With this release, there will be two avenues for crafting: Artisanry and Cooking. Both of these paths have their own Talent tree, and Talent Mark quest, available for foals to choose by speaking to their tutors. It's important to note, however, that this isn't all the crafting system will support; we still have a plethora of Talents that we're working on which will also incorporate crafting, such as the Fashion Talent.

Another thing to bear in mind is that crafting will not be exclusive to ponies who choose a Talent that focuses on it; everypony will have access to the crafting system. However, much like with how other Talents' combat abilities work, ponies who specialise in a crafting-focused Talent will be able to learn abilities in this field much easier, and may be more effective when crafting items.

So, how exactly will crafting work? Well, whether you're forging a pair of Alicium Front Legs or baking some Chocolate Chip Cookies, the system has some broad similarities.

The first thing you'll need to do is acquire the knowledge of how to create the thing you want. For that, you'll need a recipe (for Cooking) or manual (for Artisanry)! These might be given to you as a reward for a quest, or dropped by enemies, or even traded for with NPCs and other players. Once you own a recipe or manual, you'll be able to learn it by right-clicking in your inventory.

Then, you'll need to head over to a crafting station. Each crafting branch has its own stations; Cooking requires an oven and a counter, and Artisanry utilises a forge, workbench, and harmony table. These stations allow you to create different articles, which can then be combined into your masterpiece. For example, when manufacturing armor, an Artisan will need to create cloth padding and straps using a workbench, and forge the metal ore they're using into ingots, before being able to combine them into usable armor. Then, using the harmony table, Artisans can create enchanted gems that can be added separately, and can further improve and customise crafted armor. Again, these articles are something you'll have to gather from around Equestria - through quests, from critters, or through trade.

There's lots of different recipes and manuals to learn, and so many different possible combinations! The quality of the item you craft can also be affected by your Talents, and you may find some items come out better than others!

Please ignore his hair, he's very sensitive about it.

We can't wait to see what you come up with, and we really hope you enjoy Legends of Equestria's crafting system when we release it to you soon! Thanks again for your patience, and keep an eye out for the upcoming release!


Hey again, everypony!

It's been a little while since we've had some big news to share, but we haven't been spending that time idly! We've been super duper busy, working on one of the biggest updates to Legends of Equestria that we've ever made!

The good news is that the update is almost ready to go; within days, version 2018.07.01 (the most likely version number, though as with everything, this is subject to change!) will be released for everypony to enjoy. You might notice that that's quite a few iterations along from our last public build, V2018.03.02; that should give you some idea of how much work we've been doing to get all the new stuff added and functional!

This update is going to add a lot of new stuff for you to enjoy, from the crafting system and new Talents, to new quests and a somewhat-delayed seasonal event, to improved targeting and new animations. There's honestly so much coming in this update that we don't have time to go over all of it just now; you'll have to wait to see the changelog for all the details!

There's a few things, however, that we really feel like we should let you know about in advance, so they don't come as an unpleasant surprise to you when the update is released. First things first: if you haven't finished Ponydale's Winter Warm Up yet, time is running out! Ponydale's always a little late warming up winter, but August might be pushing things a bit. When the update is released, the snow 'phase' of Ponydale will be removed, and you'll no longer have the option to finish the quest "Tomorrow, Spring is Here", meaning you won't earn a team vest!

Now, for the couple of new things that are coming out of this update, that we feel you should know about in advance. The most important one of those is to do with experience.

For a while now, Legends of Equestria's experience system has been pretty far away from what was intended. For context, the areas currently available in the Open Access Release, in their intended final state, is expected to be enough to guide the player through the first 20 or so levels of their character's progression, when compared to the full scope of the game. However, this hasn't been reflected in how experience has been given out, leading to much faster levelling than we anticipated. It's taken us a good bit of investigating to work out why that was the case, but we finally nailed it down to an issue with the XP curve as it was implemented, and this is something addressed by V2018.07.01.

What that means for everypony playing right now is two things. Firstly, levelling will take longer under the system as it was intended; and secondly, the fixes being implemented will not only rebalance how experience is accrued, but also the experience that characters already have earned. This means that players currently at level 50, upon the release of the update, will find their characters to be around level 23. You'll still have the same amount of XP; for example, a character who has earned 50,000 experience and is currently level 13 will still have 50,000 total xp after the update, but might be level 7 instead. Importantly, you'll still have the same abilities that you've purchased using Talent Points (as well as all of those that were awarded through your Talent Mark quest for free), and you won't lose any items. This isn't a reset, but a rebalancing!

