Hi Could use some help XD

Started by SunSetBlue, 2018 Dec 06, 01:40:49

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Hi, I'm new obviously

I don't really know where to ask it since I don't think it's a bug or anything

I was just wondering how do you see the map? I pressed M and nothing happened, what am I doing wrong? And also how do I change the resolution because at the moment the game is just a small window on my screen for me. I tried to change it but nothing happened.
If this is the wrong place to ask could someone please point in the right direction? Thanks!


I'm not entirely sure about your map problem, as it should be permanently located in the upper-left corner of your screen.

For your resolution, you'll need to open windows explorer (or you operating system's equivalent) and follow your files down this path:
C:\Users\Name\AppData\LocalLow\LoE\Legends of Equestria

You'll find a file called "VideoSettings"
Open it up in notepad. Under "Resolution", change the height and width to a more appropriate size. Save you changes and restart the game.
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while Im assuming you mean a bigger version of the map, which most of us looked for when we first started, there isn't one. The towns are easy enough to navigate while I do wish there was one for the evershade (because of how confusing it can be...) and also one for the heartlands ( because of how huge it is).For the most part a bigger map is unneeded. :D

(unless you have a billion quest markers that won't go away for the quests you've completed lol)
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Yeah, pressing M for the map does not work. There is a pic of keyboard hot keys that list a map, but I believe that is from a much, much earlier build.
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