Website images won't show up...Tech Support??

Started by ChibiGrrl, 2014 Sep 17, 10:20:37

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So, I'm having trouble with and displaying properly on my laptop. The images (i.e. profile pics, logos, icons) aren't showing up properly like they're supposed to. The site doesn't appear like it should in any of my three browsers. I did a comparison on my step dad's desktop ( a windows 7 ) and it works just fine.

I have a Windows 8 Samsung Laptop, my web browsers are Mozilla Firefox, Torch (Chrome based web browser), and Google Chrome. I use Firefox the most often. . .

So far, I have tried clearing the browser history and refreshing the pages with all three browsers, it doesn't have any effect.
I have also went into my internet settings and done the following:
Control Panel > Internet Options > Security> Restore All Zones to Default Level
Control Panel > Internet Options > Advanced > Checked both the "Show Pictures" and "Show Animations on websites" boxes
These didn't do anything either. . .

Any helpful tips or hints would be greatly appreciated. If I forget to mention something that may be relevant to fixing the problem, just ask and I will do my best to clarify.

Here are some screenshots of the problem, top of screen to bottom:


I'm not usually sure as to how to fix this problem (happens to me from time to time, and then after a while of not using that site, it'll work randomly out of no where lol)

The only tip I can really offer is to try and clear your cookies and your cache(?).


Tried that when I clear my browser history, still doesn't work  >.<

Thank you for trying to help though ^^

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