We know that this might feel like a 'nerf', or that something is being taken away from your characters, but this is essentially us addressing a flaw that has been present for a long time and that we finally were able to work out a fix for. If you feel like you've already seen everything LoE has to offer and don't want to repeat stuff to get back to level 50, we're working on plenty more content that has all been designed around filling out that intended XP curve, so there's still lots to look forward to!

Another brief change to touch on is to do with the options. Under 'gameplay' in LoE's menu, there are two new checkboxes. One is to do with the changes we've made to the jumping animation; the jump can now be executed either when you press the jump key, or when you release it. The second relates to how loot is picked up; loot is now, by default, automatically added to your inventory when your character runs over it, rather than having to manually click to loot. Both of these can be changed at any time in the options menu, as mentioned earlier.

One more minor thing we want to let you know about is some changes that will be coming to existing armor sets. These changes will effect the armor's requirements, to be more in line with both the new XP curve and with what's coming from the crafting update.

Remember, as always, that LoE is still a game in development, with a lot more work to be done on it before it's ready to be called a finished product. That means changes like this are things that should be expected, and that there may well be more in the future, so we can ensure that the game works as intended and is as enjoyable as possible!

Keep an eye out for more news about the cool new additions coming in this update, as well as the update itself, in the next few days! See you soon!

Hey there, everypony!

Legends of Equestria's Open Access Release is still going strong, and the feedback you're giving - through messages, emails, and our bug report system - is helping us create new content updates for you to enjoy! It's a lot of work bringing a world like Equestria to life, though; we need your help to do it! That's why the Legends of Equestria team is recruiting!

If you're interested in game development, passionate about ponies, or simply need a hobby that will put your talents to use, we'd like to hear from you! We have a pretty extensive list of teams with different roles and skills, so even if you're not super-technical but still want to help us out, there might be something for you here!

We are currently accepting applications for the following departments: 2D Art, 3D Modeling, Audio, Design, Implementation, and Programming. All applicants must be at least 16 years of age, unless specified otherwise by the team's hiring message.

Teams not currently recruiting: Animation, Concept Art, HR, Moderation, PR, VA, Web Dev, Writing.

[last updated May 12, 2021]

If you're interested in helping us bring Equestria to life, please find below a little bit of info from each team's leader on what they're looking for, and how to contact them! Good luck, and we hope to see you on the team soon!

(Note: Due to the nature of the project, you may only receive a response if your application is successful. If you don't receive a response, but want to double-check that your application has been reviewed, please contact [email protected]!)


To apply for the 2D team, please read the following requirements thoroughly, and then send your application to [email protected]

  • Understand the basics of color theory and principles of design
  • Ability to mimic the art style of environments, buildings, characters, and items in Legends of Equestria
  • Ability to create vector graphics
  • Experience in Photoshop, GIMP, Krita, or other raster graphics software
  • Experience in Illustrator, Inkscape, or other vector graphics software

Your portfolio should include:
  • Three to five pieces of artwork that display good use of colour, an ability to mimic our existing art styles, and good design sense. This can include characters, items, environments, and architectural artwork.
  • If possible, include any work involving textured models/texture sheets.
  • Any additional works that you wish to include.

Art should be close to, or of similar quality to, the following works:
a.) Textures and textured models:

b.) Architecture and environments:

c.) Other works:


3D Modelers build the assets you see in-game, from trees and buildings to armour and hairstyles. Applicants interested in joining the 3D team should have working knowledge of 3D modeling and/or animating and be willing to learn, design critically, and give and take critique. It is preferred, but not required, that applicants have a specialty in organic modeling, 3D animation and rigging, terraforming, or any combination thereof. To apply for the 3D team, email [email protected] with links to examples of your skills. Please include how much time you are able to devote to Legends of Equestria, as well as a list of programs that you're familiar with. Examples of any additional unrelated, high quality designs you have done help too!


