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Off-Topic / Re: Today's Smile
2018 Mar 30, 19:18:03
Seeing this thread still alive after all these years.
I fell off between Seasons 4 and 5 when it started becoming really hard to find episodes online.
Now it seems to be extremely easy, so I've caught back up again.
Also this would be a good place for everyone to say where they're more active, so I'll lay out a list

Please refrain from sharing personal information on the forums.  This includes and is not limited to social media websites (i.e. Facebook and Instagram, Discord and Skype)  See the forums rules (12b)
-  Moderation Staff
Banned for keeping doctors away
Well, I haven't checked here in forever!

As for why that is, well, I just kinda fell out of the loop on MLP stuff, I couldn't catch up. And the RPs were fun, but they really slowed down for a while, and so did the art threads. Point being, I started to feel like I had nothing to talk about here, so I kinda lost interest. I might stay if things are picking up again, however.
Video Games Archive / Re: Terraria
2015 Dec 10, 00:29:37
So, believe it or not, the other day, I was given early access to Terraria 3DS.
(Home screen proof, since there's no way to take screenshots, unless they put up a Miiverse community)

Plays real nice, I've encountered just a few very minor bugs, and it's for the most part a solid port. Will be $20, download only until early 2016, and devs have confirmed they have already started work on the next update for bugfixes and a little more content.

On a scale of one to ten compared to the PC, I rate it a 9. Not perfect, but it's certainly great, it serves its purpose, and it runs real nice.
Wait, how long has this forum existed?
A bee I am... not.

(Please tell me this is the correct reference.)
Pikmin, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Wind Waker, Super Mario Sunshine, I grew up with the Gamecube. I also grew up with the SNES, since we had one of those too. And, A Link to the Past on there was the first Zelda game I ever played.(Not the first one that I beat, because when I was little I had trouble with that game, but I still loved it a lot)
Canterlot Archives / Re: Dinosaurs Land OOC
2015 Sep 15, 08:44:01
Recently, I've figured out the reason I have a hard time RPing: I just can't keep up with multiple people at once, because if I have to go inactive for just a short while, which happens often since I can get quite busy, things go on without me and I can't keep up. And I'd rather miss everything than force everyone else to wait for me. And I know it's been slow lately, but I still seem to have this problem. Even when it's not going too fast for me, I just can't seem to concentrate on it.

In some other places more recently, I actually have been RPing a bunch. The difference is, I generally do it with one person at a time, and we usually take quite a while between replies. I might be able to sort it out and get back into RPing here sometime, but probably not for a while.
Or, since that's kind of a less common subject, would it make more sense just to change this section to be titled "Games"?
Canterlot Archives / Re: Park RP (Open)
2015 Jul 15, 15:40:18
Doro went up to HowTea, and gave him a little nuzzle.
Canterlot Archives / Re: Park RP (Open)
2015 Jul 14, 06:37:17
"Really? Most people find me to be especially light."
Canterlot Archives / Re: Park RP (Open)
2015 Jul 14, 05:29:32
"And my name is Doro." he said to her.
Canterlot Archives / Re: Park RP (Open)
2015 Jul 13, 17:44:08
"And, I just like playing in the mud." Doro told her.
Canterlot Archives / Re: Park RP (Open)
2015 Jul 13, 02:19:34
((Wait, she can talk to animals?))
Canterlot Archives / Re: Park RP (Open)
2015 Jul 13, 00:13:07
"Of course. We just should stay in the park when we spend time with her."
Canterlot Archives / Re: Park RP (Open)
2015 Jul 13, 00:05:12
"But I don't think it's our job to keep her, you see?"
Canterlot Archives / Re: Park RP (Open)
2015 Jul 12, 23:25:55
"Well, she belongs to someone doesn't she? Ponies keeping us is fine, but I'm not so sure about us keeping baby ponies..."
Canterlot Archives / Re: Park RP (Open)
2015 Jul 12, 23:22:19
"Hm, I don't know. I don't think she's lost or anything."