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Thanks to everypony for your participation, enthusiasm, and support.  :celestia:

It was a close contest, and your support of each other is much appreciated.  We look forward to everyone's continued support, and will endeavor to keep Equestria a place you all want to visit again and again!

We will be locking this topic from further activity, though, so everyone can get back to focusing on active threads and keep the party going strong.  We look forward to seeing you all around the forum, and hopefully soon, seeing you in Equestria again.    :D
Quote from: Trisoul vector on 2016 May 20, 11:18:37
After you have finished the hiring process, would the open servers be more available or be coming soon?

Writing has no more input on scheduling open servers than any other production department, so I don't really have this information.  You'd do best to contact Public Relations, but even then, I can't promise you'll get any concrete response on the upcoming of frequency of open servers.  We are working hard to achieve a releasable version of the game, and more writers will help to ensure a good range of content, but beyond this I'm afraid I'm not able to provide answers.   :I
Quote from: ObeyBunny on 2016 May 17, 19:50:16
No matter who gets accepted, are you guys more interested in dialogue, story scenarios for quests, lore, humorous entries for when you mouse over an item's description, or something else entirely?

Yes.  :P   We are responsible for all written content and NPC interactions in the game, as well as working up item and ability descriptions, and establishing and maintaining the canon of the world.  All those things are important and all fall to the writing department, though this time around we are focusing a bit more on aspects of quest writing.
Confirmation or correspondence E-mails have been sent to everyone from whom we received a submission.  Please remember, this is not an indication of the status of your application, only confirmation that it has been received.  If you sent a submission and DO NOT receive e-mail confirmation, please either try again or send me a PM.
Quote from: CMC Scootaloo on 2016 May 11, 17:16:26

I have sent in an application with a story that I wrote for it just a few minutes ago. It's an unpublished view story on called "Clementine's First Colt Crush".
Can you give me confirmation that you received the e-mail? I want to make sure that it really arrived.

We received your submission, and are in the process of reviewing it.   Thanks for your interest in helping LoE.
Quote from: O. Vannen on 2016 May 11, 13:47:49
I don't trust myself with writing anything creative, however I'd be more than happy to help with editing and proofreading (and if directly asked, plot or story).

I know, not a lot to go on, but maybe I could edit something as part of my resume?

We need writing samples from editor applicants to determine your grammatical fluency, and if you have an understanding of the differences between prose, exposition, dialogue, etc. We also want to see how comfortable you are with narrative flow, in order to know you are able to maintain the creative integrity of the author's work, while still ensuring the best possible presentation.

Any small piece of creative prose should suffice, and it only needs to be 2,000 words at most, and to demonstrate your linguistic ability as described above.
Quote from: Particlemane on 2016 May 05, 22:52:53
Writing!?! Storytelling!?! Proper grammar!?! My special talents are needed!

In what format would you like the applications to be submitted: .doc or something else? Or, are attached files a no-no and you want the text copied into an email?

Nothing we have to download please.  Beyond that, in-line e-mail text is preferable, but anything we can access online is acceptable.

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Quote from: waaaaaaah on 2016 May 05, 14:09:13
how often would I be expected to produce content?

Quote from: Gamepaw on 2016 May 05, 15:50:29
I also would like to know about the work involved

Quote from: Tripy998 on 2016 May 05, 22:52:14
I was just wondering. As a student that goes to school 8 hours a day, and probably only has a 2 hour opening every day to work on this, would that be alright?
I would try to devote more time but I have many programs I'm involved in for economical purposes.

We will ask that visible progress is made on each person's assigned task each week.  Given the nature of writing, especially for a volunteer project, some assignments may not be completable within a week's time, but progress should be being made to the best of your ability.

Editors may be held to higher standards, due to fewer variables typically involved in the nature of the work.

Quote from: waaaaaaah on 2016 May 05, 14:09:13
What exactly would be involved in the writing process? In other words, what would I be doing, and how often would I be expected to produce content?

Quote from: Gamepaw on 2016 May 05, 15:50:29
I also would like to know about the work involved.

Quote from: cshadd on 2016 May 05, 18:48:33
The only writing I can do is informational essays. Are you guys looking for creative writing or writing in general?

Quote from: NightMoonMare on 2016 May 05, 18:59:58
Sorry to seem a bit stereotypical with question on this thread, but can you maybe provide extra information on writing & editing?

Okay, so when this is every reply, the fault is probably on our end.  X3 The information being sought after can be found on our main recruiting thread here:

Quote from: Ellowee on 2014 Aug 06, 01:51:02

Quest Writers

Applicants should show an advanced grasp of grammar and language mechanics, as well as a clear understanding of story structure and narrative flow.  You must also be comfortable operating under existing programming and design constraints, while still providing a creative and engaging experience for the player.  Experience with MMO story structure is a plus.  To apply, send your original, family-friendly writing samples of no more than 2,000 words to [email protected].  Please include how much time you will be able to devote to Legends of Equestria, and your reason for wanting to join the project.


We are seeking dedicated, full-time editors for Legends of Equestria.  Applicants must demonstrate a fluent grasp of grammar, spelling, language mechanics, and idiom, but must also have a basic understanding of story structure and narrative flow. You should also be able to work comfortably within the established creative structure and aesthetic of the game. To apply, send your family-friendly writing samples of no more than 2,000 words to [email protected].  Please include how much time you will be able to devote to Legends of Equestria, and your reason for wanting to join the project.

Apologies for the vagueness of the initial post.   ^-^
Quote from: waaaaaaah on 2016 May 05, 14:09:13
Can I submit MLP fanfiction? And if the writing sample I send in is a bit longer than 2000 words, is that still acceptable?

Yes, Fanfics are fine.  If you need 20 or 30 extra words, or if it goes a tad over, that's fine.  We need to ask for brief samples, though, so we can get through them all.