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Forum suggestions / Quest editor
2019 Sep 05, 14:20:16
Idea: Create a feature what allow players make the quests, adding them to game or share to each other. Something like editors used for creating custom maps for DooM, Quake etc games.
Seems like making a quest are not harder than make the keys, switches and door and elevators to work on some DooM-like game custom map.
Of course i have no idea how quests actually work and are this feature even possible to make. Plus lot of problems like allow OC's there or use only existing NPC's, who tests player-maked content, how to add and remove quests etc

Just idea.
I have read Fo:E, improved with chubby alicorn bodyshapes and watched teal ducks on rivet. Eyes, feathers and other things born by itself. Backstory too.

Dusklight Blossom are halfbreed crystal alicorn from some small community from Equestrian outskirts or unknown badlands. Exact parents and origin are unknown. Like a hint about that anicient times before Sombra wars or other cataclysms was alicorns not so rare race and lone alicorns will appear sometimes somewhere.
She have never learn magic and cant do such miracles what alicorns usually do, she can cast just brighter illumination spells and lift heavier things. Race makes her not superhero or mary sue, that is more like imprecation not benefit. She afraid Celestia, other ponies respect and afraid her as alicorn and she have not closer friends and special somepony because that. Loneliness and lack of love causes stress, what causes eating disorders and obesity in turn.
She have strong connections with earth magic, she like plant and care shrubs and bushes, caring of parks and gardens and trimming the hedges are her special talent.

In the game she havent horn, have healtier shape and can fly. I use her as pegasus character, meeting her in LoE world mean that Soobel are in game.

Cloudie Brilliant the unicorn

Polite and generous, not upset or arrogant. Can hang out with both hig society and commoners. Artist like Rarity, but more modest.
Her special talent are extra fine telekinesis what allow her make very thin and beautiful adornments. She are jeweller and goldsmith.

Had significant metabolic and overweight issues at foalhood and are bullied because that. Nowdays are she still fat, but not so obese and her health are better. She learned at foalhood to defend herself and due her heavy weight are she stronger than usual unicorns.

In LoE game have she better bodyshape and health and cutie mark are green diamond instead red one. If somebrony meet there such unicorn then that means that im in game.

Edit: How she looks in game.

Art / Soobel's things
2015 Jan 12, 18:39:50
I dont know, are that 3D art or goes it to this topic. First find a fingerprint on this pony:

Introductions Archive / Soobel drops in
2014 Dec 26, 09:11:58
Hi there

Im just a father and train driver from Estonia. Pony-mania brings into our family my childern.

I have 2 ambitions about ponies.
1 - how they will look, if i meet they really.
Its almost like i hope:

Some shapes are bit wrong...

This was bigger work:

But eyes must be more round, here looks eyeshapes like Fluttershy eyes. And ponies went too fat and thin legged. Maybe because that i are drawn hunderds of fat horses like this:

2 - why i are here. I hope to see know-how about Ponyville building in 3D. In show are they only one side, i never seen, how looks their backsides.

I have crazy idea to make Ponyville on the model railway layout in scale 1/87 H0. Some buildings and ponies are done: