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Forum suggestions / Missing Hullabaloo? And not on...
Last post by A'kiRka - 2023 Mar 20, 07:50:13
Quest nameIt's Party!

During the dialogue on stage, when Hullabaloo asked to replace him during the party, I lost my internet connection and the game froze. Later, when I entered the game, the entire quest was completely reset
There are no markers! The quest stood still, others can't take my plot development stopped (((
I need Hullabaloo for the spring quest, but it's not there. I ran around the whole world, there is no place where he can stand (
I tried deleting the folder via Win+R %appdata% , nothing changed.

I pasted links to screenshots of the problem, they are not displayed in the post
Game Updates / Legends of Equestria Changelog...
Last post by Ellowee - 2023 Mar 17, 19:36:48
  • The time for Winter Warm Up has come once more
  • Disabled the seasonal Winter quest Dashing Through The Snow
  • The mineable rock models have been updated
  • You may now spot clouds floating over White Tail Park
  • Added the ability for foals to blink
  • Added a little display on your health bar showing the amount of damage taken
  • Target buffs will now be shown under the mob's name
  • Added a cooperative hug emote, allowing 2 ponies to hug each other
  • Added a visual effect to better distinguish hypnotized mobs
  • Hypnotized mobs no longer take less damage when soothed
  • Hypnotized mobs now receive armor bonuses which scale with Hypnosis upgrades and the caster's armor
  • Hypnotized mob attacks now contribute to the player's xp
  • Added a little xp reward for when landing smoothly on the ground
  • Refined the xp distribution from mobs
  • Pet attacks now contributes to the player's xp
  • Added a new stomp attack for Pegasus Rock Golems
  • Added a new charge attack for Pegasus Rock Golems
  • Pegasus Rock Golems may drop rocks upon taking damage now
  • Active buffs from items will now show in the buff panel
  • Increased the max zoom distance of your camera
  • Increased the camera distance at which manes and tails will have physics
  • Fixed an issue where, if you don't held a mining tool in your mouth, it'd pick the 1st tool in your inventory as a fallback, instead of the best
  • The sprites for the book tabs on the mobile version of the game have been updated

  • The soundtracks Moonlight in Evershade Forest and Wilderness in Evershade Castle Grounds have been replaced with a new soundtrack - Sin Shala, composed by Asteconn
  • The soundtrack 1000 Years in Evershade Castle Grounds has been updated to a new variant of the track

  • Fixed a visual artifact with the furnace that's located near Gem Mines in Ponydale
  • The stack size of all Materia types has been reduced to 8192
  • The stack size of Frozen Essence has been increased to 64

  • Added several emojis to the chat, also accessible using a new dropdown:
  • :sitting:
  • :lying:
  • :sleeping:
  • :boop:
  • :dancing:
  • :applause:
  • :face_hoof:
  • :waving:

  • The following NPCs have received their designated talent mark, also available for players to chose:
  • Geizhufe - A silver letter shaped like a German sharp S
  • Gutterhoof - A muddy horseshoe
  • Icy Sheets - A partially cracked ice cube
  • Lightning Strike - A cloud with a little lightning
  • Parsley - A sprig
  • Razzle Dazzle - A firework explosion
  • Reefus Clacket - A wooden barrel
  • Thyme - A sprig
  • Tight Lips - 3 exclamation marks
  • Bugsy - A ladybug

Hotfix 23/03/2023 (v2023.01.02)
  • Fixed a client issue that now means there should be a bell ringing sfx sound during the Winter Warm Up quest for waking up the animals in the Animal Team
  • Fixed an issue recently introduced by the update that causes the player to fall through the ground when switching the room on occasion
  • Fixed a visual artifact with the colt model causing little spikes to appear under the chin
  • Fixed a typo of the word "using" in the options menu
General News / Legends of Equestria's Spring ...
Last post by Ellowee - 2023 Mar 17, 19:35:47

Hey there everypony! It's been a little while since we last spoke! All of us on the LoE team hope you're doing well in this crazy ol' world of ours!

We've all being doing our best to make Equestria the best world it can be for you, and we hope you enjoy all of our latest improvements, as we make our first major release of this year, the Spring 2023 update, available for download! As always, this version is available for download from our website, from the launcher, and from your web app store!

You might have guessed by now, but the full details of this release are available from our changelog; check below for our highlights, though!

As always, Winter Warm-Up has rolled around! Check in with Check List in Ponydale for your seasonal charges to help ward away the winter blues, and welcome in the tides of spring to Equestria!

We've also made a big addition to our chat system, adding custom emojis to help liven up your interactions in Equestria! We're also experimenting with player character interactions a bit more - so the next time you greet a friend in game, why not offer them a hug?

We've added some new attacks and effects to our enemies too, to make combat a little more engaging. Why not try your luck against the Rock Golems, and see how you fare, with their new range of animations?

That's far from everything, of course! New Talent Mark options, new music tracks, a new weather system in White Tail Woods, new player animations, a rebalance of Hypnosis abilities, and much more awaits you in Equestria!

As always, if you're playing using our Windows launcher, your files should update automatically; other platforms may need to visit our downloads page to get hold of the latest game files. If you're playing on mobile, you may need to visit your app store to prompt the update!

We certainly hope you enjoy everything Equestria has to offer in 2023! We have a lot more planned this year, so please stay tuned to future updates, and we can't wait to see you all in Equestria very soon!
General News / Re: See Your Design As A Main ...
Last post by superedan - 2023 Mar 12, 23:50:16
The developer or publisher could hold a design contest, inviting fans to submit their own original designs for a main menu theme.
Apple Wishes
Healing Lavender
Lemon Cloud
Lightning Blossom
Night Blaze
Prismatic Lacewing
Rainy Writer
Shuffle Beat
Sky Storm
Starfire Dream
Thunder Sky
White Squirrel


Apple Wishes
Cloud Jumper
Dim Bulb
Ember Flames
Fiery Breeze
Freightliner Mtwo
Galaxy Neptune
Lemon Cloud
Lemon Leaf
Lightning Blossom
Marvelous Mane
Minty Taka
Red Velvet
Shuffle Beat
Sky Storm
Swichy Joycon
Thunder Sky
Wind Spray

Spoiler: Sweet and Elite Hide and Seek Screenshots - March 4th 2023 • show
Introductions / Re: Hello, this is my first ti...
Last post by Eruhaben - 2023 Feb 28, 16:55:48
Hello! Welcome to the amazing world of LoE!
If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!
Have fun!
Apple Breeze
Free Flight
Grape Twist
Lemon Cloud
Lightning Blossom
Night Blaze
Red Velvet
Rising Star
Rockwell Lancer
Shuffle Beat
Smol Winged Shuffle
Spooky ThreeTwo
Starfire Dream
Thunder Sky
Wind Spray

Spoiler: Sweet and Elite Hide and Seek Screenshots - February 18th 2023 • show
Apple Wishes
Cloud Jumper
Lemon Cloud
Lightning Blossom
Marussia Kopytova
Marvelous Mane
Red Velvet
Shuffle Beat
Sky Storm
Starfire Dream
Thunder Sky
Wind Spray

Spoiler: Sweet and Elite Hide and Seek Screenshots - February 11th 2023 • show
Introductions / Hello, this is my first time o...
Last post by JustcallmeLuke - 2023 Feb 11, 13:41:02
Hello all! I am new to using LoE and am brand new to the game.

I have been watching the show since 2012 or a little earlier, its hard to tell.

I still watch the show and I hope the new generation treats the series well lol.
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