Soobel's OC Cloudie Brilliant

Started by Soobel, 2017 Sep 20, 04:15:44

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2017 Sep 20, 04:15:44 Last Edit: 2017 Sep 20, 06:25:10 by Soobel
Cloudie Brilliant the unicorn

Polite and generous, not upset or arrogant. Can hang out with both hig society and commoners. Artist like Rarity, but more modest.
Her special talent are extra fine telekinesis what allow her make very thin and beautiful adornments. She are jeweller and goldsmith.

Had significant metabolic and overweight issues at foalhood and are bullied because that. Nowdays are she still fat, but not so obese and her health are better. She learned at foalhood to defend herself and due her heavy weight are she stronger than usual unicorns.

In LoE game have she better bodyshape and health and cutie mark are green diamond instead red one. If somebrony meet there such unicorn then that means that im in game.

Edit: How she looks in game.

  Cloudie Brilliant, Dusklight Blossom, Tomato Delight


Oh my, what a lovely and original character you have it! Great job!!


2018 Jan 18, 15:20:39 #2 Last Edit: 2018 Jan 18, 15:33:44 by Soobel
That are rather funny meme. I have not time to fill it daily like it asks...

(I find a selfie with same outfit at work)

(Yes, she are older than Rarity and other Mane 6)

(Goldsmit like said)

(Rarity want sometimes special gems and adorments for her works)

(I have not M6, they are just random oc's by Estonian fans)

(He's not actually a youtuber, but a teacher of railway things. He did a very good compilation of soviet railsteel from Baltic states with good Estonian techno music)
  Cloudie Brilliant, Dusklight Blossom, Tomato Delight


  Cloudie Brilliant, Dusklight Blossom, Tomato Delight

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