The Audio department is responsible for creating and choosing all of the things you hear in Equestria, from attack sound-effects to background music (except the PVFM radio in Sugarcane Corner, of course!). Here's what we're currently looking for in the Audio department:

>SFX Designers:

By joining the Audio team as an SFX Designer, you will expect to be making UI sounds and various animal sounds. Some experience with a DAW is required; general experience with SFX is recommended, but not required. If you apply, be prepared to present a demo of a given sound effect. Applicants can register their interest by emailing [email protected].


The Design team plans out the levels and systems for Legends of Equestria, and covers a few different specialities. If you think you fit into any of the following areas, we want to hear from you!

>Level Designers:

Level Designers should have drawn work (hand or digital) of macro or micro scale level designs which factor in standard gaming conventions such as pathing, points of interest, mob spawns, elevation, framing, terrain features, quest potential, etc. Previous experience in a 3D engine (Unity, Unreal) is highly sought after. Map/level designers should expect to be trained in Unity to allow the implementation and editing of their designs. Please email [email protected] with examples of your work.

>VFX Artists:

VFX Artists will primarily be in charge of creating and implementing spritesheet animations to be used for various player abilities and ambient world effects. This role will require a blending of traditional toon styled art creation and design with technical implementation in Unity (Shuriken knowledge is a HUGE plus!). If you enjoy creating particle based effects to add an extra kick of visual stimulation, this position is for you! Please email [email protected] with links to examples of your work.

>Systems Designers:

Systems Designers should have the ability to form clear, concise, to-the-point written work which quickly and efficiently describes a complex system to programmers, writers, or other relevant team members. Applicants should be able to design the technical formulation behind conventional experience, leveling, crafting, and ability systems. Experience with Google Sheets for tables is a must; experience with graphs and formulas is a huge plus, as is basic knowledge in economics. Please email [email protected] with links to examples of your work.


Implementation makes sure that everything made for the project makes it into the game, and works as intended! There are two areas of concern for implementers:

>Script Implementers:

Script Implementers are responsible for transitioning written content into technical scripts readable by the servers, placing NPCs and mobs, and adding items. Applicants for this position should have a basic understanding of scripting or coding logic and an ability to debug errors. Potential implementers should be able to devote several hours each week to the project. If interested, please send applications to [email protected].

>Unity Implementers:

Unity Implementers are responsible for implementing objects, terrain, and functions into the game via the Unity system. Applicants for Unity Implementation should be familiar with both Unity and Sourcetree. C# experience is preferred, but not required. Familiarity with Blender or Maya is also useful, but not required. Potential implementers should be able to devote several hours each week to the project. If interested, please send applications to [email protected].


We're currently looking for enthusiastic programmers to help build LoE. A minimum of basic experience programming in C# and Unity is required for any applications to be considered, and you should also provide samples of your previous work so we can see just how awesome you are. We aren't expecting you to be a professional developer (though we won't say no if you are!); so long as you can demonstrate your knowledge and willingness to learn, we want to hear from you! An obsession with tiny colourful horses is not required, but will be taken into consideration and may improve your chances. Due to the nature of the team, we're looking for reliable people that can be trusted to work semi-independently; if you think you can help us out, email [email protected]!

Please remember that Legends of Equestria is a volunteer project being developed by a team of dedicated fans from around the world. These are not paid positions, and we cannot offer any financial incentive for your contributions to the project. All we can guarantee is the warm, fuzzy feeling from helping to bring an entire world of horses to life.

And lots of socks.


Hey again, everypony! Bet you didn't expect to hear from me again so soon, eh?

Since we released the Winter Warm-Up (V.2018.03.01) update, we've been working hard on a few issues that cropped up, as well as continuing to work on some older ones. We actually managed to get them sorted faster than we expected - I know, hard to believe, right? - so we're releasing a new, minor update! If you're using our Windows launcher, the game should update automatically; everyone else will need to grab the latest game files from our downloads page!

Now, because this is a minor update, you shouldn't expect any big content additions or new costumes; most of it is bug fixes. Some of those fixes are pretty big, though, like the friends list! The revamping we did for the Winter Warm-Up release caused some unexpected issues, but this new release should resolve those.

Don't feel too bad if you're blocked here; this is for testing purposes!

