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If you have not reported the bug on Phabricator, that is the best place to put it to get it noticed.
Follow the instructions here:

This will notify the team of the problem.

Thank you for your help in making Equestria great!
Music / Re: What are you listening to?
2016 Jun 14, 22:54:53
@CMC Scootaloo

Yes, I have heard back. It was a bit of a busy week for me, and I haven't been completely well these last few days, so please forgive me for not replying right away.
Aw, that was really nice of you! I honestly was not expecting it. Thank you for taking the time to do that.

I wouldn't have given it a second thought (well, I wouldn't have given it a third thought, anyway), except that I received a notice from another website that they couldn't reach my email. It made me a little pensive about my submission, but I think they were just paranoid because I hadn't reacted to their emails.

Post Merge

Last day today! If you're going to apply, don't delay any longer!
EDIT: The post before this was removed, and the issue of this post has been addressed. Ergo, this post is no longer necessary, but I don't want to remove it for sake of keeping records.

Let's not be hasty, now. They already said that they get a lot of submissions. While I too am curious and anxious that mine has been received, it won't do to have everyone asking if their own submission has been received.

Writing!?! Storytelling!?! Proper grammar!?! My special talents are needed!

In what format would you like the applications to be submitted: .doc or something else? Or, are attached files a no-no and you want the text copied into an email?
That is correct. The servers will not open until tomorrow at 9:00 AM EST. Until then, just sit back, relax, snuggle up with your very special somepony, and listen to the dulcet tunes of the log-in screen.

Mmm... that sure is fine. And we'll be playing it all night long.
The launcher seems to be working fine, except that windows stops it every ten seconds to ask me if I trust gunzip.exe and zsync.exe. That's really annoying, windows.
Quote from: Dragonisser on 2016 Jan 13, 17:15:28
Oooooooh yeah  :3

I hope i find new tall buildings to climb up :D


I like you.

Spoiler: Earth ponies unite! We will climb on all the things! • show
Gypsy, I don't know if it's the sleep deprivation or what, but that GIF made my day. Thank you.
QuoteAdded: New Sugar Cane Corner Interior

That is a fair change.
QuoteAdded: Crystal Kingdom Fair

This is also a fair change. (Sorry, the pun was not intentional at first, but it is now.)
Added: Crystal Kingdom Night Music
Added: Crystal Kingdom Castle exterior lights

New musics and eye candy is always exciting to me.
QuoteAdded: New Heartland additions

Oh my flavors! Yes!
QuoteAdded: Better Night Lighting
Added: New Night Skies

Again, eye candy is always nice.
QuoteFixed: Can once again jump and teleport on the Cantermore grass

Good, that was a little annoying.
Fixed: Fixed holes in the Heartlands Terrain
Fixed: Fixed holes in the Cantermore Terrain

Bu-bu... but... but how am I supposed to get outside of the map now and jump into space? Or did you mean "fixed" as in: we added more holes back in?

                   Maybe? Anypony? No? Just me?

QuoteFixed: Fixed Floating Objects in The Heartlands
Fixed: Fixed Floating Objects in Ponydale
Fixed: Fixed Floating Objects in Cantermore
Fixed: Various issues in the Evershade Forest
Fixed: Various issues in the Crystal Kingdom

I just... I don't even... My holes are gone...

Dots are literally my favorite candies. Are we the same person, but maybe from different times? Or dimensions? Because that would be amazing.
Quote from: Onion Sing on 2016 Jan 05, 05:29:51

I should be just about done playing Tales of Zestiria by then...  X3

*Gasp* Another Tales of fan! I already thought you were cool, but now, you're a whole lot cooler! At least, like... I don't know... 20%, maybe?

Judging by the picture, I'd say you're about... 70% of the way done? Typically you can figure out how close to done you are by multiplying your level by 2 and subtracting 15.

Don't tell me anything about it, though. I've only just begun it, so no spoilers. ^_^
Midnight Hush has her tickets reserved. She'll be coming to Equestria for the party.
Quote from: Princess Darcy on 2015 Dec 14, 00:23:39
As far as I know it's just exclusive to the game room at the convention.  Sorry :(

Oh, that's okay. I wasn't really expecting an answer anyway. Thank you though.
Soooo... does this mean open weekend around that time too? *Pleading-hopeful-puppy-face*

(I know you don't know and can't give an answer. I'm being factious. Seriously though, does it?)
When should we expect to know by?
Well, I do want to help any way that I can, so... okay.

QuoteForum Name: Particlemane

Age: Yes (Sorry, I'm a little sensitive about that. I am 18+, with quiet a lot after the "+")

Experience: Outside of real-world moderation, not much.

Why would you make a good moderator?: I want to help. I evaluate all sides of an argument before making my decision, and I typically do it with a calm head.

Anything else you would like us to know?: I am a quick learner, and I pick up on concepts quickly. As long as someone is willing to teach me, or point me in the direction where I can find instructions, I generally catch on pretty quickly. That fall in all categories, too, if anyone is willing to coach me in other fields like, say, Unity programming, ect. The downside of it is: I don't really have any appreciable skills otherwise. Except storytelling.
Does being a teacher count as "citable moderation experience?" Not that it really matters, as I think that being a teacher disqualifies me from "Must have good availability."
The Retirement Home / What server you on?
2015 Aug 15, 00:03:29
What it says on the tin.

I'm mostly on Griffonia, even though I have the worst ping there, because most of the people I know are there.