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Started by 6DPegasus, 2021 Jul 07, 16:29:17

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Hello everypony! I've been in the brony community since season 5 and have seen quite a lot of videos about LoE! However, I suppose the videos I've watched were quite outdated as I've just recently learned it's been years since the servers were in "open occasionally on weekend" phase^^

As for me, I'm a senior undergrad student in Computer Science, Data Analytics, and Game Development (minor). I'm quite experienced with developing game and research projects in Unity with C#, as well as the typical programming languages you'd expect from a comp sci pony (Java, C, C++, etc). I'm also a learning 2D pony artist and fimfiction writer, both profiles I'll be happy to provide if anypony is curious.

I may play occasionally as my OC Rainy Script, and hope to meet you all in this exciting new world! This fandom has brought so much light to my life and I can't wait to see where and to whom it will lead me in the future^^

Edit: omg aaaa the letter verification is making me question my humanity  lol  this is 4th attempt


Howdy, 6D ((may I call you that?))!

Glad to meet you!  TBH, when FiM came out, I was a freshman in college.  After watching the first episode, I was absolutely hooked!  I met a ton of friends thanks to the show and not a single dry eye was left after the final episode ((I'm still crying over it!)).

Hope to see you in game soon!  :D
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Hi, my name is Azariy and I am also newbie one :3  :]


Hi! I'm a professional computer engineer with five years under me. I first encountered MLP FIM in college in my Physics class with a good friend. Season 2 was just coming out. My friend has passed now, but through that time, the fandom has been an escape for me into an idealized world of fantasy.

I installed the app tonight, and it was such a breath of fresh evening virtual air. It's beautiful.

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