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Started by DrattaArcana, 2020 Feb 18, 10:48:38

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I have various suggestions to add Variety to the game.

These of course are probably difficult to implement and would take a lot of work but would give the game a broader interest.

1. Is the leveling system- this system is actually well developed except in one area, your health and magic is determined by your combat level which requires you to level with combat abilities.  My suggestion is to make the combat tree level whenever you use any skill regardless of what tree it is under this will allow a more fluid leveling system.

2. Is with the quests themselves. Currently if you do all the quests in the game you can probably get to level 15-18 this causes you to grind enemies to level 50.  More quests or higher experience would be appreciated.  Also I would suggest that some quests require you to fight specific enemies or defeat X number of enemies. This would add variety to the quests. Also the reward for quests should be focused on bits and experience.

3. Enemies themselves.  While the current system is not bad I would suggest certain enemies be changed to take into account personal level, this is common in triple A titles so it maybe hard to implement.  If say I am level 5 certain enemies become level 5-6 this will help the balance of the game and allow for an easier leveling experience when you are playing solo.  One issue is your fighting an enemy your level and an enemy that's level 50 comes out of no way and 1 shots you.

4. Skill tree- this is perhaps my biggest issue, a more expansive skill tree would increase possibilities in character creation, I found that the number of skills are lacking also the TP system through nice it be better if you just get a skill point each level which could be spent on a skill in that tree rather then dumping TP into that skill.

5. Number of encounters-  I find that the spacing of enemies is far and few between and enemies tend to be grouped in 1 area if you space these out in a way that you will have to encounter enemies in a way that you cannot avoid the enemies this will increase the fun of the game.

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