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Video Games / Re: Your favorite video game?
Last post by faeizaamiriw - Yesterday at 06:59:10
House of Fun. Its a fun game to play. Love it.
Balance Keeper
Healing Lavender
Lemon Cloud
Red Velvet
silver star
Starfire Dream
Tiny Tenderheart
Wind Spray

Spoiler: Sweet and Elite Hide and Seek Screenshots - July 30th 2022 • show
I saw on the Legends of Equestria wiki that there's a Writing category for Talent Marks, but no page about the category itself. Does anyone have information on how to get started obtaining a Writing talent mark? Who must I talk to?
I fell off the outer walls of Cantermoore, and now I'm stuck in the mountain area underneath with the waterfalls and purple rock walls. How do I get back into the city? I've found a fuchsia structure, but it's sloped so that I can't walk or teleport up it.
Introductions / Re: Hi there!
Last post by SuperSpaceMan34 - 2022 Jul 30, 13:28:36
Well hi there yourself.

I'm sure you'll find a few new friends scattered about, though I haven't seen many peeps online when I play, but that may just be due to the time I get on.
Introductions / Hi there!
Last post by Aloyd1987 - 2022 Jul 29, 17:44:53
Hey there everypony!

I recently heard about this game a few days ago and, I figured why not give it a try?
I hope that I'll meet some amazing ponies on here, and I also hope that I'll have a lot of fun on here as well!
I was just typing this up just to say hello to all of you!
Black Rose
Healing Lavender
Lemon Cloud
Lemon Leaf
Orange Burst
Red Velvet
silent shadow
Standard Issue
Starfire Dream

Spoiler: Sweet and Elite Hide and Seek Screenshots - July 23rd 2022 • show
Introductions / Hello everypony
Last post by MoonloveTR - 2022 Jul 22, 07:45:16
Hello everyponies your purplemoon princess here i'm princess moonlove and nice too meet you
Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
Last post by SuperSpaceMan34 - 2022 Jul 20, 15:30:30
s p a w n c a m p e r s
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