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Art / Re: Soobel's things
2018 Aug 15, 18:35:31
Poor Tia and incoming pink storm

Anypony got a light quest not work: no markers appear, i meet Taffy, Hullabaloo, Astral and Crystal kingdoms SPA and finally got the torch but Taffy Treat not got it and its impossible complete the quest.

There was also a quest where Taffy sent me to Clover Cafe for pie, i got that pie but Taffy not get it from me and task not complete.


Edit: i logged again into game and now i complete both tasks, both quests worked fawlessly.

So those complains above are not valid any more.
Art / Re: Soobel's things
2018 Jul 25, 13:37:48
Dusklight Blossom and Odéon Blackplait at the Valley of Yellow Flowers. Odéon are not my OC

I cant remove Pyrite's "!" mark, i asked for both "Pyrite's package," "Mindless Violins" and "Belongs to museum" but marker still stands.
Art / Re: Soobel's things
2018 Jul 10, 05:59:10
Its like double post mut i share last things here too.

OC Dusklight Blossom

In LoE game she havent horn and so fancy wings but she have healty bodyshape

Art / Re: Pumpkin's Creative Corner
2018 Jul 10, 05:54:15
Beautiful figurines. Sad that our stores here in Estonia not sell them and skips over the whole series of blindbag ponies.
Dusklight in game:

I have read Fo:E, improved with chubby alicorn bodyshapes and watched teal ducks on rivet. Eyes, feathers and other things born by itself. Backstory too.

Dusklight Blossom are halfbreed crystal alicorn from some small community from Equestrian outskirts or unknown badlands. Exact parents and origin are unknown. Like a hint about that anicient times before Sombra wars or other cataclysms was alicorns not so rare race and lone alicorns will appear sometimes somewhere.
She have never learn magic and cant do such miracles what alicorns usually do, she can cast just brighter illumination spells and lift heavier things. Race makes her not superhero or mary sue, that is more like imprecation not benefit. She afraid Celestia, other ponies respect and afraid her as alicorn and she have not closer friends and special somepony because that. Loneliness and lack of love causes stress, what causes eating disorders and obesity in turn.
She have strong connections with earth magic, she like plant and care shrubs and bushes, caring of parks and gardens and trimming the hedges are her special talent.

In the game she havent horn, have healtier shape and can fly. I use her as pegasus character, meeting her in LoE world mean that Soobel are in game.

Art / Re: Soobel's things
2018 Feb 26, 12:32:57
Poor chubby Luna VS the gravity

The face

Art / Re: Soobel's things
2018 Feb 11, 10:39:06
Its weird fact that i discovered when i did my first "big" sculpture, blindbag sized Spoiled Rich: those small 3/4 inches (17mm) tall mini figures are far easier to do. These estonian fan's OC-s i did all five at one time and wasted 2 evenings for them.

So dont afraid to make sceneries and houses with small figures.
Quote from: Glyph on 2017 Dec 27, 13:04:32No, you do not need to create a new character. You just need to update the game through the launcher or download the already updated client from the download page.

I updated my game and enjoy for snowy landscapes. But "!" markers still standing above ponies who not help me any more.
That are rather funny meme. I have not time to fill it daily like it asks...

(I find a selfie with same outfit at work)

(Yes, she are older than Rarity and other Mane 6)

(Goldsmit like said)

(Rarity want sometimes special gems and adorments for her works)

(I have not M6, they are just random oc's by Estonian fans)

(He's not actually a youtuber, but a teacher of railway things. He did a very good compilation of soviet railsteel from Baltic states with good Estonian techno music)
Art / Re: Soobel's things
2018 Jan 13, 10:58:25
Some Princesses

Worst mom
Cloudie Brilliant the unicorn

Polite and generous, not upset or arrogant. Can hang out with both hig society and commoners. Artist like Rarity, but more modest.
Her special talent are extra fine telekinesis what allow her make very thin and beautiful adornments. She are jeweller and goldsmith.

Had significant metabolic and overweight issues at foalhood and are bullied because that. Nowdays are she still fat, but not so obese and her health are better. She learned at foalhood to defend herself and due her heavy weight are she stronger than usual unicorns.

In LoE game have she better bodyshape and health and cutie mark are green diamond instead red one. If somebrony meet there such unicorn then that means that im in game.

Edit: How she looks in game.

Art / Re: Soobel's things
2017 Mar 21, 13:12:55
Some views

Art / Re: Soobel's things
2017 Feb 26, 13:36:19
OC Cloudie Brilliant

Full Moon

Also some pics about fanfiction "Celestia" ( )

Art / Re: Soobel's things
2016 Aug 01, 06:23:33
Some developments.

Ponyville Railway Station. Static grass and pink fence around the hut missing:

Familiar view:

Closer view. Luna are 20mm tall (4/5 inches) Scale 1/87 (H0)

Resolved Issues / Re: bits going to zero
2016 Aug 01, 06:11:32
Yep, all the bits and items disappeared if you goes through portal. And appears again if you sell or loot something.
Art / Re: Soobel's things
2015 Dec 28, 18:08:32
Hard to count time, i work some hours at evenings. That i remember, the temporary carcass of library's trunk stands on desk more than month. Then called me to an exhibition less than 2 weeks before event and i completed Library with 1 1/2 weeks.

Only telescope i completed later:

One pony i will to do from zero to complete in one evening with 3-4 hours:

Last week of sommer vacation i did every evening one pony:

Tont afraid of some imperfections, they are very small, only 17mm or 3/4 inches tall. Twist have less than 1cm / half inches tall: