Kagabi's OC List (Work In Progress)

Started by Kagabi, 2017 Sep 17, 21:46:34

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(Work In Progress, possibility to add more)

[img]To be added[-/img]

Name: Night Rewind (Originally Kagabi, though I changed my mind for reasons)
Age: 16 Years Old
Race/Gender: Pegasus/Female
Talent: Party Host and Singer (Inspired by Splatoon - Yes, I'm a geek. I know. Be quiet)
Talent Mark Design: (I'm going to redesign this, but to give you an idea it does involve music notes)
Personality: An upbeat and offbeat mare. She's extremely loud at times and can be pretty unpredictable... Night has difficulty staying still at times and therefore hates it when it's overwhelmingly quiet.

Appearance (Description, Temporary):

A short, light beige-colored mare with large wings. Her mane and tail are mainly white with streaks of sky blue and Russian blue. The mane is pretty messy along with the tail, though her mane is put up into a ponytail that swings towards her left.

Night Rewind moved into Ponyville around the time she was 9 years old.

(Work In Progress)

South Anima [Friends]


[img]To be added[-/img]
Name: Eclipse Rally
Age: "Erm... How do I explain? ...Yes?"
Race/Gender: Bat Unicorn/Female
Talent: Dark Magic [Shadows]
"Has no one heard of the legendary 'Shadow Scythe'?"
"YOU MADE IT UP! No pony would've heard of it! I bet not even Celestia herself!"
"...What do you normally call me? Hmm... 'Buzzkill'?"
"Shut it, mad-mare."
Talent Mark Design: (Still in Designing Phase) A crescent moon that appears to have a magic wand beside it. A close resemblance to what looks like a scythe.
Personality: Pretty awkward and confusing, it's hard to understand her most of the time. Eclipse is a little... Uh... Ridiculous calling herself a "Follower of the Night" (a reference to a fanmade song).

Appearance (Description, Temporary):
(Little too lazy to write it... Though, I can tell you she does NOT have wings)

(I have the story, though I'll need time to figure out how to write it)


- She can't levitate more than the average building in Ponyville. Stress overwhelms her if it's greater than what she can hold.
- A spell she learned at a pretty young age, though Eclipse has gained mastery over this spell... She occasionally gives herself headaches upon using it for long distance transportation or consecutively.

Dark Magic
- Shadow Manipulation; Eclipse is limited to controlling shadows. She has learned to make this magic pretty formidable, even in close range. It's weaker during the daytime as there is mostly light compared to when at night -- almost everything is covered in shadows. Using this manipulation, she can manifest what she calls "Enigma Weapons."
  - "Magic Scythe"; Eclipse's special technique and reason on how she earned her Talent. This is the lowest stage and her first Enigma Weapon.
     -"Magic Scythe: Lucifer"; A slightly more advanced version of "Shadow Scythe"
  - "Magic Bow"; Another Enigma Weapon that summons a bow of dark energy in front of her. She uses the bow for long ranged combat.
     -"Magic Bow: Heart Thief"; Another version of Magic Bow, this spell basically makes her enemies feel a sharp pain in their chest. Quote from her, "I have to be careful where I aim this. When I first developed this technique, I accidentally shot my mentor... Let's just say that, 'They were out of commission.'"




[img]To be added[-/img]
Name: South Anima
Age: 18 Years Old
Race/Gender: Earth Pony/Female
Talent: Animal Tamer
Talent Mark Design: (Design Phase) A compass that appears to have been dropped on a dog's pawprint.
Personality: Pretty analytical and straightforward. It's questionable how she can get along with even the most irritating of characters sometimes, well... She doesn't get along with them. South tries to withhold her anger at those she finds annoying, in hopes that they back off before she loses it.

Appearance (Description, Temporary):
(Give me time, school is a bit... Uh... Bothersome)

(Need to think about this too, just made her up)

(Work In Progress)

Night Rewind [Friends - Somehow]
Night Rewind (Pegasus), Eclipse Rally (Unicorn), South Anima (Earth Pony)

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