We also fixed a few issues with our newer quests, 'Tomorrow, Spring is Here' and 'Are You A Princess Too?', as well as some problems causing issues with the bank and trade systems; we also addressed a couple of exploits that were causing trouble. As always, if you want the full details of what's been done since the last version, you should check out our changelog!

While we're here, though, we should probably clear up something we've had a few questions about: the release version numbering system. Some people thought it was date-based, meaning that the Winter Warm-Up release had been build-ready since March 1st; however, this isn't how the numbering system works. It goes as follows: year.major.minor. That's why the previous build was 2018.03.01, and this is 2018.03.02! What happened to 2018.01.X & 2018.02.X, you may ask? Well, those were team-internal test builds that we ended up not releasing due to either not being ready for public consumption, or having added more since the build that it was more sensible to just make a newer build and include all the previous changes there too!

Finally, we've also gone through our rules system, and updated them to hopefully be clearer, while also providing all the protections that you're hopefully used to by now! There are three separate rule posts - one for our in-game rules, one for our forum rules, and one for our Discord server rules - so we'd recommend you reading through the rules for any of those platforms that you use. If you have any questions or issues regarding the rules, please contact our moderation team via email, or through our Discord server!

Hopefully that all clears things up for you! Remember to grab the latest files from our downloads page; and if you have any issues or suggestions, as always, please submit them using our reporting system, as explained here!

That's all for now; see you in Equestria!

  • Fixed issues causing friends lists to appear blank, and preventing the addition of new players.
  • Fixed issues with certain items causing the trade interface to freeze.
  • Fixed an animation error with the trade interface's readiness indicator.
  • Fixed an issue causing armor items to stack in players' inventory.
  • Fixed an issue causing a quest marker for 'Are You A Princess Too?' to appear at the wrong end of Cantermore and some distance over the cliff.
  • Fixed an issue causing several lines of dialogue to be missing from the start of the quest 'Forest Frenzy'.
  • Fixed an issue causing several lines of dialogue to be missing from the start of the quest 'Believe It Or Not'.
  • Fixed an issue causing several lines of dialogue to be missing from the start of the quest 'A Wolf in Horse Clothing'.
  • Multiple minor fixes made to the dialogue for the quest 'An Equestrian Werepony in the Evershade'.
  • Added a few signs in the Crystal Kingdom to help with navigation.
  • Added a server check to prevent players from logging in to the same character on multiple servers, which was causing item duplication issues.
  • Enabled scrolling through inventory using the mouse wheel.
  • Reduced the speed of the Ponydale river.
  • Removed holiday trees that were missed last time around.
  • Implemented fix for leftover objective marker for quest 'An Equestrian Werepony in the Evershade' with Old Quest Marker Fix.
  • Implemented fix for leftover objective marker for quest 'Are You a Princess Too?' with Old Quest Marker Fix.
  • Implemented fix for leftover objective marker for quest 'Forest Frenzy' with Old Quest Marker Fix.
  • Implemented fix for leftover objective marker for quest 'Tomorrow, Spring Is Here Weather Team'.
  • Updated fix for NPCs still at the graduation with Old Quest Marker Fix. (See "Graduation finished, but still seeing doubles" option).


  • The friends list page of the journal may appear blank the first time you view it upon logging in; however, after closing & re-opening the journal, or going to another bookmark and back, it will appear as it should.

Section One - The Golden Rules and Staff Rights

1.) The Golden Rule - Be respectful and considerate to those around you. Remember that on the other side of the screen is another human being reading what you've posted. Keep that in mind and behave.

2.) Episode Spoilers/leaks - Not everyone will have had the chance to view the latest episode at the same time of the same day as you; keep that in mind when discussing the new episodes. This also covers any leaked information. Any discussion of events that happen in the episodes/movies (whether they have been released or revealed in leaks) should not be discussed untill the Monday after the episode has aired, or one week after the movie has released.

3.) Moderators have the final say - While these rules cover the most common situations, there are situations and circumstances where they do not. As such, we reserve the right to take any action that we deem necessary to ensure that the game and forum rules are not disputed or abused in any way. We also reserve the right to ban anyone who willfully violates these rules.

Section Two - General Conduct for the Game

4.) No Rule Lawyering - Attempting to enforce the rules as a user, whilst generally a nice gesture, is prohibited. It's not the user's job to enforce these rules among their fellow users; this is akin to "vigilante justice." If you spot someone breaking a rule, either contact a moderator directly (if you can see one in-game), or report them in the Moderation Corner using the provided template, and let the moderators handle it.

