Actual Suggestion for the forums - "brohoofing"

Started by Asriel, 2018 Apr 09, 12:40:20

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Or just some sort of system to like posts/replies.

There are plenty of situations where I agree with a topic or reply on that topic, but I don't have any further input on it. Showing support without clogging the thread with a reply is a feature that really would help.

This kind of thing is implemented in the main "MLP Forums" by letting users "brohoof" comments and posts.

While I don't know how easy or hard this kind of thing is to implement for the LoE forums, it would be a much appreciated feature.
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This would be really cool to add a "like" or "brohoof" system to the forums. Funnily enough I didn't even notice that there were no options to like a post or anything of the sort.......guess that's telling of how often I even "like" posts in different forums for other games lol

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