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General News / Legends of Equestria v2022.02....
Last post by Ellowee - 2022 May 13, 14:34:48

Hey again, everypony! We hope you've all enjoyed warming up after winter, and are ready to spring into summer! We've been busy ourselves, and are happy to announce that our next major update, v2022.02.01, is now available for download!

First things first, our amazing community continues to submit some great menu designs, and two more are being featured, with an all-new soundtrack to one! Remember, if you'd like to see your own artwork featured as a main menu theme, you can read all the details on how to submit it here.

Another thing you'll likely notice quickly is that some NPCs now have subtitles! This should help to give you a little more information about what an NPC does - whether they're a merchant, a member of the Guard, or one of you friends from foalhood - and make navigation a little easier!

We're also experimenting with more advanced mob behaviour. Now, attacking certain enemies may trigger a 'swarm' effect, where other nearby mobs will also rush in to defend them! Make sure you take extra caution when engaging in combat, because who knows how many enemies you might make!

We've added a couple of new and rather dashing cosmetic items, too. Just in time for a certain in-game, player-organised, formal event, we hope! If you'd like to attend the community-made Gala event, make sure you put on your best outfit, and check out the details on the #community-events channel of our Discord server!

That's the highlights, but there's plenty more packed into this update; a new construction site in the Frontier, quest fixes, skill upgrade adjustments, lighting changes, a new animation for the Mining Talent, variable bank space rewards from quests, and more! If you'd like to read all the details, as always, you can find them in our changelog post.

If you're playing on Windows using our Launcher, the game should update automatically; other platforms will need to visit our downloads page to grab the latest copy of the game files. If you're on a mobile device, you may need to visit your app store to prompt the update to start!

That's all from us for now! Hopefully you enjoy what we've worked on so far, and are looking forward to what we have planned next! Until then, we'll see you in Equestria!
Game Updates / Legends of Equestria Changelog...
Last post by Ellowee - 2022 May 13, 14:08:41
  • Added construction site to The Frontier
  • Added Heart of the Eclipse necklace
  • Added Winternight Dress
  • Added Tuxedo
  • Added Bandana
  • Added pink and yellow firework pearls
  • Added drops panel to the desktop version of the game
  • Added 2 new main menu themes, submitted by Dear Princess and Sweet Pencil
  • Added soundtrack Party In Pink, playing during Sweet Pencil's main menu theme
  • Added a warp point between Dodge Juncture and Applewood
  • Added animated visual effect when scanning for ores using the Mining Talent
  • Item tooltips now display whether a item can be traded
  • Quest markers now show up on the global map
  • Added NPC subtitles to mark key NPCs or rankings
  • Added experimental walking sounds to dragons (note: some issues regarding this are still being worked on)
  • Added swarm behaviour to certain mobs, allowing other nearby enemies to be alerted when engaging in combat
  • Added variable mob attack ranges to allow for more ranged combat
  • Added new NPCs:
  • - Ridgemane
  • - Tough Love
  • - Lord Marshal Saber Rattle
  • - Coltfosters
  • Added new quests:
  • - 'Good Humor', available from Klondike
  • - 'Third Time's the Charm', available from Klondike.

  • Improved location triggers in quests, meaning less precise positioning is required
  • The spawn point in The Frontier has been moved to Dodge Juncture
  • Reduced barriers within Evershade, allowing you to visit inner forests now
  • The tree in Evershade Seclude now looks slightly prettier, as it's better lit
  • Updated a lot of NPC military titles
  • Replaced Temporary Escape with Captain Clasp in the Bramblewoods dungeon.
  • Cleaned up the command list a little
  • Quests now reward different amounts of bank space, depending on their difficulty or length

  • Fixed some issues that caused pony ears to shrink when wearing certain accessories
  • Fixed a few colliding issues with scene switch portals
  • Fixed a layering issue with the feather of the Candy Meow's Crystal Kingdom main menu theme
  • Fixed colouring issues on the Bunny Ears and Bunny Tail items
  • Skill upgrades now properly affect the radius and duration of skill effects
  • Fixed ovens in Cloudopolis being really weird offset, where you had to stay outside of the building to access the interface
  • Fixed one of the camp sites in Heartlands floating in the air
  • Fixed a few sound issues in Cantermore where a few surfaces sounded solid rather than wooden, etc.
  • Fixed some skills getting stuck with "Target?" message displayed
  • Added an Old Quest Marker Fix for Costume of the Night.
  • Added an Old Quest Marker Fix for First Day of our Pony Lives graduation markers.
  • Fixed up Old Quest Marker Fix's fix for fixing non unicorns who have the magic talent quest active.
General News / Re: Legends of Equestria Is Re...
Last post by .Boo. - 2022 May 13, 07:14:16
Hi... o-o
  I want to give some suggestions and report some errors, but, as other users have pointed out, phabricator is unsecured. I'd rather not share my real name, especially across an unsecured connection.

  My suggestions mainly surround navigation:
1. Quest markers are too close to the mini map border so they get hidden behind it.
2. I wish there was a setting to make the arrow point the direction the camera is facing, which would make it easier to navigate as a teleporting unicorn.
2b. Alternatively, have an option to turn the pony to face the same way as the camera, like a certain other MMO has.
3. It would be nice to have a larger square map element, like a certain other MMO has.

  I had a lot of trouble navigating which made it really difficult for me to understand where to go and what to do. I got confused and accidentally skipped part of the game, I think. I was going to suggest that it be made more obvious, but I think fixing the markers and adding a square map would make it obvious enough.

  I have some more suggestions, but they're not as important/realistic as my others:
4. An option for teleportation to color the parts of the screen where you can and can't teleport. Not sure how easy this would be to implement.
5. Show number of players online in Americas and Europonia.
6. A button to switch region server without logging out.
7. Visually different quest markers for different quests.
8. Perhaps some direct overview of the characters progression in the game and a preview of the adult stage in the character creator. Acquiring talent marks seems like an important thing the teacher should tell you about instead of needing to ask about it.

    Generally I was, and still am a bit, confused about what to do, but I'm also not very good at video games.

    I apologize for posting suggestions here, but I saw others do it and get responses, so I thought maybe it's not so strict.
Introductions / Hi.
Last post by Pluponium - 2022 May 12, 08:23:14
I can't remember anything from the show, but this game looks cute and fun ^^

I think I accidentally skipped MSQ by doing a talent mark quest.
Introductions / Re: Introduction and a plea fo...
Last post by Pluponium - 2022 May 12, 08:17:24
I think you need to extract the whole folder before playing. You might have only extracted the launcher exe and nothing else. Also: strawbelly banana; Welcome to the show!
Legends of Equestria Discussion / Talent mark problem!
Last post by ArtisticEvie - 2022 May 11, 20:45:03
Hello ponies and all of equestria! I am having this big talent mark issue where it only shows a question mark but doesn't load in for the other ponies, what do I do? If you had the same issue and know how to fix it, I'll be very appreciated! ^^ (This is on PC windows btw)
Balance Keeper
Grace Seraph
Snowy CloudDancer
Snowy Skies
Starfire Dream


When I enter from Cantermore, there isn't such problem.
That sounds like your computer or phone doesn't have the power to load up the Heartlands
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