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Started by Delena, 2019 Sep 17, 14:55:16

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2019 Sep 17, 14:55:16 Last Edit: 2019 Sep 17, 15:33:41 by Delena
I've been having some trouble with the quests as a unicorn.

1. Only Shooting Stars Break the Mold. For the artisan talent mark quest, I'm at the part where I'm asked to make a leather strap, but when I go to the bench to make it, it won't let me.

2. The Magic of Ordinary Neighs. When I'm asked to cast Prickleys and Poseys on Thyme, the spells do not show up at the bottom so I can't cast them. I did move the slider over and they still weren't there.

Please help!!

Cogsworth Wingthrop

Not sure about the artisan thing.

To cast the spell. Check your journal, and try dragging the icon to your hot bar.
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