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Resolved Issues / Re: Chat vanished
2014 Nov 25, 14:02:54
Just a quick update for everyone.
We moderators have had a discussion about this issue, and that the consensus is that while we continue to consider possible updates to the way the chatbox works, however, unless general behavior on the chatbox improves it will be removed permanently.
The Retirement Home / Chatbox Disabled
2014 Nov 23, 16:15:12
The chatbox has been disabled for the time being.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter,
The Legends of Equestria Team
A quick remainder to everyone, please be polite while posting anywhere on this forum!
The Retirement Home / Re: true or false?
2013 Dec 22, 20:55:32
Yikes, true... But then I'm not very sporty at all!
The pony below me likes snakes!
Video Games Archive / Re: Flight Simulators
2013 Jul 26, 13:03:17
Well, I do.

Here are my favourite flying machines for each of my sims:
MSFSX: Leerjet 45 (I think, can't remember what it's exact name is.)
Orbiter: Ravenstar MkII
Kerbal Space Program: Any evil construct of fire and doom.

Which sims do you play?
Unless I'm seriously mistaken, this topic is about illegitimate copies of Minecraft, which for obvious reasons, I can't leave this thread open. Sorry guys!
I'm no expert in this field, but I've been looking into starting it myself. First and foremost on the list, which you've already got on your list, is your microphone. You say it's an old one, how old is it? As a rule of thumb, I find longer lasting microphones are generally better than the cheaper, newer ones.
Record some clips with sound recorder, and see how much noise there is coming from your mic, and judge for yourself how good it is.

I only know of three video recording programs, all of which are vastly different. First of all there's Fraps, which I believe has a rather low quality free version... And I have no idea how audio works into that.
Then there's CamStudio, this one's open source. It might take a little more post production editing than the other two, but the plus side is it'll always come out with a nice quality and it'll never nag you for money.
Finally, there's XSplit Broadcaster - despite it's name, I'm pretty sure it can stream to file as well as to the internet. It's got a really easy to use interface and can easily pick up in game sound and microphone sound, and is very easy to set up with either portions of the screen or with specific programs like games. The downside to this one is that, while it does have a free version, it's going to be very persistent in begging you to buy the full version. (Which, I doubt you'll need.)

As for the consoles, I believe you would need a video capture card on your computer to do that. I've seen them for sale all over the internet, yet I've never seen one for real.

Though, perhaps it would be an idea to get some practice in talking. It sounds strange, but it's my own biggest hang up on starting trying anything like this. I say "Um" and "Right" far too much.
I personally am probably going to try using Skype to just talk at someone about random things for as long as I can without hesitating to try and improve that.
Either that or get four friends together on Skype to play Just a Minute.
While I think the notable poster system could have actually worked well, I think it would have been better to have a system that wasn't monthly, and also allowed revocation of the title.
It would be helpful to have had something like that to allow new users to see who is more likely to give well informed, helpful posts, that are of notability.

Honestly, anything more complex than that is going to serve for nothing but ego inflation. Which only makes my job harder.
XR2 Ravenstar... What do you mean it's not real!?
Fine. Well, the Eurofighter Typhoon deserves a mention at least.

Though I'd say my favorite real plane is probably the Bombardier Leerjet 45.

And a close up:
Glad to know that was the problem!
I believe that the forum's email services are down due to heavy load.
If she's registering to play the game then she can with the inactive account. As for the forum, I think she'll have to wait for a bit and ask the forum to resend the email.
The Retirement Home / Re: Carbon Tax
2012 Sep 07, 19:15:38
Quote from: Little Judas on 2012 Sep 01, 11:05:15
Solar panels give unclean power, maybe the new ones are better.
Normal DC gives a nice sine-function, but solar power gives a modified version of it.

Do you perhaps mean AC? (Meaning Alternating Current.)
I've never heard of any mains power being supplied in Direct Current.

Quote from: Lary on 2012 Sep 06, 07:42:35
Solar energy is a joke. Too expensive for too little gain.

Tell that to NASA and Roscosmos.
I'm glad you've found the solution to your problem.
For the archive's sake though, I will point out that the "Save a copy in my outbox" checkbox should solve this problem.
Resolved Issues / Re: New Boards
2012 Sep 03, 19:47:32
Okay, all things considered, I don't think any new boards will be added in the immediate future.
If the subject ever comes up, however, I will put forward my idea to trial a general media board at some point.
Until then this forum has served it's purpose, so I'm going to move it to the solved board.
News Archive / Re: The Road to Alpha!
2012 Sep 03, 19:22:11
Quote from: The Wandering Magus on 2012 Sep 03, 19:19:36
will there be, like, clear boundaries, or will it be kind of you walk and *bam* loading screen?

Can't say for sure, as I've not seen the game all that recently.
News Archive / Re: The Road to Alpha!
2012 Sep 03, 19:18:00
Quote from: SweBow on 2012 Sep 03, 06:28:25
We most likely will have fast travel (train etc.) to locations. But also the possibility to walk there.

Just to clear this up a little, there will be loading screens between areas. (I believe around the outskirts of towns?)
So, you can take the long route to another town, it just might vary from the way other MMOs do it.
Video Games Archive / Re: arma 2
2012 Sep 02, 19:11:14
I'm quite fond of it too. I usually play with the ACE mod, and occasionally host games.
There's no xbox version partly because the console isn't fast enough to keep up with all the processing the game requires, and partly because when they tried porting Operation Flashpoint to the original xbox the controls became very confusing due to their complexity.
Quote from: Chishio Kunrin on 2012 Aug 17, 04:37:19
Did Norton just do something stupid?

By the looks of it Norton just did something clever, I'll get to that in a bit though. First.

Quote from: Chishio Kunrin on 2012 Aug 17, 05:50:49
They should probably name those files something not so... suspicious. I dunno what a bunch of letters .dll means. X3

Their names are merely abbreviations of what they are. First of all .dll files are Dynamic Link Libraries. They're just bundles of computer code, and in essence contain parts of computer programs. Executable files (.exe) then use these files to do certain things that they wouldn't be able to do on their own.

The two that Norton scanned appear to be Open Graphics Layer Extension Libraries. These particular ones appear to be used by your browser to display things like website games.
But this is where it gets a little bit out of the ordinary: It seems like old versions of this files had a minor security issue.
So I believe Norton was just checking that these files were the right version... Which I don't believe I've ever seen an anti-virus do before.

Quote from: Chishio Kunrin on 2012 Aug 17, 08:52:58
I figured out that conspiracy theory on my own without ever having heard anyone mention it, oddly enough. :/ It was while I was sitting around wondering why people make viruses. "What's the point?" I thought, "Stupid no-lifes."

Well, most viruses are programmed to try and steal money, or personal information like usernames and passwords.
While nearly all viruses have some sort of purpose to do something spesific, there are a few out there that of course are just trying to destroy anything they can.

Personally, however, I use Comodo as my anti virus.
I have removed the image tag from that post; which should fix that problem.
I was only really able to work this out with the information everyone posted here, it had me stumped for a little while.
It the sheer length of the link was causing the server to lag to the point it couldn't send the entire page; I only worked this out when the link was posted in this thread and it started to slow down - albiet not as much as in the other thread.

So yeah, thanks for the information everyone. I've removed the link from Magus' post so that everyone can read this thread too.
And with that, I do believe it's problem solved. If you notice any more threads with problems like these, post another thread here and I'll take a look!
MLP: FiM SD Archive / Re: Unthinkable
2012 Jul 27, 18:45:50
So, there's a slice of something red in a sandwich with a salad?
Could be pretty much anything.