The Science of Equestria

Started by Nightshade star, 2018 Nov 28, 07:53:13

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Nightshade star

2018 Nov 28, 07:53:13 Last Edit: 2018 Dec 04, 07:40:50 by Nightshade Star
 Is there any science in Equestria? How were ponies made?
I personally think ponies were made by Celestia and Luna's ancestors, but they couldn't have just popped into existence, right? Was their fight for territory mostly by male unicorns because they have an advantage? (Probably)
But most of all, why can the sun move on other's will?
I'm calling this the Equestrian Paradox because I can. Is Equestria a flat plain of earth thrown out of orbit with an artificial sun and moon? We're changelings originally allies of ponies?
More to come because i wrote this in like 10 min

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Nightshade star

One giant question: If Celestia raises the sun so everyone can see, and doesn't follow the normal sun schedule on Earth, then is Equestria and beyond a flat earth? Because it would always have to be night on the other side, or maybe there's multiple suns that others bring up.
But then who?? And wouldn't the planet not be able to support life, unless the planet is in both Goldilocks zones?

Whoever wants to answer they can :)

I still have an unhealthy obsession on Tom Holland

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Noodle Script

Yes, I think there is science in Equestria.
Whereever there are ponies who want to find out how the world works, there will be scientists. And scientists do science.

While this is an unfounded hypothesis, I have some evidence:
  • Twilight Sparkle is a scientifically inclined pony. I bet there are a lot of scientific books in her library/the castle's library. These books have to have been written by somepony. Thus, there are scientists and thus science.
  • Astral Charm is a science pony. Thus, there is science.
  • There are schools in Equestria. I bet they also have scientific subjects like biology, physics and, wait for it, math.

I believe that the world being flat is the easiest explanation why Celestia can bring up the sun and is the only raiser of the sun (I have no evidence of this, but I don't think it has ever been said that there is another raiser of the sun). Also, the sun seems to revolve around the world where Equestria is. If there was a solar system, I couldn't imagine how Celestia would "raise" the sun.

Concerning the age of Celestia and Luna, I'm not sure. They are either immortal, age very slowly or stopped aging at some point. In the very first episode, it said that Nightmare Moon (which is Luna) reappeared on the 1000th day of the Summer Sun Celebration. Assuming the the Summer Sun Celebration is an event that happens once a year, this would mean that Celestia and Luna are at least 1000 years old, probably older, since I doubt that Celestia has banned Nightmare Moon to the moon when they were born. And they still look younger than some other ponies who are probably not near 1000 years.

However, the idea that Celestia and Luna have never aged doesn't seem to work, since Celestia told the Mane 6 that she was once a filly in the episode with the theatre play.

One other thing that I have asked myself (and probably many others asked themselves) is how earth ponies and pegasi can hold things with their hooves or play instruments. I haven't heard a satisfactory answer to that question and it seems the most satisfactory answer so far is "don't worry about it too much".

Then, there is the question if they will develop computers and smartphones in Equestria and, again, how they will be operated by earth ponies and pegasi. Typing might be realised with "hoof adapters", cone-shaped things that you can put on your hooves, so you won't press multiple keys while typing, or REALLY big keyboards, but that would be very impractical.

There were times where I wonder what technological age Equestria might be in, but some argue that you shouldn't measure technological advance solely by comparing it to Western human culture. That would imply that all cultures discover technology in the same order. Civilizations living mostly in the air (like the Breezies) might be highly advanced without ever having developped the wheel, since wheels have no advantage when transporting goods through the air and are of no practical use in airborne transportation (i.e. vehicles) either.

Sorry for not answering all your questions and for rambling.

Nightshade star

You're fine!!! I liked the idea of raising more questions, it gives more to find an answer to
Another question: How much of a chance is it that ponies will start to mainly rely on science and technology but almost no magic whatsoever?

Also, I'm now extending the topic from science to other questions. Are there multiple religions in Equestria? There seems to be only one religion in the continent, but there must be some ponies that branched off and created an entirely new religion. Were they excluded from the region, having to practice on an entirely new terrain? Were or are there wars that are based on religious beliefs?

I still have an unhealthy obsession on Tom Holland

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