5.) No Spamming - 'Ignorant', 'pointless', and 'annoying messages' basically sums up what spamming is.

6.) No Trolling - Trolling is the act of deliberately annoying someone to the point of making them angry, or starting an unnecessary flame war. Do not do this, at all.

7.) No Advertising - Legends of Equestria is not an advertising platform. If you want to show off your work, and direct people to where they can see more of it (for example, pony artwork), that's perfectly fine, so long as it's suitably safe-for-work; similarly, if people express an interest in commissions, that is fine as well. We are not, however, a place to advertise a commercial product. Moderators will decide on a case-by-case basis whether a specific instance goes against this rule.

8.) No Obscenity - We require everyone to observe and maintain common sensitivity and a sense of decency. This includes:
     a.) No racist, bigoted, vulgar, or distasteful language.
     b.) No adult situations in any portion of the game. This includes non-public areas such as party or whisper chats.
     c.) Gore is strongly prohibited. This is a family-friendly site where people of all ages venture.
     d.) In RP discussions, weapons can only be used as props.

9.) No Flaming / Arguing - Intelligent public debate is welcomed, however the moment your post contains insults or personal attacks, you are in violation of this rule and you will be dealt with by our moderation staff. These will not be tolerated. We expect everyone to treat each other in a way which they, themselves, want to be treated, and that is with respect.

10.) Do not harass anyone - Harassment in any form is taken seriously. Do not do it, under any circumstances; attacking, badgering, and repeatedly disturbing members is not only rude, but not allowed. Threatening members results in an instant ban.

11.) Inappropriate names are prohibited - Usernames and pony names must not be offensive, derogatory, or vulgar. If you register an account or create a character with a distasteful name, you will be asked to change it. If you refuse, a staff member will change it for you, or otherwise take action against your account. We are a family-friendly project.

12.) Don't abuse in-game features - We have fun features available in-game, such as various emotes. Do not abuse these features by spamming them.

13.) Avoid sensitive material at all costs - Topics such as sexuality, religion, and politics have a reputation for getting heated pretty quickly. Do not attempt to talk about such things, or ever bring them up. Avoid posting anything like sexual orientation, religious standpoints, or political standpoints in any threads, personal text, and/or signatures. Our game should not be a place for this.
     a.) Do not, under any circumstances, bring up "personal issues" publicly. You can talk about said issues in whispers or party chats, but please do not burden the public space with your heavy baggage.

14.) Limited personal information such as Skype usernames, Discord IDs, etc. are allowed to be shared. Please note, however, that Legends of Equestria is not responsible for anything that happens in Discord conversations, over Skype messages, etc. Personal information such as real names, addresses, phone numbers, Facebook links, and pictures of yourself are not allowed to be shared.

15.) Controversial messages - If you believe something is controversial, questionable, or against the rules, do not type it!

16.) No inappropriate outgoing links - Anything that you link to must be child-friendly and safe for work. This includes links to:
     a.) Tumblr
     b.) deviantART
     c.) Flickr
     d.) Instagram
     e.) Discord servers
     f.) Etc.

17.) Keep discussions in the correct place - our chat has sections for general discussions with the entire server, local discussions with players in the same zone as you, party discussions with players grouped with you, and whisper discussions for direct conversations with one player. Constantly sending messages intended for a one-on-one discussion in the server-wide general chat may be seen as spam.

18.) No hacking/exploiting of game files - Legends of Equestria is an ongoing project, meaning that bugs will be present that can be used to gain an advantage over players that aren't using it. Once such a bug has been fixed, however, any attempts made to continue exploiting it (editing game files, modifying older versions of the client to connect to the server after an update to continue using an exploit, hacking, etc), or create/use any other kind of exploit that is not present in the latest version of the game without such modification, will be dealt with severely.

If you have any questions about these rules, or believe that a moderation decision has been made in error and wish to appeal, please contact our moderation lead Perry via email ([email protected]), who will be able to address your concerns.
(Note: while this was an April Fool's joke, the NPCs, quest, and costume will be permanently available in-game. It'll never cost you a penny, though!)

Hey, everypony! We here at Legends of Equestria have an extra-special announcement to make!

