where is the human Sunset Shimmer? (Equestriia Girls topic)

Started by Adonis Spero, 2019 May 02, 03:09:28

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Adonis Spero

Here is a good question for anyone that has watched any of the Equestria Girls movies.

From the movies we learn that both Equestria and the quote "human world" each have ONE version of that pony/human respectively.

In other words a human Rainbow Dash in the human world and a pony Rainbow Dash in Equestria.

Now, that being said in the first movie Sunset Shimmer was a PONY that entered into the human world through a portal she found. 

This raises the question if the "human" Sunset Shimmer is currently taking on the role of her counterpart's life then what happened to the original Sunset Shimmer?

Thoughts anyone? 

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