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Greetings, dear reader.

I'm Chicago Ted-- yet another user to join these forums. If you frequent (profile here), you'd know me as that one punsmithing, Esperanto-speaking, drive-by-snarky-comment-leaving zombie hunter.

I've checked on Legends of Equestria a time or two, but it seems that all the open server events end right when I check! With Equestria Daily, PonyvilleFM, and Legends of Equestria all having this party of sorts, I now have an opportunity-- of which I immediately took advantage-- to obtain the client. When the server opens up at 9 AM tomorrow, where I live it'll be 6 AM, so this should be interesting.

If you've any questions for me, do reply. But I may not respond right away-- in fact, my Fimfiction account is where I'm more likely to respond to any inquiries.