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Original Characters / Aeriel Blitz
2022 Aug 15, 00:58:44
I apologize if anyone happens to have a character with this name.

I may not RP in the forums since everything seems kinda dead, but I can RP on Discord if anyone's willing to have another character join. I can be found on the official LoE Discord Server.

Ariel Blitz

Age:5(Horse/Pony age), 17(Human age for comparison)
Gender: Female
Species, Race: Pony, Pegasus
Power(s): N/A
Weapon(s): N/A
Abilities: Fighter Maneuver

Personality: Helpful and excitable. Easily distracted by things that grab her interest. Adventurous. Can and will defend herself and others if necessary.

Appearance: Steel blue coat, yellow eyes, oval lensed rimless glasses, white and blue mane & tail w/ thin red highlights in white parts.
[The image below was made with the character creator provided in Pony Town.]

Second pony character, elder sister of Steel Blitz(May or may not be present, depending on how active I am).

She's often seen with saddlebags. The left bag holds empty scrolls, quills, and a closed inkwell, the right holds Bits and other small things she collects. The empty scrolls are used to write down descriptions or draw pictures of interesting places she visits.

Her Cutie/Talent Mark is a coat of arms. Inside the 'shield' is a flag on a hill. The print on the flag is a crossed wing and sword. Her Cutie Mark's color scheme has color placements somewhat similar to the 1947 USAAF roundel, with greens and a lighter blue included.
See image below

Fighter Maneuver: Has better maneuverability in the air compared to the average town or city dwelling pegasi due to flight training sessions in various areas, especially in dense woods and forests. Can easily avoid enemy projectiles or fly in narrow spaces, to an extent.

Decided to try and make her Cutie Mark in MS Paint because that's the best thing I have. Yes, I know, low quality stuff.
Used the curve line to trace over a resized wing.
I've been quiet for about half a week now and haven't taken the time to post anything, so here we are.

I'm Space, just another person on the interwebz looking for games to play, stuff to do, and maybe even meet someone new and RP, who knows.
I may not be active on these forums much, but I'm on LOE at least once an evening every day(US Central Daylight Time) between 9PM and 12AM in the Amareicas server region.
Chances are I won't be speaking on LOE at my own will, but I'll usually be playing under the name Ariel Blitz, and very rarely Steel Blitz. My apologies if these names happen to be used by one or more individuals, I'm a very late member in any sort of MLP community. Just think of it as a coincidence so no drama occurs.

I don't expect to meet anyone right away, or to meet anyone at all, and that's fine.
I'm mainly just here to be here.

With that out of the way, I wish everyone a wonderful day and/or night.