As you all know, Legends of Equestria was built from the beginning to be a completely free experience, available to everypony, and made by a completely unpaid, volunteer development team. This has been the core of what we've aimed to do from the start, and it's what's driven us all this way.

But no longer! We're proud to finally unveil something we've been working on for quite some time: the Legends of Equestria Micro Transaction store!

This store is currently in its trial phase, so not everything is available right now, but special items such as cosmetic upgrades and horse armor are already available through the Micro Transaction store. We implore you to check it out, and help support development!

That's not all, though! There's one addition to LoE that you've all been asking about for the last few years, and it's finally a reality! We're unbelievably happy and proud to be able to announce our very first Micro Transaction upgrade: The Princess Package! Now, for a small fee, you can upgrade your character to become an All-icorn!

This is intended to be a paid upgrade in the final version, but for a limited time, it's available to all LoE Premium(TM) Accounts for free! If you want to take advantage of this amazing opportunity, make sure you have the newest version of LoE available from our downloads page! Then visit the Micro Transaction store, conveniently located in central Cantermore, just off to the East of the fountain, and speak to the salespony to receive a unique upgrade quest!

Please note, the Micro Transaction store is only available to ponies who have gained their Talent Mark and finished the graduation ceremony. For legal reasons, the store can only be made available to adult ponies, as all purchases require an adult's permission.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, or entities, is entirely coincidental.

  • Added quest 'Tomorrow, Spring is Here'. (Note: a pony must have become an adult and completed their graduation ceremony to participate!)
  • Added quest 'Are You A Princess Too?' (Note: same as above).


  • Bunny Socks added.
  • Kitty Socks added.
  • Kitty and Mouse Socks added.
  • Horizontal Knit socks added.
  • Moon and Stars socks added.
  • Blossom Dress added.
  • Winter Warm Up Animal Vest added.
  • Winter Warm Up Ground Vest added.
  • Winter Warm Up Weather Vest added.
  • Winter Warm Up Organizer Vest added (note: currently not available to players).
  • Princess Horn added.
  • Princess Wings added.
  • Princess Shoes added.


  • Reworked phasing system to allow quests to trigger environmental changes.
  • Revamped friends list.
  • Bank system developed, first bank added in Cantermore.
  • Created system to expand bank storage space based on quest completion.
  • Added a server check to prevent players from logging onto the same server with the same account multiple times at once.
  • Added a server check to ensure players are playing on the latest available version of the game before connecting to a server.
  • NPC Bank Guard implemented.
  • NPC Check List implemented.
  • NPC Micro Transaction implemented.
  • NPC Electric Art implemented.
  • NPC Active Vision implemented.
  • Revamped trading interface, including trade value indicators.
  • Enabled trading of bits.
  • Added ability to offer custom amounts of items for trade ('Offer X Amount').
  • Fixed an issue that allowed some items and abilities that granted a temporary buff to have that buff stack.
  • Altered item sale value: items are now sold to shops at 20% of their purchase value.
  • Book GUI now scales with game window size.
  • Purchased/not purchased abilities show properly in skillbook.
  • Added teleport to gryphon roost in the Heartlands.
  • Various terrain fixes in the Bramble Woods.
  • Holiday trees removed.
  • Snowfall particles removed from maps and menu.
  • Limited bunnyhopping speed increases.
  • Added Medical ability icons.
  • Lowered scaling of slide acceleration on slopes.
  • Fixed lighting on lanterns and torches.
  • Fixed an issue causing players flying straight down at the ground while wearing Enchanted Ice Skates to launch across the map.
  • Fixed Sugar Cane Corner radio text blocking camera rotation.
  • Fixed issues with disappearing trees in Ponydale.
  • Shop GUI improved to better show prices of items.
  • Fixed text alignment issues in the journal.
  • Added ambient audio to Sweet Apple Orchard and Gem Mines.
  • Fixed issues with socks and bronze armor not displaying properly on foals.
  • Added flinching animations for most mobs.
  • Added some new set dressings in a few places.

There's also a whole bunch of smaller, back-end tweaks and changes, but you guys won't really notice them!


