Happy New Years! Legends Of Equestria's first 2021 update is Live!

Started by Ellowee, 2021 Feb 12, 18:33:09

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Happy new year everypony! We hope you're all still doing well and are up to join us in the LoE hype train! Let's start of this new year with a bang - and a new update to our favorite Horse-based video game, now available for download!

As always, you can find the full list of everything that has been changed in our changelog: this update may be a smaller list than some of our other releases, but we can assure you we've been working on some big things for the future! For now, though, let's look at the biggest highlight of our newest update.

2021's newest update brings you not 1, not 2, but 5 new mane and tail styles to chose from!

That's everything for now; we thank you for your patience and we'll see you all again soon!


Thank youuu for this update, especially for the manes and tails!    ^-^


Hello everpony! I am new here!  I wanna greet everypony! Hope we can all be friends<3

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