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Nope, didn't get in. Maybe next time...
Hah, the LAR starts on my first day of final exams lol. Oh well, I'm sure I can make time during that week. After that is winter break after all, where I'll have all the time in the world :D. Until then......
Yes! I've been waiting for this opportunity for a while. I've obvously bug tested for around 8 OSWs in the past, but this was something I was looking forward to since we actually will have more time than 3 days to search the world and gameplay elements. So long butt-slide glitch lol.
Definately looking forward to this. I've played the game for the last 7 or so releases, so it'd be great to become one of the permanent play-testers ^-^. Bug reporting can occasionally be awesome if you find ridiculous bugs.
Welp, that was pretty fun like always. I mostly explored and reported bugs as usual. I have to say that the hat duplicate glitch was the most hilarious one lol. Other than the bugs, I didn't see any new maps  >.<, but I did see some changes in existing maps, so that was cool. AND THE PARTY. Oh man, the party was hyper laggy in the end and full of stupid memes  ^-^. Let me list a few:

"H O R S E"
">Literally 0 FPS"
"-Lag Filtered-"
*Various other rants about the end of the world coming*

Anyway guys, great turnout as always. I didn't stay till the end, but hopefully a dragon or two visited SCC in the end  :P. I hope to be able to play with you all in Decemeber. Until then.
General News / Re: Announcing Release!
2016 Jul 12, 17:32:27
Definately going to do that December application. I've been to so many OSWs that I've lost count...  :s But it would be great to help out with bug testing, etc. on a more frequent basis. I wonder if being in a computer related field will help...
Yes, another successful OSW. It's like my 6th time on here, but the "end of the world Party" is always what I look forward to the most. Gotta say, this one ended pretty crazily, with -Message Filtered- jokes, Undertale spam, and at the very end, a random Dragon in SCC  lol. They didn't listen, they weren't there when the dragons attacked. Looking forward to the next OSW, hopefully with less spam and fewer glitches.  X3
Aww yeah. It's been so long, but it's finally back... and now alpha. What comes before alpha anyway?  :\ Anyway, this game never fails to pop up JUST before I go back to school. See you all there soon.
This was probably my 5th or so time on LoE OSW, but it was still great because something a bit different happens every time. It was awesome to see some new rooms pop up, and improvement over ones that were already there. Yet no matter how many changes, it always seems like the chat with others ends up being the most memorable.  ^-^ I loved it in the end at SCC when the DJ took random requests for the last 20 minutes or so, we got some Dr. Who and Bill Nye in there. Also, I can't forget all of the -Message Filtered- jokes, no matter how bad they were. Overall, great OSW, and as always, I will be looking forward to the next one.

-Shoking Realitee

P.s. The Great Sit actually happened this time.
News Archive / Re: Servers Now Closed!
2015 Apr 13, 11:10:23
Probably one of the better OSWs, it was my 4th time on. I'm glad that they finally got around to fixing the chat scroll bug and prevented much of the crashing that has happened in the past. Also, the load times are shorter!  ^-^ I didn't get to play as much as I wanted to, but I'm glad that I could play enough to explore around and report a few bugs. And as always, its nice to see that everypony still organizes their own "End of the world/ end of OSW" parties in the weirdest places. It was in the taffy mixer at Sugarcane corner this time. Yeah, we did that.  :P Anyway, keep up the good work! It will be interesting to see where this game will go in the coming years.
Hey guys, it was a great OSW. I even made it to the shutdown this time. I have to say that I especially liked the Book Horse attack in the end. Good times. Anyway, hope to see you all on the next OSW (I'm Shoking Realitee).