  • Check List's completed quest markers sometimes don't clear until the player seeing them refreshes the room (relogging, moving to another zone and back, etc).
  • Players may see unresolved quest markers from other characters on their account if they log out of one character and then immediately onto another one on the same account in the same zone.
  • Quest marker missing to send players on the Weather Team back to Check List after defeating enough clouds. She'll still continue the quest for you, though!
  • A server-side issue is preventing the friends list from populating correctly; we're looking into it.

Hey again, everypony! It's been a little while, hasn't it? You might think that we're running a little late with our seasonal update, but what if I told you that it's thematic, eh? Would you believe that?

Ah, well. It was worth a try!

We've been working super hard over the last few months to bring you something extra special, and it's finally here for everypony to enjoy: the Legends of Equestria Winter Warm-Up event!

Yes, that's the name we're going with.

For the next few weeks, Ponydale needs your help! As per usual, it's struggling to get winter all cleared up in time for spring to begin, and expert organizer Check List has been brought in to try and get the event back on track - but she needs more volunteers to manage it! You can find her barking out orders from Ponydale's Town Hall! You can't miss her - she's the one in the snazzy vest! Everypony who helps to warm up winter for Ponydale chooses one of three teams, and if they're successful not only will they get to see Ponydale restored to its usual lush green, but they'll get a team vest to match!

Which team will you choose? Don't forget, this is a seasonal event, so it won't be around forever; you'll also need to be an adult pony who has Graduated in order to participate!

That's not the only new addition to the game, though; Cantermore is now home to the First National Bank of Equestria! If you've been having trouble cramming all those color-customised pairs of tartan socks into your saddlebags - and trust me, we've all been there - then this update is for you! Visit the bank in Cantermore, located conveniently in the middle of the city near the fountain, to store costumes, armor, and any other stuff that you don't want to get rid of, but don't want to carry around everywhere you go!

Please note that the Cantermore bank is the only one currently operational, and it's not able to store bits just yet, but more is always coming! In the meantime, you can speak to the Bank Guard to learn more about it, as well as how to expand your bank storage!

There's plenty more that's new to Equestria; A big redesign of the trading system, bit trading, a revamping of the friend system, Ensemble has a new seasonal dress for sale - and, of course, a plethora of new socks. If you're using our Windows launcher, the game should update automatically the next time you launch it; for everypony else, the updated files are available from our downloads page! As usual, we have a full changelog that details every change, improvement, and addition that we've made; you can find that over here!

We really hope you enjoy the Winter Warm-Up event, as well as everything else we've brought you so far! Remember, if you run into any bugs, issues, or just a suggestion or two, you should submit them to us using the system explained here!

There's a lot more to come, so stay tuned, and we'll see you in Equestria!

Head over to our downloads page to grab the update!
  • Added quest Dashing Through the Snow
  • Added quest Trouble Stoppers
  • Fixed issues with Brass Tax
  • Fixed issues with Rehearsal Roundup
  • Fixed issues with A Book Too Far
  • Fixed issues with Letter of the Law
  • Fixed issues with Eye Sore


  • Added Ice Skates
  • Added Enchanted Ice Skates
  • Added Reindeer costume (Reindeer Antlers, Reindeer Nose)
  • Added holiday items (Holiday Tree Hat, Stocking Cap, Joyous Beard)
  • Fixed Batpony Wings coloring issue
  • Fixed issues with positioning on several wearable items (e,g, sunglasses, bat teeth, torch, bucket, lantern, pencil), especially on foal models


  • Winterized Ponydale -- snow textures, ice on river, snow particles
  • Added holiday trees and presents in Cantermore, Ponydale, and Cloudopolis
  • Snowing particles around holiday trees in Cantermore, Ponydale, and Cloudopolis
  • Added sliding on ice
  • Fixed issues with Wanda and Vogue not talking in some dialogue scenes
  • Fixed crafting interface to enable exiting from interface (note: not yet finalised & available fully in-game)
  • Crafting panel locks movement until exit from interface (note: not yet finalised & available fully in-game)
  • Train Station signs now activate from either left or right clicks
  • Reworked chat filter to reduce number of false positives
  • Cushions are now easier to sit on
  • Glasses position fixed for Stallion, Colt, and Filly
  • Whisper option in Chat updated. Available in right-click menu in chatbox
  • Model misalignment on pegasus takeoff fixed
  • Fix overhead text being rendered behind manes and tails