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Art / Re: Soobel's things
2015 Dec 28, 10:46:05
Anyway its good to trot around the buildings and objects in LoE game for looking, how they looks backside. It helps me to complete Golden Oak Library:

Clover Coffe, houses with bridge between him hear the market place and some other buildings waiting their time :)
Quote from: mizumo on 2015 Aug 17, 02:44:55
-Battle need some indications of hits other than visual decrease of hp. Some sound effect maybe or a stun effect.

Pursuiting monsters must be hearable or  visible partially. And very helpful will be shortcut key, what select shortly that monster, what attack you.
Quote from: mizumo on 2015 Aug 17, 02:44:55
-night time is too dark to see things. Had to enter /time 8 command.
Also, this

Unicorns need that horn light function, what every unicorn can do in cartoon.

And how works "Local" chat?

Helpful may be that type of chatroom, what works only.. in 20 meters of radius like real speaking and shouting. Your text appear only on those ponies chat window, who are inside that radius.
What about ponies itself, how long they run through each other without collision? I understand, that makes playing more easy but looks weird.
Quote from: Julien999 on 2015 Apr 12, 05:58:15
If you don't know, only Pegasus can do this in mid-air or flying.

Sad :/ Better if pony can step to side for hiding behind corners and jump side against attacks...
Why "Strafe" (left and right, Q and E tabs) not work? I cant step side, if wof attacks. Or that just not work YET like other bugs like ponies and villains runs trough each other not collides etc?
Quote from: Scootashy on 2015 Apr 10, 16:53:20
yes i hear feb versions work but those files ain't around for download and i dont have them like alot wont have that client version.

I only with februar version can went in, newer versions crashed after pony creating.
Quote from: Legendoffun on 2015 Apr 10, 13:23:42
I can log on and see the server list. I can click and create my character. But I can't get to the world. Is this happening to anyone else? Because it is happening to me every time. It's not really fun to hear the music but go nowhere ovO DD:

Whenever I'm just about to get in, my computer freezes, unfreezes, and then tells me to shut down the application. Of course, if I exit it, it exits LoE automatically. I wonder if it'll be a repeat of next time.

Same here.
Quote from: Natfoth on 2015 Apr 10, 12:52:44
What issue are you having with the x64 one?

My XP64 just close the program at login to world. Ok maybe my system are old and broken. I have a bit hurry now, i start my laptop with Vista and try again, if i morre time have.
I downloaded both versions and looks like both versions are identical: that LoE-exe (consoleapplication3) says me "is not a valid win32 application"
Then i open Game folder and run there LoE.exe. It starts, i create a pony and try go in - after minute game close itself without error messages.

What i do wrong?

(I start then older client from February OSW and go in with that - it works.)

I use win XP 64 bit version.
I find not any clients on download area, not for 64bit too. (Game currently not available)
But i find an older game on my computer an i went in! I visit Ponydale, Crystal mines and travel to Crystal empire. There i trot half mile, then connection lost and logout.
Hmm i read about "Open server WEEKEND" and i tohght that Sunday contains too into weekend! I was on work and waiting, when shift end at Sunday morning and go home to play, but...  ono
I played a online game first time ever. And meet a other estonian too :)
What i doing there? Just walk around and discover the world. If i discovered how to beat monsters and earn money, then i like the game more.

And most important task was: spy the Ponyville arhcitecture. I got many screenshots and now i have material for long time to build the Ponyville houses for my Model railway layout. And first goal was screenshots of Library's hidden side, Library with 2 huts around her must be complete and placed on layout for Estonian Model Exhibition "Minimaailm" (Miniature World) for May 2015.

Art / Re: Soobel's things
2015 Jan 25, 05:30:21
Looks like nobroni interests those things :/

Looks like only one server works, all the community try to play and then coming crashes and dissconnections. Hope the team working enthusiastically and not give up.
How to go somewhere other places than Cantermore? Its impossible today?
But that works! I walked some minuts around Cantermore (other ponies stand at same place???) Then logged out for hope to login somewhere ponyville and . . .  Failed to connect, no response from remote host.

Hope that developers seen and tests what they needs.

I'm calm, just wait and hope that sometimes game works properly and fully complete :)
Looks like 64bit version starts on my XP X64, i see menus etc. If i try login then see message "Servers closed... ..."

Next need to see, what it does, if servers are open. There need same Name and Password like in here, in forum?

(I try first time)
Lets see run it on my old Win XP X64 or not. Its rare system... Hope to play online game first time ever!
Art / Re: Soobel's things
2015 Jan 19, 18:29:24
Ok, nobrony not find that fingerprint. It are on the right (left on the picture) ear. 4 ruts.
Here she stand with other ponies around a matchbox:

This i made for anatomy trial. 3hours:
Art / Soobel's things
2015 Jan 12, 18:39:50
I dont know, are that 3D art or goes it to this topic. First find a fingerprint on this pony: