OC: Midnight River

Started by TitanicThomas, 2017 Sep 16, 19:56:43

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This young colt is the son of Princess Luna making him a young prince. His name comes from how he looked to his mother Luna, A dark blue coat like the night sky with a slightly darker shade of Light blue which she saw a river in. Even though he is a prince he has a hard time communicating to groups of ponies and is very shy as he still does not his cutie mark. Even though he is the son of a Alicorn this does not mean he was going to be one as well as he is a unicorn that has the strength of a earth pony but he does not got the wings of a pegasus. With the abilities of both a unicorn and a earth pony he has many strength including in the ways of magic. This strength in magic is something Midnight has not fully found out how to control yet and sometimes this causes him to mess up a spells. He constantly needs either his mother or his Aunt Celestia's to get him down from roofs or trees because he is too tired to use another spell to get back down. Even though he has these problems he has a band of good friend that mostly dont have there cutie marks as well that he allows to live in the palace in Canterlot and his mother allows him to do that.

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