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Started by Cuppycakes, 2018 Oct 09, 21:16:17

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Hello everyone!

Haven't been on here in a while so i hope this isn't a particularly annoying or frequently asked question, but just wanted to check three things:

Does anyone, official or otherwise, know if there will be a halloween event this year?

And as a follow up, will the bat pony set be available again? I'd really like to get it but missed the other years!

Lastly, regardless of the answers to the first two, can anyone tell me what their experiences were like previous years? does the server change a lot? are there fun quests and or items?


There will be a Halloween event this year, closer to the 31st, but not too sure if they're going to bring the bat pony costume back. I'm hoping they do. As for the servers, they can be a little wonky at times, but it's been better as of late, and they've added a couple new quests. Mostly though, we make our own fun.

CMC Scootaloo

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I don't know what kind of official events for Nightmare Night will be done in the game this year. But last year, there was a quest you needed to go through to get the batpony costume and Ensemble had several other Nightmare Night costumes to sell, which he is still selling ever since.
Also, the graveyard in the Heartlands got added to the game very shortly before Nightmare Night, which was not intended as a part of a Nightmare Night event and more of a coincidence, but it fitted the mood well.
I think they will bring the batpony costume back, simply because there's no real reason not to and it's very popular among players, but other than that, I don't know whether or not anything new is planned for Nightmare Night.
There could be something coming, though, so keep your eyes open.
The dev team does a good job at seasonal events, so I would be surprised if there aren't going to be a few spooky surprises. 0:)

And for player-organized events, I am preparing a few Nightmare Night events for this year. Some of it is a bit shaky, because finding volunteers at rather short notice that I need for some of them isn't easy. But I do have a few ponies who said they would help me out and a few of the events also require only little preparing on my part. So there's definitely something going to happen from me, be prepared! :luna:
I also heard that some other folks might be planning something for Nightmare Night, which has not yet been announced either, but I suppose it will eventually.
I am going to announce my events very soon.
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Holiday Cheer

As Scoots said, there will definitely be some player-run Nightmare Night events this year.  Probably more than you can stand (or attend).  ;)

What I know of so far is that there will be a costume contest/fashion show which will be very similar to last year and a few spooky games. 

Scoots, I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with and getting your schedule so we can all work together and not schedule stuff at the same time as each other so more ponies can attend stuff.  ^-^

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Cogsworth Wingthrop

I hope some one else is hosting the costume contest this year. As much fun as I had doing the party in the the Graveyard, I am not the best host, and will happily let a better party pony do it.
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Oh ok!

Thank you everyone for your replies!
All these events you speak of sound very fun!

And @CMC Scootaloo Sounds exciting!

I can't wait to see how all this goes, both with whatever the devs do as well as players!
This all sounds very fun!

Especially like the idea of a costume contest!!!

CMC Scootaloo

You always wanted to meet Scootaloo? Then be on the lookout for her in Equestria, she is galloping all over the realm!


@CMC Scootaloo
 This all sounds very very fun!
Looking forward to it!

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